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Carlo Cracco guest at Fedez: from Patti Smith to the new restaurant – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

From the old controversies concerning him to the most ambitious projects now in the pipeline: Carlo Cracco he told Fedez in the last episode of the podcast Wolf. Moreover, the friendship between the starred chef and the rapper that began years ago and is also demonstrated by the Ferragnez’s romantic dinners in the Galleria is nothing new. During the hour-long interview, the two talked about various topics starting from being entrepreneur in cateringfrom here here are 5 things we discovered about him, that perhaps you didn’t know.

Carlo Cracco tells his story to Fedez: 5 curiosities

1. The new restaurant

This year Carlo Cracco will open a new restaurant in Rome, in Parliament Square, inside a hotel of the Corinthia chain, in the historic building that housed the Bank of Italy. «I’ll take care of everything food & beverage, from breakfast in the morning onwards. There will be plenty of seats, and I’ll be part of a great team. Rome, then, has great opportunities, it could grow a lot, but it is undervalued. Milan was luckier, thanks also to the people who work there, but Rome could be ten times as much.”

2. The project in the countryside: the agricultural estate

In 2020 Carlo Cracco and his wife Rosa Fanti discovered an old estate in Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, in the hinterland, not far from Rimini, and they fell in love with it. They began to renovate it and cultivate the vineyard, olive grove and vegetable garden (which provides them with a good part of the vegetables they use in the Milanese restaurant). And no, I won’t make a restaurant there, but a farmhouse, explains Cracco, «with everything you need to relax: you will leave the car outside to get on your bicycle or electric car. There was an already active vineyard on the estate, and we are continuing it too a project for wine productionwhich is giving us a lot of satisfaction.”

Carlo Cracco and Fedez during the Wolf podcast (screenshot).

3. The controversy over receipts

Many times the receipts from Cracco’s restaurant in Milan have gone viral and sparked bitter controversy over the cost of water or coffee. «I’m in the Gallery: if you want to come and be served a glass of water, you have to take into account that it will cost more, replies Cracco. «How can I pay the staff if I don’t charge for water? Service done well has a price: low cost cannot be done in the Gallery. Catering always has very high costs: I have seen few Italian chefs who have managed to get rich.”

4. The potato chip commercial

This is another recurring criticism leveled at Cracco, “guilty” of having lent his image to advertise the chips. But he does not deny his choice: «I had in mind to open the restaurant in the Galleria: that was my goal, and to achieve it I had to earn money. I’ve done it. I always want to grow, and working towards a goal is the best thing. I always say this to the guys who work with me too.”

5. The most welcome guest

Was Patti Smith. «She came to the Gallery and, at the end of lunch, I went to say hello to her. I didn’t ask for her photo because I didn’t want to disturb her. I was about to leave, when they asked me to wait a moment, because Patti wanted to sing something. I immediately had the music and her turned off he adapted one of his songs by putting the two dishes he had eaten into it. I really had chills.”

If you want to see the interview in full, here is the direct link.

Who is Andreas Caminada, the 3-star guest chef on MasterChef 13 – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Let’s find out who he is Andreas Caminada, the special guest of the most important evening of the season, that is, the one in which the new Italian MasterChef will be elected. The challenge, tonight, is really down to the last course, between Antonio, Eleonora Michela and Sarathe aspiring chefs remaining in the competition.

Who is Andreas Caminada?

The Swiss chef, king of Swiss cuisinewith 3 Michelin stars (the third obtained at just 34 years old) and 19 Gault Millau points, is the owner of restaurant Schloss Schauensteinin Fürstenau, Switzerland, firmly in the rankings World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In the MasterChef final, the Swiss chef will be the protagonist of an «amarcord Mystery Box and an Invention Test of very high technical difficulty.

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Andreas Caminada, born on 6 May 1977 in Ilanz, not far from the small town (which permanently has only about ten inhabitants) where he opened his restaurant, has worked in some of the best restaurants in Switzerland, Austria and Canadaperfecting his skills (at the beginning especially in the preparation of desserts) and honing a unique style.

Then, however, he returned to his valleys and, in 2003, at the age of 26, he found an ancient abandoned castle and inaugurated his Schloss Schauenstein and the small hotel attached. And there he made Swiss cuisine shine. «Here there is an incredible variety of ingredients to rediscover, she explained in an interview. «Switzerland is a small country with an enormous wealth of foods as well as languages ​​and cultures. Here is the best dairy production in the world. We have amazing butter, the best cheeses.”

Who is Mauro Uliassi, the starred chef guest at MasterChef 13 – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

MasterChef 13 in the home stretch and Mauro Uliassi he is the chosen guest for the external event. Let’s find out more about the starred chef from the Marche region.

In fact, these are decisive moments for the five amateur chefs involved in the penultimate round of the cooking show. This evening Antonio, Eleonora, Michela, Niccolò and Sara will take a further step towards the finish line, which is starting to come into sight. The doors of the kitchen of a three Michelin star restaurant will open for them: the aspiring chefs, in the most demanding outdoor test, will be able to cook at the stove Uliassi restaurantby chef Mauro Uliassi, in Senigallia, in the province of Ancona.

Who is Mauro Uliassi?

Mauro Uliassi is one of the greatest Italian chefs, and his skill has been confirmed by three Michelin stars (the last one in 2019), 5 Espresso hats, 3 Gambero Rosso forks. With his cuisine he expresses his personality, creativity and his great love for the sea. Born in Senigallia in 1958, after hotel school he explored the world of catering by doing various internships in Italy and Europe. An experience that helped him get to know other chefs, their proposals and their secrets, which he was able to treasure. He also taught for 15 years at the hotel school of Senigallia, transmitting his passion to young students.

In 1990, together with his sister Catia, opened the Uliassi restaurant, on the Senigallia seafront, between the canal port and the beach, with a breathtaking view of the sea. Quickly becoming a point of reference for those who love quality cuisine, Uliassi is a place that offers simple and contemporary, but at the same time innovative, dishes. His cuisine is based on traditions of the Adriatic coast, but is enriched by contamination and from the influences that Mauro Uliassi has assimilated in his travels and from his experiences. The sea is his main source of inspirationbut also game and products from the Marche region, such as saturnia peach, have ample space in his cuisine.

Every year, Mauro Uliassi presents ten new dishes, which complement its classic proposals. Among his most famous dishes, the broth slippera piece of bread that you dip in a concentrated fish sauce, the creamy mozzarellawith anchovies, basil, candied tomatoes and fried capers, the cuttlefish tagliatelle and nori seaweed pesto (an idea born after a visit to El Bulli by Ferran Adrià). And again, the smoked spaghetti with clams and datterini tomatoes grilled, a reinterpretation of the classic seafood dish, and the red prawn, with lemon water, basil and melon, in a contrast of flavors. But Uliassi managed to deliver white pasta is also gourmet, prepared with desalted herring and fish stock (recipe here).

The chef is also a author of cookbooks, in which he talks about his philosophy cuisine, its recipes and its stories. She published Sidecar in 2005 and Mauro Uliassi meets Giovanni Gaggia in 2021. He is also an appreciated speaker at the most important international gastronomy congresses, where he brings his testimony and his innovative vision.

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Mauro Uliassi’s three-Michelin-starred white pasta: the recipe

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