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The Cornetto Algida signed Isabella Potì – Italian Cuisine

@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwm_34NFG-0/)

For the sixty years of the classic «heart of cream, the starred pastry chef Isabella Potì has signed a special Cornetto with caramel sauce with egg, lemon sauce and white chocolate

A deluxe version, signed by one of the pastry chefs of the moment: for the sixty years of Cornetto, Algida presents one limited edition signed by Isabella Potì, Michelin star of the restaurant Bros ’of Lecce and influencer on Instagram.

He does it without fuss (and without an official press release, as far as we know), announcing the collaboration with the star chef on the five-pack ice cream, already on sale in some supermarket chains. «We present a Limited Edition that will make your heart beat. A dessert made by Cornetto signed by Isabella Potì. The young pastry chef of excellence is rewriting the rules of pastry making a new course that brings luster to Italy in the world, just like Cornetto. Isabella reinterprets in Cornetto key the recipe of his successful dessert, thus combining Algida tradition and innovation .

@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwm_34NFG-0/)
@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwm_34NFG-0/)

The new specialty, already popular on social media, is prepared with cream ice cream with vanilla, white chocolate coating, filling with caramel sauce with egg, lemon sauce, caramel cubes and pieces of biscuit covered with white chocolate. The company informs that the «triumph of refined creaminess and sweetness with the Algida quality of all time will be available both in single-dose format in the bars served Algida and in multipack packs.

The pack of five, in supermarkets, costs about one euro more than that of the classic Cornetto. The special edition signed Potì has a bit of fewer calories, fat and carbohydrates compared to the "basic" version. And the one who tasted it ensures that it's really worth it.

@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BwpdZ9CH95l/)
@Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BwpdZ9CH95l/)

Ribollita according to Isabella (Potì) – Italian Cuisine

It is a bit like the Cinderella of the Toscan kitchen: a humble, rustic recipe poor, which then, over the centuries, has become a dish "noble", modern and appreciated even by the most refined palates. Yes because the extraordinary of the ribollita is that it can become elegant without hiding its roots farmers. And it can even become ethereal if it is reinterpreted by one young chef talented, like Isabella Potì, which has "reinterpreted" the Ribollita proposed by Orogel in his line Virtù di Zuppa (and below you find the recipe, ed). Be it a skilled transformist, the ribollita has written it in its history, which starts from buns of unleavened bread that accompanied the banquets of the nobles during the Middle Ages. Those advanced were granted to the servants who were striven not to let them go wasted. Such as? making her to boil along with seasonal vegetables and herbs, mainly black cabbage and beans. So the focaccia not only lasted longer, but, done "Seething" day after day, they became tastier and tasty. And this being a "skinny" dish made it extraordinarily today modern and perfect for those who want to eat "Green". A true comfort food, perfect to enhance the flavors and products that accompany the winter.

171205 A millenial to the stove
A soft and buttery cream, whose consistency velvety it is enhanced by the crunchiness of Brussels sprouts, cabbage Roman dialect, of cauliflower and broccoli, and "refreshed" by fresh leaves of black cabbage sauté in the pan. It is this game of textures, of flavors and colors to characterize the Ribollita revisited by Isabella Potì del Bros restaurant of Lecce. A very young chef (she only has 23 years) and that goes strong: in the last two years has been inserted by Forbes in the list of the most influential "under 30" in Europe, she was chosen as a judge in the talent show of Rai "The chef's restaurant" and its restaurant has earned one Michelin star. A barrage of emotions that would have given the head to many. But not to the blonde Isabella, who is obviously very satisfied with these awards but who still believes that dedication and commitment are fundamental to become (and remain) a good person chef.

171208 The ribollita according to Isabella Potì
Fast, easy, unexpected and nutritionally "extra-correct". But also beautiful to see and delicious to be savored. This is the ribollita "magazine" from Isabella Potì, starting from a frozen ingredient: Ribollita soup soup Orogel, last born in the range of ready-made soups made with fresh vegetables that this farmers' cooperative cultivates in Italy. It takes 6 minutes to bring it to the table. And it takes a few more to prepare it in the manner of Isabella: it starts by melting, slowly, in a saucepan 100 g of butter, to which they must be added 500 ml of cream, 500 ml of milk, a pinch of salt and 500 g of bread of previously roasted durum wheat semolina. Cook for a few minutes until a sauce is obtained, which goes pureed finely.

In a cooking pan you cook a 300g pack of Misto Benessere Orogel, a mix of cruciferous natural. Meanwhile, put the leaves of 500 g in another pan black cabbage and you blow it up with a little extra-virgin olive oil. Finally the dish: put the vegetables in the center, with the help of a cup-paste, it is poured around the soup and is completed with the sauce of bread and cabbage leaves roasted.

171211 Good and healthy
Thanks to the mix of vegetables and legumes, a serving of Ribollita Orogel Soup Virtue (ie 350 grams in the dish) makes almost the 50% of the fibers recommended every day and the 18% of the daily needs of protein. All with less than 7% of fat it has just 208 Kcalorie. Which makes it perfect even in diets Low calorie. To complete the detox effect, just enrich it with Red onion or fresh onion sliced ​​very fine, with a sprinkling of pepper black and with many cruciferous vegetables, the most beneficial winter vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts they add flavor and bring substances detoxifying and anti-tumor. Isabella, docet.

Manuela Soressi
February 2019

The chocolate cake that makes you fall in love, Isabella Potì's recipe – Italian Cuisine

Our February 14 could not but spend in the kitchen, this year in the company of Chopard Italy and many friends in love

Valentine's day is the best opportunity to celebrate love in all its nuances: that's why on February 14th we invited to The School of Italian Cuisine many couples of lovers, of friends, of brothers and sisters or of mum and daughter. Drive from Isabella Potì, young pastry chef and talent show star The Chef's restaurant, the couples tested themselves in confectionery, trying their hand at preparing a special dessert.

Everyone has achieved a different result, but everyone has put so much love and fun!

There Chocolate and raspberry tarte it is a demonstration of love and really greedy affection. Try also to prepare it, to make fall in love at the table and make the people you love happy.

The recipe of the chocolate Tarte by Isabella Potì for Chopard

Ingredients for two people and procedure

Shortbread base
200 g flour 00
50 g bitter cocoa
150 g insigny butter
75 g icing sugar
2 egg yolks

Flour, cocoa, icing sugar and butter in planetary and sandblast. Then add one yolk at a time. Form the tartlets. Bake at 160 degrees for 14 minutes with weights and another 5 minutes without weights.

Chocolate filling
200 g of 70% chocolate
150 g milk
150 g cream
5th egg
2 g salt maldon
50 g fresh raspberries
50 g of raspberry powder or fresh raspberries

Bring milk and cream to the boil with salt. Then pour on the chocolates and add the egg. Fill the tarte and cook at 135 ° C for about 7 minutes. It must be hard but still trembling. Raspberry powder to dust on the tarte or fresh raspberries to decorate.

At the evening Cooking with Love participated: our Director Maddalena Fossati with Simona Zito, General Manager Chopard Italia, Francesca Airoldi is Gabriele Maggio, Sandra Berton with his daughter Geneva, Giulia Bevilacqua accompanied by his sister Marta, Francis Cordova is Rosa Fanti, Manuel Bogliolo is Giulia Valentina, Geneva Mavilla is Mara Poletti, Melissa Satta is Chiara Baschetti, Warly Tomei is Umberta Gnutti Beretta, Marisa Passera is Vic, Federica Fontana is Francesca Tronchetti Provera, Sabrina Donadel with Ilaria Bianchi, Alessandra Grillo with her friend Oriana, and finally Lavinia Guglielman together with the boyfriend Dino Passeri.

The present? He thought about it Chopard: during our party, the guests were able to preview the bracelet Happy Hearts, a unique and precious creation, in ethical gold, mother of pearl and semi-precious stones, with a heart at the center that celebrates the joy and happiness of lovers. Look at it in the gallery!

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