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January 16: the International Day of Spicy and Spicy Foods – Italian Cuisine



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January 16: the International Day of Spicy and Spicy Foods

Dedicated to asbestos palates, this day celebrates the triumph of the hottest spices. What better time to appreciate the spicy side of cooking, perhaps in the company of friends or relatives?


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Throughout the history of the world, spices have always been an integral part of culinary cultures around the globe. According to archaeological studies, peoples have been using hot spices in their food since 6000 years and more. Used for the most varied needs, to flavor, color and preserve food, as well as for medicinal purposes, spices are celebrated all over the world every January 16, the International Day of Spicy and Spicy Foods.

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Darwinian gastronomy?
Why do they like spices? And why they are widely used in some countries (the hottest) rather than others? He tried to answer these questions Paul Sherman, professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, with research that examined nearly 5,000 traditional meat recipes taken from 36 countries around the world in relation to the use of multiple spices related to the climate.
The answer, according to Sherman and his team, lies in the protective antimicrobial action of chemicals in spices and chillies against food-degrading bacteria. L'abundant use of chillies & C. – particularly in countries where meat spoilage is accelerated by high temperatures – reflects a evolutionary adaptation of man against poisoning from spoiled food. In 10 countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria and Thailand – each meat recipe examined required at least one spice, while in Scandinavian countries a third of the recipes included none. A theory, that of Sherman, also supported by the fact that any recipe that has existed for more than five generations (about 100 years) would predate electric refrigeration: most of the recipes examined date back to at least six generations. Even though the dishes we know today may have changed, there's no denying that we still love spicy food.

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A really "hot" party
When we think of spicy food, we tend to think of cooking asian: Chillies are regularly used in Indian, Chinese (especially Sichuan) and Thai cuisines. But don't forget that Mexican and that of Sri Lanka. It is not about dishes that are “very spicy and that's it”, it is about appreciating harmonies of spices that manage to give an extraordinary taste experience. Chillies are all over the world: so many different types, including top spicy (“hellish” level) Carolina Reapers, then Ghost Peppers, Habanero, Red Cayenne Pepper, Serrano, Guajillo, Poblano, Peppadew and many more. They all bring a different level of spiciness and a different kind of flavor to the dishes.
One way to celebrate the International Day of Spicy and Spicy Foods could be to try some real dishes intense – be it Thai, Indian, Creole or Caribbean. On this day, both food extremists can try something new super spicy, hard and pure enthusiasts of the Scoville scale of spiciness, and those who, of a less daring nature, want to dare a little more – a few tears and a few sensitized taste buds, without all hell breaking loose. The less courageous can add a few jalapeños to their burgers or fajitas, or accompany their sushi with a generous dose of wasabi and horseradish in honor of this day.

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There are recipes for all tastes. It doesn't matter, because spicy or spicy food has been celebrated by many cultures not only for its intense taste, but also because it offers several benefits. Products like turmeric and cumin have shown powerful properties antimicrobials and antioxidants, and we know the properties well anti-inflammatory of garlic and ginger. Spicy foods like chillies, turmeric, cinnamon and cumin can also help speed up metabolism and slow down your appetite. Let's put a pinch of chili in our life! After all, our diet would be pretty boring without it, right?

We recommend you to try spiced brisket with paprika, tofu with Thai curry, Mexican chicken wings.

January 2022
Francesca Tagliabue

Posted on 14/01/2022


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5 reasons to eat pasta and broccoli in January – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Pasta and cream of broccoli with anchovies, hazelnuts and grapefruit

Provides lots of fiber and super antioxidants for line and health. This is why it should be prepared more often

Eat pasta and broccoli to January it is an excellent way to ensure the body a series of health-promoting substances in this period. This dish based on two typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet is perfect after a period in which you have overdone it with fats, fried foods and sweets. "It contributes to the elimination of excess toxins. Broccoli is indeed very rich in antioxidants, substances that counteract free radicals and promote the elimination of toxins ", he says Valentina Galiazzo, nutrition biologist specializing in clinical biochemistry. This purely winter first course is then a valid ally to regain the hunger-satiety rhythm after a period of irregularity. "Bringing it to the table even a couple of times a week, provided of course not to overdo the quantities, allows you to feel less hungry between meals. Broccoli gives the dish many soluble fibers that first of all slow down the absorption of starch from the pasta and improve the effect on insulin production, which affects satiety ". But the benefits of this dish are also many others. Here are 5 good reasons to eat pasta and broccoli in January.

Fights the winter blues

Bringing pasta with broccoli to the table is also a great way to counteract sadness and mood swings, which tend to be more frequent on winter days. "This dish provides a high concentration of B-complex vitamins, including vitamin B5 and a combination of minerals that support emotional well-being, says the expert," says nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. "It then provides vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, which helps you always feel at the top even on the coldest days because in addition to facilitating the assimilation of iron, a mineral that fights the feeling of fatigue, it strengthens the body's defenses" .

It's good for the heart

Pasta with broccoli is also an ally dish for cardiovascular health. Consumption of broccoli reduces the blood concentration of homocysteine, an amino acid that increases the risk to the heart. "The credit is due to the richness of soluble fibers which have a real protective effect," says the expert. “First of all, they reduce the chances of becoming overweight and obese, which increase the chances of cardiovascular disease. In fact, they slow down the assimilation of fats, including cholesterol and triglycerides, and sugars. Combined with the complex carbohydrates of pasta, they allow you to avoid blood sugar peaks and prevent type 2 diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, two other risk factors ".

It reduces stress

The B vitamins associated with essential amino acids including tryptophan of which pasta is a source increase the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter antagonist of stress hormones such as cortisol, noradrenaline and adrenaline ", adds the expert. "Thanks to the presence of minerals and trace elements such as copper, phosphorus, but also manganese and potassium, it is an excellent ally to feel dynamic even in the hardest and most tiring moments".

It prevents cancer

Finally, eating pasta and broccoli often is an excellent strategy for preventing cancer, especially lung, breast and colorectal cancers. "Broccoli is rich in glucosinolates responsible for their bitter taste, including sulforaphane, which have a real anti-cancer action", explains nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. To make the most of their protective effect and ensure that it does not reduce, it is necessary to avoid keeping the broccoli in the refrigerator for a long time and pay attention to prolonged cooking. «The heat tends to make it diminish. For this reason, the advice to follow in the kitchen is to avoid overcooking them. The ideal is to quickly blanch them in boiling water ".

It can easily turn into a single dish

With the addition of a few ingredients, the pasta and broccoli easily becomes a single dish capable of combining first and second courses. "Among the ingredients that can be added to make it complete and at the same time balanced from a nutritional point of view, there are anchovies or mussels, a source of essential fatty acids and quality proteins", suggests nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. "Alternatively, to ensure a dish rich in all the nutrients needed by the body, it can also be combined with pine nuts or, if you do not suffer from irritable bowel, with legumes, in particular beans and lentils. The latter cooked together with broccoli in addition to ensuring essential amino acids, allow to double the content of glucosinolates, thus increasing the health benefits ".

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The tastiest recipes for the weekend of January 8th – Italian Cuisine

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of January 8th

What to cook this weekend? Here are the first, second and best desserts to prepare on the weekend of January 8th

The holidays have just ended, but there is still a great desire to spend the weekend in good company. For you who do not want to give up the pleasures of the table even after the holidays, here are 10 recipes that will allow you to explore new flavors every time.

We have something for all tastes: from the explosive pizza prepared with flour with polenta and topped with sausage, radicchio and onion, to the vegetable soup au gratin, suitable for those who want a healthy meal, but with that delicious touch that cannot be missing.

What to cook on the weekend of January 8: first courses

Have you ever preparedbarley? It is an excellent alternative to the classic risotto, widespread especially in Friuli, based on pearl barley. If prepared properly, it will have a creamy texture that will comfort you during the coldest days. Try our barley with turmeric and squacquerone.

The weekend is the right time to dedicate yourself to the preparation of the fresh homemade pasta: today we offer you rocket ravioli with artichokes and almonds.
January is also the month of citrus fruits, whose aroma can easily become the protagonist of a first course. We show it to you with the recipe of scented cream propellers with orange and lemon, ready in just 15 minutes.

What to cook on the weekend of January 8: main courses

What a Sunday it would be without roast? This time we recommend the recipe for an unforgettable veal shank, flavored with apples and cabbage.

If, on the other hand, you have a seafood menu in mind, we have what is right for you. With the right ingredients and combinations, the fish it can give its best even in winter: the bream, which together with the cabbage, walnuts and currants will win you over at the first taste.

Finally, the side you've been waiting for: turnip greens and Verona celery with spicy bread.

What to cook on the weekend of January 8: desserts

Have you already finished the chocolates and candies of the Befana? No problem: for those who still want to chocolate there is the double chocolate cake with hazelnut caramel. And for the next breakfasts you will love this sweet plum cake with pears and macaroons with crumble.

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