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If Cracco makes pizza delivery and Noma starts making hamburgers – Italian Cuisine

The most popular restaurants are given to street food. Is it the end of fine dining? The new normal

Cracco's pizza at home. I was thinking of a joke, and instead "Our pizza: Bufala tomato and mozzarella" from 16 €, the most talked about pizza in Italy, starts from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and arrives straight to your home. Cracco starts making pizza, scandal. Does Cracco start delivering, a sign of the times? Absolutely yes. Even the most popular gourmet restaurants, with 20-course menus, impeccable service, white tablecloths and Michelin stars had to climb a gear by focusing on simpler dishes. Not only in Italy, because it is news today that Noma, voted umpteenth time the best restaurant in the world for the ranking of Th 50 Best Restaurants of the World he turned to hamburgers. Outdoor wine bar with cheeseburger with dry-aged meat and veggieburgers stuffed with fermented vegetables in a soft potato sandwich. And there is already a menu based on fried chicken sandwiches and ice cream.

Carlo Cracco reopens his own restaurant for delivery
Carlo Cracco reopens his restaurant for delivery.

Is the end of the world as we know it?

Is it the end of the world, the gourmet restaurant with its tasting menus? Nothing will ever be the same again, but we will soon return to spending hundreds of euros for an experiential dinner. But not now, and the chefs run to the shelters to heal the budgets and to continue grinding covered; even if at home or on the benches overlooking the sea. It is not a crisis of identity, a change of vision and not even of strategy. To survive at this moment, it is tactical to continue to be talked about and ferry the brand towards the "new normal". Which is certainly not that of starred street food, at least not only that.

McDonald's candles with the smell of hamburgers arrive – Italian Cuisine

Gwyneth Paltrow moved: Mc Donald's hamburger-scented candles arrive (but they are already sold out)

The craze for scented candles touches unimaginable new levels thanks to McDonald's candles: you are very colorful hamburger-scented candles. Who has never dreamed of getting drunk on the reassuring aroma of fast food even in the privacy of their own home, perhaps to create the right atmosphere before diving into a relaxing tub of boiling water?

Up Golden Arches Unlimited, McDonald's official online shop, you can find different gadgets and accessories, such as calendars, branded T-shirts and socks with a French fries pattern, but the most original gift idea is this set designed for the most hardcore lovers of the famous restaurant chain. The package contains 6 candles whose aroma should remind one of the most loved sandwiches, the McRoyal Deluxe, also known in the world as Quarter Pounder.

The scent of McDonald's candles

Each candle has a different color and gives off the scent of one of the ingredients of the Mc Royal Deluxe: the yellow candle smells of sesame, The red one of Ketchup, the white of onion, the brown one of beef, the green of gherkins pickle and the orange one of melted cheese.

You may decide to turn on one at a time to "taste" each ingredient in its purity, but the best way to enjoy this calorie-free hamburger is turn them all on together. The maximum duration of the candles, with soy wax, is about 25 hours.

Unfortunately, to do this you will have to wait for the shop to be restocked: McDonald's candles are already there sold out.

McDonald's candles

How to make hamburgers at home, how to cook them and combine them – Italian Cuisine


While the world is preparing to embrace "non-meat" meat, derived from vegetable proteins, the fame (and hunger) of the classic Hamburger resists time. From its birth in Germany's second largest city, Hamburg, what once was nothing more than a simple meatball made its way to the New World, America, where it found fame. Today the word "Hamburger"contains multiple meanings, which bring together the most diverse peoples of the planet.

But for enjoy great burgers you don't need to travel to the United States of America, nor do you have to go to a restaurant: with our advice you'll see that preparing them in your kitchen is actually child's play. Discover how to cook hamburgers at home with the basic technique of Salt and pepper!

Hamburger or Swiss?

With the term "Hamburger"In the past, only meatballs consisting of minced beef were used. At the end of the eighteenth century, the Germans very willingly consumed hamburg steak, the minced meat steak made in the Hamburger area.

Many sailors and many emigrants from Hamburg left for the United States of America. Thus in the early twentieth century the hamburger also crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The American history of this dish appears very confused, what is certain is that with fast food theHamburger changes. It was the fifties and the word "grows" of meaning no longer refers to the meatball alone but inside the sandwich with bread, sauces, onion & Co.

And in Italy? Before arriving in the USA sandwich version, the hamburger was well known in its original form. It was also called the medallion or better Switzerland, precisely because he had arrived in our country from the neighboring Canton Ticino.

Which meat to use and how to season it

THE'Hamburger it is rightfully included among the take-away dishes typical of street food and among the meat dishes to be ordered at the restaurant. It is an easy and inexpensive preparation, with which to satisfy even the most demanding guests, young and old.

175579To bring them to the table in a workmanlike manner it is best to start from scratch, from the creation of meatballs. There classic recipe provides for the use of beef, flavored with simple salt. Choose a cut front, well enervated and slightly greasy. If you prefer a lean cut, like the fillet, add to the ground a knob of bread soaked in milk and some potatoes to make the final texture softer.

If you want to further enrich the mixture you can create a meat mix (turkey and veal or beef and pork) and add onion finely chopped.

But the basic ingredient of burgers can also be of the fish (you can easily prepare excellent Salmon burger or tuna) or gods legumes or of the vegetables, for exquisite Veggie burgers.

Once the raw material to be chopped and shaped to form the meatball is selected, switch to seasoning. You can choose to add only salt, or give your burger an extra touch of flavor.

You can for example chop some parsley fresh with a knife, along with a little onion or shallot. Or you can bet on others herbs such as dill, fennel, mint (ideal for flavoring sheep and lamb), thyme and marjoram (for chicken and turkey).

How to cook hamburgers at home

Depending on meat choice to prepare the meatball, the cooking Burger changes. The beef can still be served pink inside, so the beef meatball can cook less than that of pork, chicken and turkey. For safety, these meats should be cooked to the heart.

However, cook the meatball on a plate or a cast iron grill placed on the stove, first on a high flame and then low. Don't turn your burger over, just wrap it around once on each side, otherwise you risk breaking it. THE'height Burger obviously determines the cooking time. A chef's secret? Once the meatball is ready, take it out of the heat and cover it with foil for 5 minutes, so that the juices are evenly redistributed.

To prepare a real american hamburgeror it is necessary to start from bread. Get the soft loaves on the market in supermarkets (and some specialized bakeries). To reproduce the famous sandwich, the top of the bread dome must be dusted with sesame seeds.

Once cut in half, brown the sandwiches on the plate. Once the cast iron surface is hot, sprinkle it with a pinch of salt and start cooking the burgers for a few minutes on each side. Season the burgers with barbecue sauce or Ketchup is mustard, a few slices of onion, some slices of cucumber. In this way you will bring to the table the real recipe created in the States.

What to put in burgers for original recipes

We have seen how to prepare a classic Hamburger, but what do we need to put ourselves in to create original recipes? Let's start with 2 great classics: salad not seasoned e tomato. With these two ingredients you will still be in the comfort zone despite having added more ingredients.

Then among the most famous recipes in the world offered by fast food restaurants around the world is that of the bacon buger: on this ground beef meatball, along with sauces, tomatoes and salads, a slice of crispy bacon is placed in this case.

And let's not forget the cheese! Another of the great flagships of street food is the Cheeseburger, where rich slices of Cheddar enrich the sandwich.

The traditional sauces can then be replaced with sweet and sour sauce is senapata sauce, but I also have to try the Yogurt Dressing (perfect for dressing a herb salmon burger) or the tomato concentrate.

You can then upset your sandwich with truly unexpected and original ingredients by preparing a hamburger with apples and vegetables or a saffron burger and vegetables in which fruit and vegetables will balance the well-being of the dish.

How to make burgers without meat for vegetarians

The hamburger is a perfect dish also for those who do not like meat or are trying to reduce their consumption. To prepare burgers without meat for vegetarians, just remove the raw material of animal origin and create vegetable or legume meatballs.

Between best recipes try thechickpea burger with roasted peppers and thesoy bean burger.

How to make fish burgers

Even the fish can become the starting point to create the meatball. For example, to prepare theSalmon burger, just chop the pulp, add chives and mix with egg and fresh cream.

What to combine with a hamburger

There is no hamburger without it fries on the side. But of course it's not the only possible match. Try it also with a side dish of salad you hate grilled vegetables. The sautéed ones are also perfect, perhaps slightly spicy.

As for drinks, the burger goes well with beers full-bodied but, like all second courses of meat, its aroma of embers is enhanced by vivid reds as thick as theAglianico del Vulture or the Nero di Troia.

What to do with the advanced burgers

Despite being a sandwich, it may happen that not everyone can finish it. Here's what to do with the advanced burgers: you can use the minced meat seasoned to enrich the filling of rustic savory pies.


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