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Panettone? Let's cover it with a chocolate glaze – Italian Cuisine

panettone covered with chocolate

You can do it at home and the Christmas dessert becomes even greener (and spectacular)! Here is the procedure and our advice

You have a house full of fluffy panettone, but … all the same? Why not think then to give one of them a special touch with one icing of dark chocolate, homemade, crisp and enveloping, and get it that way a panettone covered with chocolate hand made?

Icing or ganache?

When it comes to preparing a chocolate cream to cover a cake, a cake or muffin, one always wonders what is the most suitable recipe to get what you need. In the specific case, we often get confused with one icing or a ganache chocolate. But what are the differences between these two preparations? The first, the icing, is a mixture made of chocolate, water and sugar, which from liquid, cooling becomes solid and compact. The ganache, on the other hand, is a French recipe, in which chocolate and cream are mixed, which, when cooling, takes on the consistency of a buttery cream, but does not solidify like glaze, and is used more like gasket of sweets that as a cover.

panettone covered with chocolate

Which chocolate to choose

Even the choice of chocolate is not trivial for the coverage of the chocolate panettone. It seems obvious to say but the quality of chocolate to use is essential for a safe result. Meanwhile, better if melting with a percentage of cocoa between the 60 and 75%, and with at least the 32% cocoa butter. The high content of this last ingredient will give your glaze more shine and shine.

The recipe for chocolate coating your panettone

In a saucepan melt 100 g of powdered sugar in 6 tablespoons of water. Apart broken up 300 g of dark chocolate and let it melt in a bain-marie. When it is completely melted, add 40 g of butter and mix. Take a moment from the heat and add the sugar syrup. Stir and bring the saucepan back on the stove for a minute and then remove and continue stirring. Let cool and then pour with the help of one spatula the chocolate on the panettone, distributing it well on each side. Place the covered panettone on a grate and let it cool at room temperature.

In the tutorial some more indication for a perfect result!

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