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Artisanal ice cream making courses in prison, a better future – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Professional ice cream making courses in prison to offer a concrete possibility of redemption: the national project “IT IS SUSTAINED in prison” promoted by Soroptimist International of Italy which sees the partnership renewed with Fabbri 1905. First stop at Milan San Vittorenext steps of the training path: the female sections of the prisons of Genoa, Vigevano, Milan Bollate, Mantua and Bologna. For Fabbri 1905, a new step in its commitment to equal opportunities and female entrepreneurship.

The project was born in 2017 with the aim of promoting reintegration into society through
the acquisition of skills that can be used in a practical way on the job market, such as those in ice cream making, which are particularly appreciated not only for their employment potential, but also for the use of ice cream in the daily menus of prisons. Those who learn a trade have a much better chance of making it once they leave prison.: according to a recent report by the Cnel, only 2% of prisoners who have had the opportunity to find a professional position return to committing crimes, compared to an average of nearly 70%. In the case of women, work represents a further opportunity for “freedom”, for emancipation from marginal conditions, which often represent a cage even outside prison.

The first stage of the professional training course in artisanal ice cream making, held by Pink Pinascoowner of an ice cream shop in Genoa and for 8 years “ambassador” of Fabbri 1905 and trainer of the international professional school Fabbri Masterclass, left Milan last June, atICAM – San Vittore Reduced Custody Prisonwhere mother prisoners live with their children (up to 6 years old). They attended the course five young mothersall foreigners, who during the three days of training learned the theoretical and practical foundations of the profession, with one-to-one demonstrations to make ice cream, from the preparation of white bases, fruit bases, vanilla, variegated, hazelnut, sorbets, up to the presentation and portioning of ice creams with cones and cups. At the end of the course the participants received a Fabbri Master Class certificateusable in the restaurant and ice cream sector, always open to new hires, including seasonal ones.

The commitment in the ice cream shop does not end with the course: thanks to the professional machine donated by the two Soroptimist Club from Milanthe inmates will now prepare ice cream for their children, giving them a moment of happiness and lightheartedness. But the dream is another: “our desire – said Paola Pizzaferri, Soroptimist Representative and Coordinator of the national project – would be to sell ice cream outside the prison, to all the Milanese, taking advantage of the central position of the ICAM and creating a small sales point open to the public. We will work on it in the coming months. The Project has in fact its strong point in the Institutional Protocol signed with the Department of Penitentiary Administration of the Ministry of Justice (DAP), which has as its ultimate goal that of offering a path of empowerment, growth and self-sufficiency to women in prison, who can only find freedom of choice in work and economic autonomy once they leave prison”.

Meanwhile, the tour of ice cream courses to train new professionals continues: the second stage took place from July 15, at the Pontedecimo Prison in Genoa; then, from July 22, it will be the turn of the Vigevano Prison; two appointments in October: from the 7th at the Milan Bollate Prison and from the 28th at the Mantua Prison; finally, the school year will close from November 11th at the Bologna Prison.

PizzAutoBus: 120 Autistic Kids Hired and 30 Food Trucks by 2028 – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

«Simone he shouldn’t be at PizzAut because when he came to me he didn’t know how to write and if you don’t know how to write you can’t be a waiter. We take orders by hand precisely to keep the kids in training. Simone is the oldest, he spent the last 20 years after middle school between home and a day center. I taught him to write again and today Simone takes extraordinary orders, even at very complex tables. And I remember the first order he took, he raised it to the sky as if it were the champions’ cup, a truly incredible result. Simone is employed by Quantum Retail.

«Simone. The autism spectrum is very broad, out of 600 thousand autistic people there are kids with very low IQs (for those who believe in reading an IQ or a report) and those who struggle to do even simple operations. Then there are kids with IQs above average and Simone is one of these. In 3 years he graduated in economics and commerce while working for me at the restaurant and now he is doing his master’s degree. Yet an autistic kid even if he has a degree and even if he does his master’s degree while working, struggles to find work because it is written autistic. Simone has joined the great Danone team, which has placed him on secondment with us for the time being – some days he stays with us, other days he goes to work with them in order to facilitate his entry into the company. We call him The Nerd for obvious reasons.

«Joy she is my princess. Autistic women are few compared to males, there is about one in every 8, every 10. There are three girls out of 40 people who work with me. Letizia does not speak well and when she came to PizzAut, like Simone, she did not know how to write. Because sometimes if you have a cognitive disability, the Italian school disinvests in the person. Letizia wanted to be a waitress at all costs, but she did not know how to write. She ran, set the table, brought the pizzas, but she did not know how to write. We often talk about resilience and Letizia took 10 months to write the entire menu by heart. She can only write this but with the entire menu learned by heart she can be a waitress. Letizia wears a black apron, unlike the red one of the hired boys, the black one indicates those who are learning and Letizia is doing a paid internship. Think that most of the time the parents bring me their children and tell me that they will give me the money as long as I keep their children with me. This is to explain the family’s desperation. But no, here it works differently, we pay the kids, the kids don’t pay anything, from training to apartments to learn autonomy. At PizzAut the kids don’t pay anything. Because we support ourselves with our pizzas which are delicious and we sell a lot of them. With us, you learn to read, you learn to write, you learn to hug, you learn to have a higher self-esteem.

Institutional support

The presence of the important Institutionswhich demonstrates the importance of the social change brought about by PizzAut as well as by all the social realities that use paid work as a tool for inclusiveness, from SbrisolAut to Tortellante and so on. Political figures of a certain weight, beyond the party, who dedicate time to express their support by taking it away from their always busy agenda is a sign that times are truly changing. Connected from Rome, the Minister of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone and the Undersecretary of State for Economy and Finance Lucia Albanin the presence of the Prefect of Milan Claudio Sgaraglia, the‘Councillor for Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities at the Lombardy Region Elena Lucchinil, the Mayor of Milan Joseph Sala, the Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli.

XFood restaurant, the “good” destination in Puglia to try – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Opening the restaurant wasn’t the first thing on my mind when it came to giving meaning to theFormer Faddadisused wine factory in San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi), transformed into space for aggregation and social innovation. But since the early twentieth century structure extends over 3,000 m2, is made up of three buildings and boasts an outdoor area of ​​15,000 m2, after having started the laboratories and the theater it was decided to pay a further homage to the gastronomic excellences of Puglia . And given that the theme here is social, in fact, it was finally decided to focus oninclusiveness. Along a path that has gradually generated connections and emotions, along the lines of excellent cuisine.

The XFood restaurant

XfOTO / Giuseppe Di Viesto

«At the time we worked in communications, but we wanted to make a contribution to our territory, he says Vito Valentepresident of cooperative Include which today deals with the work integration of people with cognitive disability. «So, when in 2010 the Municipality renovated the building we applied for its management, consulting the local community to understand its needs. Various proposals have emerged, such as a music school, a DIY school, dance courses and so on. Until we came up with the idea of ​​cooking. At that point we involved public bodies such as the Municipality and the territorial areas of Brindisi and Francavilla to train the young people, who we selected through an open call”.

The goal was to stabilize at least five of them, with regular contracts, and it is they who have divided themselves admirably between the dining room and the kitchen of XFood for exactly ten years, that is, since the opening. «At a certain point, however, we realized that it was necessary raise the quality of serviceinvolving new chefs.”

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