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Cheap healthy meals

Eating healthy meals is important but it can be hard to do it without spending lots of money. We’re here to help.

Healthy eating doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. There are plenty of cheap meals you can eat that are also good for you.

We’ve costed some of our favourite healthy recipes so you can see just how cheap they are. The recipes are usually for 4 but if you are eating separate meals from your family, you can divide the ingredients down to however many servings you want – or make extra and save for another time.

We also think it’s very important to be healthy but not hungry. Our healthy meals may be good for you but they won’t leave you wanting more.

Click through our gallery to see how you can make healthy meals for just £1 a head…

All costs were true at time of writing (May 2013). We assume you have these basic ingredients in your cupboards already:

  • Oil
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Dried herbs and spices
  • Salt and pepper
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Mayonnaise
  • Stock
  • Milk
  • Tomato purée
  • Mustard
  • Tomato ketchup

Top recipes for August 2013

We’ve rounded up the top 20 recipes for this month including a gooey Nutella chocolate cake and a step-by-step paella recipe.

If you’re looking for something new to make this August, you’ve come to the right place. Every month we round-up your favourite recipes from the site to give you lots of new ideas for what to make for the family.

We’ve got lots of delicious and simple recipes for you to choose from this August including some healthy recipes from the Hairy Bikers, Mary Berry classics and an impressive piñata cake.

Click through our top 20 countdown – can you guess what this month’s number 1 is?

Flavoursome and filling family meals under 500 calories

useless at everything
what a good idea Busylizzy I do scroll through all the recipes and maybe I only want to see ones with fish for example and pardon me for not being conversant with IT tabs folders etc my 5 yr old great nephew probably knows more that I do and I am not ashamed to admit that either I am also a crap cook lol

With reference to Really’s “really rude comments”, Perhaps someone should vet these things. As she was told, all someone wanted was a bit of advice. Perhaps if Really spent more time learning English Grammar and punctuation in general, she might not be so incredibly rude.

Why do people become so nasty when all one indivdual was asking for was some advice? Is it really so hard to be kind without being pompous?

I will keep them in my profile so when I want to try one I find them there

Could everyone stop complaining about the lack of a index.
And maybe try to learn how to use your pc/mobile device

Here are your options
Rightclick>open a new tab
Rightclick>save link as>save in a folder (voila instant internet recipe book)
Bookmark the recipe

For phone users holding down on the screen=a rightclick

Tech major hardly it’s a simple feature
And @Cathryn is right anyone who has common sense should be able to use their browser
If you want to try to be a “tech major” try coding a index page a indexing everything yourselves and get off you high horse for lack of a better phrase. And “class” yeah right, another word for my parents done everything for me.

Don’t come back if you are so easily offended welcome to the internet.

try using bookmarks….

This definitely needs some sort of catalogue access. I love the recipes I saw, but I don’t have time to scroll through 150 of them.

Baby Blue
Not to mention that still doesn’t resolve the main issue Busylizzy was complaining about since I doubt having 150 open tabs is the solution she was hoping for (I know it isn’t for me).

how much is a portion one wrap ?

Could you be any more RUDE? Not everyone is a tech major such as yourself. Get over yourself heaven forbid that you give a helpful hint but clearly you have no manners or class

That’s why you right click, then click “Open link in new tab”. Don’t blame the site makers because you don’t know how to use your computer and the internet.

Really annoying that you have to page through all the recipes to know what is there – how about an index with links to the recipes? Also if you click on one to get the details, when you go back you have to start all over again. Very annoying! Could be so good….

Why are half these recipes missing when i go into them ,it says I have lost my way ,very annoying!!!

Holaa, thanks for the info!

Lynne a
Yeah really mean. I have been using a computer since 1999 and now I am using my cell phone. I am not stupid but the other sites are much easier to use.

you are extremely bad mannered and arrogant

To all those guys complaining about the site, have you considered using a recipe app? There are quite a few on the market. I use Pepperplate, it’s really easy to use, it comes as a website as well as IOS and Android, it syncs between devices, you can make shopping lists which is great for wondering round the supermarket – even for multiple recipes.

If you change the very last number in the web address you can quickly skip to each one

Where are the recipes??

Ingrid Denzin
Wow Lizzy, you really must be busy if you can’t just save the link and go through, say, 50 recipes at a time to save and index them yourself when you have the time.

Exactly what I thought when I read her response.

Kathy Taylor
Where is the save button to save recipes to my recipes ? I am on an android phone not laptop

Where is the actual recipe all I can see is photo and a description on how it’s good for the family

Paul Jones
I took the liberty of organizing dishes 1-30 into groups for everyone.

I will do the next 30 at a later date.

I have grouped it first by main ingredient and then by meal type so you search easier.

If you notice on the address bar at the top of the page, after the last “/” you can type the corresponding number. Hope this saves people time…

beef: 16.17.21







and by type of dish. i tried to be as specific as possible, but have labelled some as pub grub – which i would class as a hearty meal you’d find on most pub menus.

pub grub:


hope this helps, at least for the first 30 recipes. if you like this comment i will continue with the others, otherwise, happy hunting!

Vikki Baker-Grunnill
Loving the recipes but agree that the site is not easy to use….and I do know my way around a computer….each time I looked at a recipe it took me straight back to 1/150. It would be much more helpful for the recipes to come up in a new window. I will persevere but I hope the site developers take these points on and make it easier to use

I agree, yuck. Having said that the comment that started it all was started with the words “really annoying” … right off the bat it was a complaint. Sometimes politely asking for a feature (perhaps by contacting the website, not by leaving a comment on one single post) would be a better way to go about things. 🙂

Just so everyone knows, the ads also refresh each time you click to the next recipe and that is likely the reason – money. 🙂 Also, some websites are powered by wordpress which offer these kinds of click-through “albums” which might seem more appealing than creating an index page for every massive recipe list.

Perfectly reasonable request
Add an index or some tags, Good to Know. It would take you half an hour and make your site usable.

Mary Eleanor Cameron Douglas
Please, please index your recipes instead of having to scroll and wait while each one loads individually. On allrecipes you can choose to have a list, or mini photos with descriptions – ideal!

12 months later I have returned to see if the site has made it easier to use and no it hasn’t. No I don’t want 150 tabs open. I give up after looking at the first 10 pages. I do know how to use my computer – I have had a home computer since 1980 so I think I have mastered it now! I have also designed web sites and find it very frustrating when designers do idiotic things like this. I am still wondering what the other 140 recipes are like! Yawn..

BB King
Can’t make this site work at all now!

Patsy Copus
I agree. I am in the weight loss industry and always looking for some healthy recipes and found this page with all the negativity. Not a sandbox. don’t like the page? Google recipes under 500 calories..there are thousands of them 🙂 Have a great day

there is an option to save the recipe to your saved recipes when you are on the ingredients page as long as you are logged in you can save them , then all the ones you like are in one place.

Yeah, Really.
Yeah, rude. Offended easily? No, but there’s no need to be like that – the high horse appears to be yours. I, too, dislike the “ad happy” clicking mechanism. And I am a tech major.

WTF, Do the RUDE people have nothing better to do than complain? It’s a forum about recipe’s. Get a life as you obviously don’t have one.

JFC really! Loved reading this s%&* No, I won’t be coming back either.

saving recipes to the recipe saver will probably solve the problem, then you will have all of the ones you want to read later, even if you don’t use them.

That’s very rude! good2know really need to consider some UX testing for sure!!

How do you do this on an iPad? x

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