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GARLIC AND ONION allies in the kitchen for health – Italian Cuisine


They are the "parsley" of Italian cuisine (but not only because they are used throughout the world), because they give scents and flavors to many recipes, traditional or contemporary. There are those who adore them for their intense and persistent aroma and who, precisely for this reason, hates them. But how many of us know that garlic and onion are real "superfood"? Yet it is so. These humble bulbs they are among the foods with the greatest health properties, thanks to their high content of substances with effects antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, such as polyphenols. But above all they stand out for their ability to help prevent many cancers, especially the head, nose, throat and gastro-intestinal tract. The action antitumor of garlic and onion is due to their compounds sulphurous, ie to those substances that determine its characteristic smell. These precious compounds, therefore, must be protected if they are to be done effect. And how? The answer is provided by some studies that have verified the bioavailability of these beneficial substances and revealed that, often, in our dish they arrive well few. But all is not lost, especially if garlic is onion they are chosen, cooked and eaten in the way quite right.

the good is in their aroma
Points of power of garlic and onion reside in over 200 volatile components that give them smell and taste, and which have one matrix common: lo sulfur. These compounds are divided into two large families: those fat-soluble (that is to say that they dissolve in fats) that seem able to inhibit the formation of tumors, and those water-soluble (ie melting in water) that have antioxidant properties e detoxifying. That's why garlic and onion "they work" on two fronts at the same time: they provide molecules that block the formation of substances (such as nitrosamines), which cause alterations genetic and, therefore, predispose to cancer, and also remove the enzymes and metabolites that participate in the formation and proliferation of cancer cells. They are also effective for countering theHelicobacter pylori, that causes an inflammation related to the tumor al stomach, and also have a beneficial role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

170794Step 1: they are not all equally beneficial
To take advantage of their antitumor power, garlic and onion should be bought from Greengrocer and not in the pharmacy, because, remember theAIRC, only fresh bulbs have properties cancer. On the other hand, garlic and onion supplements contain only i precursors of these beneficial molecules but not the enzymes necessary to transform them "Activate" in the human organism. Equally important is doing the right shopping: that is, to prefer them variety and the types with a more intense flavor, that is richer than sulfur compounds. Better still if they are coloredbecause it also means that they also bring more antioxidants, like i flavonoids.

170791Step 2: better raw
The second step to get the best from garlic and onion consists of "Do not cook them", that is when consumed raw, because cooking (especially if prolonged) decreases consistently the available quantity of antitumor compounds. The varieties of onions ideal to be eaten raw are the sweet ones (such as the red onion of Tropea and that of Cannara), and the spring onion, or young onion, harvested before it becomes completely ripe. For garlic, go-ahead, therefore, to the classic Bruschetta or adding raw to recipes. The raw garlic is not right there? Try rubbing a slice on the sides of the salad bowl, to soften the aroma, or to add a little bit of fresh ginger, which helps digestion.It is proper to them cook better do it for a short time: the onions should be removed from the fire as soon as they are golden and when they are still "Al dente", that is still firm and fragrant, and retain all their heritage of inulin, a fiber known for its prebiotic action, mildly laxative and capable of normalizing the intestinal flora.

170800Step 3: knife go
The third health "trick" consists in breaking or grind finely garlic (also in the mouth, chewing it well), because this way you activate theallinase, the enzyme that originates allicin, the one that gives garlic its aroma prickly. Yeah, but how do we put it on your breath? To avoid problems, just close the meal by chewing a grain of cardamom, of anise or fennel, in order to mask the pungent odor of allicin with a more aroma strong.

Manuela Soressi
February 2019

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Fontina, a cheese that is a health friend (if you do not exaggerate) – Italian Cuisine


Sweet taste, hard paste, intense aroma (a bit like the Gorgonzola), capable of bringing the fields of Valle d'Aosta directly on our tables. La Fontina it is much more than a cheese, it is an expression of a territory, the Valle D'Aosta, of its rich and substantial cuisine.
A real gastronomic specialty, so much to be protected by a Consortium which supervises its production and provides for the marking of the forms conforming to the quality criteria.

A cheese with ancient origins

157205It seems that its history is very old. As reported by Consortium, the first mention of Fontina dates back to 1477, while the first classification is dated 1887 with "The Fontine of Val d'Aosta"In the yearbook of the Experimental Station of the Lodi dairy. The second classification dates back to the years 30 and 40 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. Only in 1995, Fontina was conquered, along with 6 other Italian cheeses, by the European Commission Protected Designation of Origin.

Essential ingredient of many preparations

169617Today the Fontina represents the basis of many typical recipes of Valle D'Aosta, to comic the tasty Fondue, i Gnocchi Alla Bava, as well as the tasty Valdostana steak or the crepes. But it is also perfect to natural, for a nutritious snack or breathtaking delicious appetizers in an evening with friends. But what are its characteristics? And what is the best way to consume it from a nutritional point of view? We deepen these aspects with the doctor Valentina Bolli, dietician.

Values ​​and nutritional properties

128787Illustrates the Dr. Bolli "La Fontina it is a semi-fat cheese, of varying maturation, with interesting qualities from a food point of view. It provides an excellent supply of vitamin a, (has about 420 micrograms per 100g), important for vision, bone development, teeth growth and immune response. It also contains a good amount of vitamin b2 (0.45 micrograms per 100), which plays a fundamental role in energy processes ". Among the minerals stands out in particular the football (870 milligrams per 100g), essential for bones and teeth. As for the other characteristics, the dietician continues "The proteins are in line with the other cheeses of equivalent curing, about 24.5 grams out of 100. As well as cholesterol, with 82 mg out of 100".

It must be considered a second course or a single dish

157207It is therefore a cheese that can be consumed like other hard cheeses. Points out Valentina Bolli "The guidelines suggest that the ideal is to add it to the diet once a week, in the amount of 50 g (against 100 g) of fresh cheeses. It must be considered a real second course or a single plate. Perfect for example the pizzoccheri, a balanced mix of proteins, vegetables (verze) and carbohydrates. The use of buckwheat among other things makes this dish also suitable for coeliacs. But also gnocchi alla bava, using 50 g of fontina and 150 g of gnocchi, you get a delicious single dish, rich in taste and well-assorted ".

Elisa Nata
January 2019

Score Big with this Skinny Game Day Menu

Tailgating is a sport of its own, with more than 70 million Americans hosting or attending tailgate parties to root on the home team.

But here’s the Game Day dilemma: How can you enjoy yourself and serve up great-tasting food without racking up the calorie and nutritional penalties? Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD from Appetite for Health[1] is here to help with a winning strategy.

The four food groups of football—beer, wings, pizza and chips and dip can really pile on calories. In fact, a tailgate party can set you back some 1,500 calories—and that’s all before kickoff. By the fourth quarter, it’s not uncommon to eat and drink several days’ worth of calories. Some simple substitutions in your Game Day menu can make you the “MVP” of the party. Here’s what to serve and what to sideline, and several winning recipes to try.

Blitz on Chips and Game Day Dip: Opt for baked chips instead of fried to slash calories and fat and make your dips with nonfat plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. Using a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt in place of regular sour cream shaves off 315 calories and 45 grams of fat from your dip recipes.

A Few Skinny Dip Ideas:

Skinny Artichoke Dip[2]
Creamy Cold Parmesan Spinach Dip[3]
Hot Spinach Dip[4]
Skinny Taco Dip[5] 
Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip[6]
Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip[7]
Southwestern Black Bean Salsa[8]

Wings pack in about 75 calories—not counting the dip! Bench Wings and Put Burgers on Your Playbook: For a main course to serve and ones to sack, go with burgers made from ground sirloin or 95% lean ground beef; or make a turkey or salmon burger.

Try these leaner tasty options…

Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese Broccoli Slaw
Chicken Parmigiana Burgers
Turkey Burgers with Zucchini
Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo[9][10][11][12]

If you’re serving pizza, make sure it’s veggie-rich and ask for half the cheese and meat toppings. Or eliminate the bread altogether and serve these Zucchini Pizza Bites[13].

Score with Extra Light Beer: As an official food group of football, beer is required if it’s a real football party. There are 150 calories in a bottle of regular and 95-100 in most light beers. But if you try a new extra light choices, like MGD 64, Budweiser Select 54 or Beck’s Premier Light you’ll not only have a skinnier sip, you’ll help damper the appetite-stimulating impact of alcohol.

Guest Post from Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD from Appetite for Health[14] 


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