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Meringue mon amour (and we love the Italian one) – Italian Cuisine


The meringue has “noble” origins and was in fact created by a Swiss confectioner for Princess Maria, betrothed to Louis XV, in 1900, soon gaining great prestige throughout Europe. Used in a variety of extraordinary preparations, there are 3 variants: Italian, French and Swiss


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It all began out of love. Or so it seems, why the origin of this light delight as one cloud and sugared like a sugared almond it is shrouded in mystery, with a large margin left to the imagination, especially of the most romantic souls. Tradition has it that the meringue recipe was invented in XVIII century from a pastry chef Swiss to win the heart of Princess Maria, daughter of the Polish king Stanislaus Leszczynski, already betrothed to Louis XV. Whether or not the brave pastry chef managed to kidnap the heart of the future sovereign of France we do not know, but he certainly conquered her palate, so much so as to push the girl to personally meet the creator of that delight. The meeting took place in the city of Meiringen, in Switzerland, from which the name would later derive. Whatever happened, this candid, frothy and crumbly dessert conquered everything in a short time Europe.

A great classic in three variants
The secret of the meringue is in a impalpable ingredient, but fundamental: the lower case air bubbles incorporated by egg white when slammed with it sugar, which increase the volume up to 8 times. Depending on the moment in which the sugar is incorporated into the egg whites and the temperatures reached during processing, they are distinguished three types of meringue: Italian, French And Swiss. More crumbly or compact, ready to use or to dry in the oven, each with an ideal use, as we explain in the pages of the service.

We love the Italian one
Also called "cooked" meringue, is prepared by adding flush one boiling syrup from water And sugar on partially whipped egg whites (usually the amount of sugar is double that of egg whites, although the proportions may vary depending on the recipes); the mixture is then whipped again until cooling.

Important for making the perfect meringue
The crucial step in this preparation is the cooking sugar at 120 ° (a kitchen thermometer is essential). At this temperature, the sugar syrup dissolves better once it is incorporated: due to the effect of the heat, part of the water contained in the egg whites evaporates, the foam swells and the syrup, with a viscous consistency, keeps the mixture cohesive. With this sort of "pasteurization" you get one soft meringue, elastic and very stable, ready to use (without the need for baking): it is ideal for decorating tarts or meringue cakes (in this case it will be enough to brown it for a few minutes under the grill or flame it with a torch). Due to its stability it is also suitable for the preparation of ice creams, mousse or as a basis for parfaits, which can be eaten immediately, without removing them from the freezer first, because they remain soft enough to be cut and served even at the last moment. The cooked meringue can be used even after several hours, without it coming apart.

February 2022
by Silvia Tatozzi

Posted on 07/02/2022


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Evidence of eternal love: as it was yesterday and as it is today – Italian Cuisine

Evidence of eternal love: as it was yesterday and as it is today

Do you like gifts?

Yesterday: «If you don't like the jewel / dress / bag chosen for you, accept them with a smile and don't forget to show your gratitude by wearing them often.
Today: It's up to you to tactfully direct your partner to the right choice. Afterwards, saying that you would rather change does not sound very nice (while in the Anglo-Saxon world it is the practice). But think about it because you will have to use it often.

With children

Yesterday: «Nothing is more beautiful for a woman than being a mother and nothing makes a man more proud than being a father. Your husband will love you more if you show him your love for them with continuous concern for your children. "
Today: The care dedicated to children must be shared between the couple. To be truly happy both of you need to find a balance in which to give due attention to the children, without forgetting the partner.

How to manage the diet

Yesterday: «The woman has moved almost completely away from the kitchen. Due to the turbulent rhythm of modern life and the mania for thinness, family cooking has been in decline for some time .
Today: In couples, if you are on a diet and your partner is not, do not subject this torture to the other person. Do you want to lose weight? Prepare your vegetables and cook your partner one bacon and egg.

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Shopping in February, love on the table – Italian Cuisine

Shopping in February, love on the table

Fruits, vegetables, fish, snacks to munch in front of the TV and aphrodisiac foods: the smart shopping cart of February

New tv series, Saint Valentine, Carnival, Sanremo and again twenty-eight days on the calendar. Welcome back February, a month of great "commitments" that have an excellent relationship with food. So what shouldn't be missing in the shopping cart for the next few weeks?

Fruit to buy in February

A Apple a day, you know, never hurts. Contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and can be used with imagination in the kitchen. Cakes, tarts, strudel but also salads. Pears are no exception, but under the fruit item, for this month, there are also grapefruit, tangerine and i persimmon, essential for preparing a gluttonous jam, ideal accompaniment to aged cheeses. But you can also simply spread it on rusks for breakfast.

Seasonal vegetables

Cabbages, Brussels sprouts, Romanesco cabbage, cauliflower. And the broccoli, which is not to be missed on the shopping list. As well as its "cousins", very useful for a soup that for lunch, at least one day a week, also fits perfectly in February. The other vegetables and vegetables of the season not to be forgotten? Fennel, radicchio, spinach, artichoke, leek, turnips and pumpkin. Yeah, the pumpkin, a winning ingredient for delicious tortelli with orange filling. The recipe is typical of the area between Emilia and lower Lombardy; their flavor bitter-sweetinstead, it is perfect at any latitude. And for one dinner romantic, on Valentine's Day, can be a great idea.

Food, TV and love

Given the schedule for February, it is better to find a good compromise: in front of the TV, yes, but without the usual guilt-inducing diet. Dried fruit, crackers, strawberries, yogurt and even dark chocolate. Which then, returning again to the February 14, it can also become useful for a dessert to share. A Dark Chocolate Cake also requires butter, sugar and eggs: marked?

Not just fish

Sole, sea bass and sea bass, fish lovers are warned: here are the ones that should not be missing on the shopping list. To add to the shopping list also artichokes, rocket, lettuce and chicory. As well as the chili, ginger and oysters, aphrodisiac foods that for the feast of lovers are a must at the table. This completes an ideal shopping cart to face the second month of the year in the best possible way.

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