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Honey bread – honey bread recipe – Italian Cuisine

»Honey bread - Misya honey bread recipe

put all the dry ingredients in a large bowl: flour, baking powder, sugar and spices and stir.
Heat the honey briefly (in the microwave or in a bain-marie) to make it more fluid, pour it into the bowl and stir.
Then add the eggs first, one at a time and then the hot milk.

You will need to obtain a thick and homogeneous mixture.

Pour the mixture into the mold lined with parchment paper (or greased and floured) and cook for about 45 minutes at 160 ° C in a non preheated fan oven.
Once cooked, let it cool completely before removing it from the mold.

The honey bread is ready, but if you wait a few hours before eating it will be even better!

On Valentine's Day, the sweetest breakfast is made with honey – Italian Cuisine

On Valentine's Day, the sweetest breakfast is made with honey

A touch of sweetness to make the day special from the awakening: choosing honey for Valentine's breakfast is good for health and love

Why wait for dinner time to celebrate San Valentino? The day of lovers can and must start with pampering and sweetness. A rose upon awakening, a romantic note and a breakfast prepared with love, and with the sweet honey. And because everything is perfect, even from the point of view of health, just follow the advice of the biologist and nutritionist Valeria del Balzo, which has developed 3 special breakfasts.

Starting the day with the right sweetness is a good move, for the mood and the body. «An adequate amount of sweet food and in the presence of fiber – explains Dr. Balzo – is necessary in the morning to keep the body in good health, both for the intake of nutrients and for the supply of energy necessary to to start the cognitive functions and reduce stress. For example, honey with its anti-stress effect increases the good mood. Its predominant sugars are glucose and fructose, while its aroma comes from the presence of a high quantity of volatile compounds among which some phenols that have an antioxidant action .

And based on these considerations, the nutritionist has composed three menus ideal for waking up on Valentine's Day, remembering that honey provides substances important for the body such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, sugars and amino acids. It also has a protective and detoxifying action due to its antiseptic properties, which preserve from bacterial aggressions and developments.

Gourmet and romantic breakfast

Hot chocolate, toasted wholemeal bread, butter, honey and a pear. It is the ideal breakfast to serve on a romantic table, decorated with flowers and warm colors. «A delicious breakfast – recalls La Balzo – thanks to the sweetness of honey but also rich in antioxidants present in cocoa and compounds that stimulate the production of anti-stress endorphins. Fruit and wholemeal bread with their fiber intake make it an adequate nutritional meal ".

1 cup of chocolate,
Toasted whole wheat bread (40 g)
Butter (3 g)
Honey (10 g)
1 pear
Nutritional values: 390 Kcal

Crispy breakfast in bed

Yogurt with berries, cereals, honey, dried fruit and orange juice. The ingredients that combine taste and healthy nutrition: a crunchy note, the freshness of orange, the cuddle of honey. A menu that can be enjoyed between the sheets, for a very sweet awakening. «This breakfast – says Del Balzo – presents a good supply of calcium, anthocyanins with a powerful antioxidant action that is important for capillary fragility and vision, and of vitamin C. Nuts contribute with its intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin IS"

1 jar of wild berry yogurt (125 g)
Cereals (30 g)
Dried fruit in shell (30 g)
1 orange juice
honey (10 g)
Nutritional values: 420 Kcal

A breakfast to remember

Stuffed crepes with honey, caffe latte and an apple. Do you want to amaze your love? Get up a little earlier and … sauté! It will be the crepe's perfume the first declaration of love when he wakes up. A truly captivating menu that fully enhances the characteristics of honey. Not only that, "a sweet and tasty breakfast – explains the nutritionist – with a good supply of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus and quercetin, antioxidant contained in the apple"

2 crepes stuffed with 10 g honey
1 cup of coffee with milk
1 apple
Nutritional values: 412 Kcal

Pasta kataifi: crunchy honey delight – Italian Cuisine

Pasta kataifi: crunchy honey delight

The kataifi is not just a particular filamentous pasta, but also an excellent Greek dessert

One of the most famous sweets in Greece, after the whole yogurt with honey and nuts, is certainly the kataifi which takes its name from the pasta that is used to prepare it.

What is kataifi pasta?

It's about a preparation based on flour and water and is a typical ingredient of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.
In practice it is a phyllo dough cut with very thin threads that becomes croccantissima once cooked.
It is not easy to prepare it at home, but you can find it in stores specialized in ethnic food and in large supermarkets in the frozen department.
It is generally used as a wrapping in many preparations and filled with dried fruit as in the recipe that we propose or with other ingredients also salty, such as shrimp, to make delicious finger food appetizers.

The recipe of the Greek kataifi

To prepare this delicious dessert you must first of all make honey syrup by dissolving 200 g of honey with two tablespoons of water, 50 g of sugar and a lot of cinnamon powder. Add also the whole rind of a lemon to give perfume and then let it cool for good.
Separately chopped 180 g of walnuts with a spoon of brown sugar, an egg and another cinnamon.
Roll out the kataifi dough to get longer coils and put a little stuffing at the base of each one.
Roll up and place each roll inside a buttered oven dish.
Sprinkle everything with melted butter and bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
Once the kataifi is baked, sprinkle everything with the honey syrup prepared at the beginning.
You can also stuff with other dried fruit.
The kataifi is excellent with pistachios and almonds instead of walnuts.

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