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The Cerea Family of Da Vittorio and the new gift to Bergamo – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

“Conviviality is a founding value of our vision. We believe that surrounding ourselves with beauty makes this experience even more enjoyable. We thank Accademia Carrara from the bottom of our hearts for offering us the opportunity to also link our name to Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Italian Culture 2023, bringing back to splendor two works that tell not only the history of the territory, but ultimately also the identity of our family”, commented the Cerea Family, who is working with some of the foods featured in the diptych – peach melba, chestnuts, citrus fruits, strawberry tree – to create new recipes.

“Promoting the heritage of Carrara means taking care of it, preserving it and making it accessible to ever new audiences. We are an open, lively, contemporary museum in its ability to speak to everyone, strong in a project developed by very high skills and consolidated relationships with the city, the territory and the world. Opening our doors is an essential value, which constantly engages us and which also passes through partnerships such as the one with Da Vittorio. Carrara and the Cerea family both work on an international scale starting, with awareness, from Bergamo where the roots and the heart remain. And this is another element that unites them and that will lead, I am convinced, to future and new collaborations”, underlined Gianpietro Bonaldi, General Manager of Accademia Carrara.

The Cerea Family’s commitment to Bergamo

We are sure of it, also because the Cerea family’s commitment to Bergamo, and not only, is constant. In 2017, for example, born the Vittorio Cerea Academyhotel management course within the Guido Galli Professional Institute, which is also followed by the assignment of scholarships to the most deserving students; in 2020, in the most bloody phases of the Covid pandemic which saw Bergamo sadly as the protagonist, Da Vittorio has made his experience and network of relationships available to the Civil Protection, serving up to 150 meals a day to the staff of the Alpine Field Hospital and distributing, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo, excess food to the neediest families, for a total of 16,000 people reached.

Cavour 1880 al Brolo – Trattoria with friends

Even the latest family news is ultimately a tribute to the beauties of Bergamo. For the entire summer season, Cavour 1880 – the pastry shop and gastroboutique owned by the Cerea family, in Bergamo Alta – is moving to its second “home”, at the former Monastery of Astino. It does so with Cavour 1880 al Brolo – Trattoria with friendsanimating the area that the ecclesiastical community of Astino had once used as an orchard and vegetable garden. A piece of history that he paid homage to with dishes in which the bond with the land is particularly evident, once again.

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Restaurant with a view of Lake Como: Amandus in Mandello – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant with a view of Lake Como: Amandus in Mandello

If Lake Como is famous, it is also thanks to Clooney, who has given charm to this area. But who has a restaurant with a view of Lake Comoas Villa Lario Resort in Mandello del Lario, must take credit for making the dream of feeling a bit like the American star possible. With this very objective, Esa Secca and Raffaella Di Gennaro, two friends with a passion for travel, have renovated an elegant early twentieth century residence to transform it into a 5-star boutique hotel with restaurant.

Nine luxury suites, gourmet dining, a heliport with direct access to the property, a private dock on the lake, a 10,000 m2 park2 and two private beaches, one of which is equipped, with direct access to the lake: Villa Lario Resort is a little gem. And it also offers the possibility of accessing high-level catering, from breakfast (à la carte, also for guests outside the structure) to dinner, at Amandus, a restaurant with a breathtaking view of Lake Como led by chefs Luca Mozzanica.

How to eat at the Amandus restaurant in Mandello del Lario

The gourmet experience proposed by Luca Mozzanica It is made of a delicate contamination between traditional elements and modern techniques.

“The name of the restaurant expresses the philosophy of Villa Lario Resort. Amandus, in fact, is the Latin toponym from which the name Mandello, the town where the villa is located, originates. But it also means “lovable”, “to be loved” or “worthy of being loved”. This concept is the basis of the idea of ​​cuisine proposed by the restaurant: a welcoming place able to make the guest feel at ease in front of a dish with a sophisticated composition, but with an immediate taste, capable of making one fall in love at first bite” explains Mozzanica.

In addition to the enchanting sunset – which deserves to be included among the dishes on the menu – Mozzanica offers a menu that changes with the seasons and some signature dishes, such as the Risotto with basil, raw red prawns and tartare of datterini tomatoes, with the addition of fresh lemon zest in the creaming and a sprinkling of squid ink for a touch of flavor and crunchiness; or the unmissable Tiramisu, an expression of Luca Mozzanica’s passion for pastry making.

Garda DOC grows by 46%: now Garda wines are aiming high – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Dynamismhigh quality and bond with the territory: these are the cards to play for the Garda DOC consortiumwhich having noted the increase in wine production of 46% since 2017 is now more determined than ever to deploy all its strengths to grow.

This is what emerged as part of the “Garda Wine Stories” event organized on 6 June at the Dogana Veneta in Lazise, ​​in the province of Verona. The President of the Consortium, Paolo Fiorini, opened the day with institutional greetings. They then took turns the interventions of Eugenio Pomarici of the Center for Research in Viticulture and Oenology of the Studies of Padua and followed by Angelo Zago, of the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Verona.

The Garda DOC strategy

The study carried out by Eugenio Pomarici’s team highlighted the dynamism and potential of the Garda DOC wine system, a denomination that has established itself on both the national and international markets.

The significant expansion of the cultivated area and the number of winemakers testifies to one quantitative growth notable: +46% since 2017, with a production that exceeded 410,000 quintals of grapes in 2023. Furthermore, the important capacity for innovation and diversification of Garda DOC was highlighted, with a wide range of wines that respond to the different needs of the modern consumer, highlighting a impressive increase in the number of bottles produced, which went from 6.1 to 18.6 million in six years.

The focus also underlined the strength of the “Garda” brand, which immediately evokes the beauty and unique characteristics of Lake Garda.

The challenges of the consortium

However, he also highlighted some challenges, such as the lack of distinctive specificity of the denomination, which makes a greater focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio varieties necessary also for a higher positioning in the market. The proposed strategy to overcome these challenges includes the intensification of promotion and valorisation activities by the Consortium, collaboration with local tourism and the creation of a network between producers and tourist operators, which can strengthen the image of wine linked to the territory of Lake Garda.

Web analytics

The second speech of the day featured Angelo Zago as speaker, who presented an in-depth analysis of the interest in Garda DOC wines based on searches carried out on Google. The research project, financed by CT Garda Doc, explores how users from various European countries and some Italian regions search for terms related to Veronese wines, in particular those of Garda DOC. The results show that “Garda” is the most searched term among the main Veronese denominations and that in the specific categories of “alcoholic drinks”, countries such as Austria, Germany and England show the greatest interest in Garda DOC wines. This interest is particularly strong also in the Italian regions mentioned, where Garda surpasses other denominations such as Valpolicella and Lugana. The project intends to continue exploring the role of tourism in further stimulating interest in these wines and evaluate the development of predictive tools that help concentrate promotional activities in the areas of greatest interest.

“These interventions – concludes President Fiorini – not only confirm the popularity of Garda DOC wines at a national and international level, but also offer fundamental ideas for future marketing and promotion strategies, in order to enhance in a growing and synergistic way the link between the Garda territory and its prestigious wine product”.

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