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Lambrusco Day: on June 21st we toast with Emilian bubbles – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

On the summer solstice the Lambrusco Protection Consortium prepares to celebrate. On June 21st the Before Italian edition of the “World Lambrusco Day” which will take place in Matera: a location of unique beauty, which stands out for the combination of culture, history and identity. The event, which counts on the Sponsored by the Municipality and Province of Matera, the Basilicata Region and Enoteca Lucanawill consist of several moments spread over two days: 21 and 22 June.

June 21st: Lambrusco is social

Throughout the day June 21st and in the days immediately following, wine lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to share your toasts based on Lambrusco wines through social media using the hashtag #wld_lambrusco and mentioning the official profile of the Consorzio Tutela Lambrusco on Instagram (@consorziolambrusco). The Consortium will be happy to relaunch the contents on its channel, with the aim of animating social media with the joy, energy and colors of Lambrusco.

June 22: open tasting

The A tasting will be held on June 22nd open to the public upon registration, in the history Malvinni Malvezzi Palace. Starting at 9.30am and until 12.30pm enthusiasts and operators will be able to taste the over 70 Lambrusco wines on offer and get to know the sixteen producers from Modena and Reggio Emilia who will personally participate in the event, each with their own stall. From the most popular sparkling wines to refermented in the bottle, from the Martinotti Method to the Classic Method sparkling wines, those present will be able to have an overview of all the interpretations that the Lambrusco universe offers on the market today. To complete the program, there will be the opportunity to taste the Parmesan Cheesea leading protagonist of Emilian agri-food, offered in different seasonings.

Also scheduled during the tasting stand is the masterclassesThe colors of Lambrusco”, edited by Filippo Bartolotta – wine educator and author of Italian and international sector magazines.

“World Lambrusco Day” is an important event for our Consortium, an opportunity that will allow us year after year to take our bubbles around Italy and the world”, explains Claudio Biondi, President of the Lambrusco Protection Consortium. “For 2024 we have chosen a one-of-a-kind city: Matera. The event will attract a varied audience of enthusiasts, press and sector operators who, thanks to a program full of in-depth information, will be able to discover our denominations, get to know the producers present at the event and taste the different expressions of Lambrusco, understanding their characteristics”.

“The territory remains a central point in our promotional strategies, but we believe it is important for a wine as widespread as Lambrusco to leave its regional and provincial borders to meet its public where this public lives, tastes and chooses the wines to bring on the table” he adds Giacomo Savorini, Director of the Lambrusco Protection Consortium. “Many of the people who get to know our wines in this way often then plan visits to Emilia to delve deeper into the themes and wineries that have most impressed them.”

Bread, salami and Lambrusco – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Bread, salami and Lambrusco - Italian Cuisine

This and other easy-chic ideas for the Easter Monday picnic. No-stress but from true gourmet and 100% made in Eataly

Christmas with yours, Easter with whomever you want. Here are some ideas for sharing a day outdoors, in the countryside or simply in a park in your city. Because you don't need to travel far to celebrate Easter Monday – and you don't even need to know how to cook.

All you need
A picnic can be a real relaxation, or become a kind of move: the choice is yours. We advise you to start light with a blanket and a well-stocked basket, but a clever menu. When organizing a picnic it is better not to get caught up in the enthusiasm and concentrate on practicality (especially if you already know that you will end up organizing everything yourself): you may not need practically anything beyond food.
A platter of cold cuts accompanied by a good bread is perfect, it is country, chic, but not binding. Bread and salami all agree, and all you need is a nice cutting board to serve them. Less is more, as long as the quality is excellent, like that of a bread with sourdough and a Felino PGI salami like that of Antica Ardenga, made with pig meat born and grown on the farm with GMO free feeding, stuffed only in natural gut with spices and wine red.

Casatiello and crescia, as tradition has it
At Easter all over central Italy a real specialty is served, a bread rich in cheese. Crescia, Umbrian cake, Easter cake, cheese cake … with the necessary differences it is more or less a savory panettone, rich in eggs, pecorino and Parmesan, to be served with cold cuts. Finding it in the big cities is not easy, but at Eataly they bake it at the Bakery for the Easter period.
Ditto for the Neapolitan casatiello, a very good lard-based bread dough, rich in salami and cheese, black pepper and eggs. For a picnic on Easter Monday, he alone would be enough to feed a regiment, it is beautiful to serve, comfortable to eat. But doing it is long and laborious, requires more than an hour of leavening and slow cooking in the oven for an hour and a half. Buying it ready is the easiest choice, and above all if it has to be offered, with the guaranteed result. You can find the one at Eataly at the Bakery throughout the month of April.

Bubbles in red
For a picnic to be a successful event you need good wine. It must be fresh, light and suitable to be uncorked at lunch, on a barefoot lawn. Lambrusco is the right wine, undervalued for years and rediscovered in recent times, capable of giving a great experience also to connoisseurs. There are winemakers who are raising the good name of this Italian wine with excellent products at an excellent quality / price ratio – the solution to celebrate without spending a fortune. No plastic glasses, however, spoil wine and atmosphere. The master's touch is to have low glass goblets or glasses with you, which for Lambrusco are still very good for making you cheers!

The time-saving kit
Little time and few ideas? Cold cuts and focaccia are for you, and to enrich flavors, a couple of preserves to spread on bread. Here is the basis of the Eataly picnic kit, to which are added three bottles of wine, to celebrate: a red to drink fresh, like the Pinot Nero by Kaltern Caldaro, a trendy bottle of Etna bianco DOC from Tenuta di Fessina and a Ribolla Yellow Friuli Colli Orientali of Le Vigne di Zamò. The kit arrives directly at home with your home delivery of Eataly Today (active service in the cities of Milan, Turin and Rome) … and you're done!

The dessert is easy
And as sweet, very easy, a dove. Classic by Tommaso Muzzi, to please everyone, made only with sourdough, candied fruit obtained from fresh Sicilian and Calabrian citrus peel, cream butter, essential oils and vanilla from Madagascar. But as for the panettone, there are many creative versions of dove chocolate like the white chocolate and pistachio from Vincente, a female pastry shop in Bronte, Sicily, home of Pistachio Dop.

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