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Lasagna with lobster ragout and vegetable julienne – Italian Cuisine

Lasagna with lobster ragout and vegetable julienne

1) Cook the lobsters for about 7 minutes with steam and the claws for about 4 minutes and cool everything in water and ice. Separate the carapace from the body and with it prepare the bisque.

2) For the bisque: then a large saucepan, sauté celery, carrots and onions and then add the shells, tomatoes and deglaze with brandy and flambé. Cover with cold water and make cook for about an hour and then filter and reduce. Tie with cornstarch if too liquid.

3) For the bechamel: pprepare a white roux of butter and flour, then put a boil the milk with the salt and nutmeg, add everything and cook until it is well congealed.

4) For the julienne of vegetables: mwaves And bleached the broccoli. With the help of a mandolin, cut all the vegetables into julienne strips and sauté them with shallots and marjoram.

5) For the lobster: tgarlic into cubes and add it to the restricted bisque to create a ragout.

6) For the assembly of the lasagna: then a baking dish put the béchamel on the base, then the pasta, then the béchamel again, then the lobster ragout with the bisque and finally the vegetable julienne and the broccoli. Continue in this way until you reach the edge of the pan. Cook at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


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Lobster in foil recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Lobster in foil recipe - Italian Cuisine

  • 4 small lobsters
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • a big fennel
  • fennel
  • tomato concentrate
  • Cognac
  • salt
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

For the lobster baked in foil recipe, dip the lobsters in boiling salted water for 3 minutes, then immerse them in cold water. Shell the tails and set them aside. Boil the heads and claws for another 2 minutes, then cool them and peel them too.
Brown the shells for about 15 minutes in a saucepan with a drizzle of oil. Wet them with half a glass of Cognac. Add 700 g of water and a tablespoon of tomato paste.
Cook for about 30 minutes: you will get a rather fluid sauce. Filter it and put it back in the saucepan. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 5 mm thick slices; cook them in the sauce for 8-10 minutes, then drain. Clean the fennel, removing the outer sheaths, and cut it into very thin slices. Cut 4 squares of baking paper, place a base of potato slices in the center; Arrange the shelled lobsters and fennel slices on top; season with salt and pepper, a little fennel and a spoonful of the sauce. Return the sauce to the heat and let it thicken for 10 minutes. Close the packets and bake them at 170 ° C for 5-6 minutes.
Remove from the oven, remove the paper and serve, completing with the sauce.

#OggiDelivery: Sadler's Catania-style lobster – Italian Cuisine

The starred delivery to taste at home quality and top quality ingredients: here is the Catania-style lobster by Claudio Sadler #oggidelivery

Always in balance between Italian traditions and constant creative evolution, the cuisine of Sadler it also lands on the delivery platform cosaporto.it.

The Sadler restaurant in via Ascanio Sforza 77 in Milan (flanked by a second restaurant, Chic'n Quick – Trattoria Moderna), it restarts in total safety and expands its horizon thanks to home delivery services, active since May. Not just a necessity, but a push to create new projects for the future, as Sadler told us.

"The delivery experience has been stimulating and can certainly go on even after the emergency. Maybe developing it by making a bigger speech, carrying out a project I had been thinking about for some time . We just have to wait!

#OggiDelivery: lobster from Catania

In addition to a appetizer it's a menu of the week complete, home delivery service offers a selection of the best dishes from the restaurant, from Milanese walking rice a grip – light and digestible – with courgette flowers, Cantabrian anchovies, candied tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella and Provolone Sigillo Rosso. L'Catania-style lobster it is one of the most loved dishes, especially withsummer knocking on doors.

"Lobster is a much-loved crustacean, a prized ingredient that is not often found in dishes designed for delivery. This dish is inspired by the Catalan salad (which involves the use of prawns), but we have thought of enriching it with more Mediterranean flavors, typical of the Catania salad.

Olives, celery, tomato, onion (stewed, to lighten it and make it sweeter), fresh basil. Topped with oil, lemon and a little vinegar. To finish off with the flavors of Sicily, the crunchiness of the fritters chickpeas fried. A dish to be tasted slightly warm, therefore ideal for the summer and to be savored even in delivery.

In combination, the sommelier of the Sadler Restaurant recommends Sauvignon DOC Collio "Tiare".

Catania-style lobster: Sadler's recipe

Ingredients for 10 people

5 lobsters
2 avocados
3 auburn tomatoes
2 red onions
5 celery stalks
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
Red prawn culis
Taggiasca olives
Red basil sprouts 1 blister
Chives 1 sprig


In a saucepan, dilute the chickpea flour, salt and add a little extra virgin olive oil. Leave it to rest for about 1 hour, then start cooking at low temperature, stirring frequently, after about 30 minutes of cooking pour the mixture, which must be smooth, into a square bowl. Place in the refrigerator (for at least one night) to firm up, once compacted cut the mixture into cubes, of a size suitable for the finish of the plate, 5 pieces will be needed for each portion.

Cook the onions in peeled and vacuum-sealed bags with red wine for 30 minutes steam. Cross cut the tomatoes, blanch them for 5/6 seconds in boiling water and cool them in water and ice. Remove them from the skin and seeds, cut them into cubes. Peel and cut the avocado into cubes, cut the onion and wedges. Clean the celery, peel it lightly and cut it into small pieces of the same size as the other vegetables.

Cut the lobster in half, remove the claws that will steam for 7 minutes at 95 ° C, then cool and shell them by removing the carapace. Cut the flesh into cubes.

Heat a grill, grease the lobster pulp with oil and scald it for 2/3 minutes. Continue cooking in a hot oven for 3 minutes at 190 °. Season all the vegetables with oil, salt and basil leaves. 5 '5. Fry the panelle in hot oil, drain and salt them.

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