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Phyllo dough lasagna with feta – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Phyllo dough lasagna with feta

A dish that will catapult you directly into the crowded streets of Istanbul, where this dish is usually consumed. In diners, in restaurants or even as street food, this traditional Turkish recipe, it can be a valid alternative to vary your usual menu. Pack your bags because we fly to the banks of the Bosphorus, where we will explore together the irresistible combination of the crunchiness of phyllo dough and the flavor of feta.

Vegetarian courgette and stracchino lasagne recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Vegetarian courgette and stracchino lasagne recipe

Here is the recipe for a plain and vegetarian lasagna which, with its delicate taste and enveloping consistency, will not make you regret the classic lasagna. Prepare it for the next Sunday lunch with the family or for any day of the week, we assure you that no one will be disappointed!

To make it you will have to make a layer of bechamel sauce saffronone of pasta sheets, one of zuchinis cut very thin, basil, stracchino flakes and then start the sequence again until you run out of ingredients. We leave you the instructions for making all the ingredients at home, but for quicker preparation you can use the ready-made pastry and bechamel.

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From the heart of Tuscany to the table, the unmistakable lasagna with black cabbage pesto – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

From the heart of Tuscany to the table, the unmistakable lasagna with black cabbage pesto

Lasagna with kale pesto is a stunning addition to the Christmas menu, deriving from the rich Tuscan culinary tradition, where kale is an iconic element on festive tables. Furthermore, pesto, with its aromatic notes of garlic, pine nuts and Tuscan pecorino, evokes the warmth and conviviality of family gatherings during the holidays: a dish that therefore embodies the perfect combination between the richness of Italian tradition and refined culinary innovation , making it an ideal choice for celebrating Christmas and special winter occasions. The lasagna with kale pesto they stand out for their simplicity of execution and the savory balance between the key ingredients. Its origins can be attributed to the rich tradition of Italian cuisine, particularly the region of Tuscany, known for its distinctive use of black cabbage. The lasagna, on the other hand, have ancient roots, dating back to Roman times, but have been perfected over the centuries through the mastery of Italian chefs. The integration of black cabbage pesto in this dish it represents a modern evolution, combining regional flavors with a contemporary twist. The sauce is obtained from black cabbage leaves, also known as “Tuscan cabbage”, processed with precision to preserve its organoleptic characteristics. It has an intense color and a unique flavor profile, incorporating garlic, pine nuts, Tuscan pecorino, olive oil and sea salt. The density of the black cabbage blends harmoniously with the creaminess of the cheeses used, helping to create a rich and enveloping condiment. The assembly of this simple first course follows a methodical process. The fresh pasta, preferably cut into thin sheets, is carefully layered with a generous layer of black cabbage pesto and well-matured cheeses. These include Parmigiano Reggiano and Tuscan pecorino, selected for their ability to provide savory, complex notes. Cooking takes place in the oven, with the ingredients blending together, creating a perfect balance between taste, texture and visual presentation. Follow our recipe and prepare lasagna with black cabbage pesto to accompany your special occasions, especially in the colder months of the year.

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