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Jelly Alchemy 3D jelly cakes by Siew Heng Boon – Italian Cuisine

@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BpmMSGqleT7).

Delicate and poetic oriental landscapes and bouquets of flowers in the enchanting jelly cakes in 3D by the cake designer Siew Heng Boon

Carnations, peonies, lotus flowers, carp and many other naturalistic decorations in 3D seem to float like magic inside jelly cakes of every shape and color. We are talking about the wonderful creations of the cake designer Siew Heng Boon, one of the best in the world to master this technique. Thanks to the delicacy, beauty and complexity of the decorative motifs of his jelly cakes in 3DIn just two years, Siew Heng Boon made noticeable not only in his city, Sydney, but thanks to the publication of his work on Facebook and Instagram his art has become internationally famous.

The story of Siew Heng Boon, alchemist of gelatin

Siew Heng Boon, a 35-year-old Malaysian pastry chef from Sydney, discovers this technique only two years ago. She is so fascinated by it that she decides to follow a course taught by a teacher injelly art in 3D. As soon as he learns the complex technique of making a cake for a friend, on the occasion of a celebration. Since then it has not stopped. Since its first experiments its cakes have always been characterized by an elegant selection of pastel colors, fruity and natural aromas and above all enchanting naturalistic reproductions in 3D depicting bouquets of flowers such as their flowers, peonies or daisies (depending on the season), small ponds with koi carp or real reproductions of Zen gardens.
Thanks to the beauty of her sweet masterpieces and the sharing of photos on social networks, Siew Heng Boon began to receive more and more requests from people who wanted to buy her cakes. The success of sales, the amount of positive feedback received and the attention both locally and in the media, have finally convinced her to make of her passion a commercial activity, named Jelly Alchemy.

@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BpmMSGqleT7).
A Jelly Alchemy cake @Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BpmMSGqleT7).

The art of jelly cakes in 3D

Making jelly desserts with 3D decorations requires creativity, but also precision, skill and preparation time about four hours. Siew Heng Boon makes his desserts on the contrary, starting from the transparent fruit flavored jelly cake (coconut, peach, rose, lychee and much more) and preparing separately the colored jellies, mostly based on algae, made from milk, sugar and natural dyes. Once heated and made liquid these jellies can be injected carefully with a special syringe and shaped, petal after petal, detail after detail. Sometimes Siew Heng Boon also adds a base of brightly colored and contrasting flavored gelatine, which once solidified and turned the mixture will be the base.

This technique is very popular in Vietnam and Mexico. But while in Vietnam these cakes are characterized by the use of coconut milk as a base for gelatin and from natural flavors typically oriental such as matcha (green), dragon fruit (rose) or Taiwanese red rice flour (red), in Mexico, where they are called gelatinas encapsuladas, these virtuosistic floral compositions set in transparent jellies are especially famous for being offered during baptisms, first communions, quinceaneras (girls' fifteenth birthday) or weddings.

Photo: 3D jelly cake Siew Heng Boon
Video: Vietnam News Agency

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