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Ferrero, goodbye to non-recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 – Italian Cuisine

Ferrero, goodbye to non-recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025

The Alba group has signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and is committed to minimizing the environmental impact even with increasingly sustainable packaging

All packaging will be reusable, recyclable or 100% compostable: the Ferrero group of Alba, where Nutella is born, has taken on an ambitious commitment, which promises to materialize by 2025. It has signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a protocol to accelerate the transition to acircular economy, that is, an economic system that can regenerate itself.

Ferrero, as explained in a note, with this commitment to sustainable packaging, "reinforces the approach to continuous improvement of packaging, which is part of the strategy aimed at minimize environmental impact. It does so starting from the raw materials, but also involving production plants and logistics, along the entire supply chain.

In other words, the group intends to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation and new supply models. Furthermore, it wants to enhance the use of recycled materials, safe for consumers, and explore projects to test new packaging materials compostable, especially in the marine environment. Ferrero also undertakes to provide its consumers with information on correct disposal packaging, along with advice on breaking them down and recycling them.

The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment is a protocol that unites companies, governments and others (so far they have joined more than 350 realities) that support the need for a more circular management of plastic waste. "We are pleased that Ferrero joins us, setting concrete goals for 2025. Our vision is that of a world in which plastic never becomes waste or pollution, "commented Sander Defruyt, leader of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. "It will be a challenging journey, but by joining forces we can innovate and eliminate the plastics we don't need, so those we need can be circulated easily and safely, keeping them within our economy and away from harming the environment. "

say goodbye with natural remedies! – Italian Cuisine

say goodbye with natural remedies!

From the now known cranberry to the less famous D-mannose, passing through herbal teas and lactic ferments. Here are some natural remedies useful for treating and preventing cystitis

Who has had it knows well what are the symptoms of cystitis: among the most frequent and debilitating are burns during urination, pains in the lower abdomen and the frequent need to urinate. Women are the most affected, but men are not entirely immune to them. THE risk factors they are varied and range from poor personal hygiene to unregulated feeding, from a lowering of the immune system to constipation. Keeping these aspects in check is a good way to prevent it. But once you have the first discomfort you have to intervene: with the antibiotic (on medical prescription) but also with some natural remedies, including supplements, herbal teas and lactic ferments.

Cystitis, what it is and what causes it

Cystitis is ainflammation of the bladder. In the case of bacterial infection from Escerichia Coli, the most widespread, it is appropriate to resort toantibiotic, after consulting the doctor of course. If instead cystitis is triggered by other factors, such as virus or mushrooms, the use of this drug is not strictly necessary. Indeed, its abuse could cause the opposite effect, that is the development of real colonies of antibiotic-resistant germs and bacteria, thus transforming a trivial cystitis into a chronic malaise.

Cranberry and D-mannose, the most effective natural remedies

The most effective natural remedies for cystitis are mainly two: the cranberry or cranberry and the D-mannose. The positive effect of the small fruit of American origin is now confirmed also by various scientific researches. Her antibacterial properties help to relieve symptoms and, for the same reason, it can also be used in via preventive. In the first case better the capsules, in the second it is recommended to take two glasses of juice a day for two weeks. The cranberry is also useful because it can make the mucosa of the urinary tract non-stick to the bacteria, thus preventing their reproduction.

This same function also performs the D-mannose, a simple sugar with low glycemic content, which is extracted from birch or larch wood. Also, the bacteria in the bladder, by binding to the D-mannose, are more easily expelled, thus reducing healing times. Usually found in herbal, in capsules or in powder: for the dosage better to consult with an expert.

Alternatively or alternating with the cranberry, you can also use thebearberry, which according to modern phytotherapy is the best anti-inflammatory of the urinary tract. This should be taken in extract (in the form of tablets) at the first burns to counteract the infection and calm the urge to continue urinating. Or in the form of tisane, which is prepared with 1.5 grams of leaves left in infusion in 100 ml of water: the recommended dosage is two or three cups a day. Since incorrect use can cause irritation, medical supervision is still recommended.

Drink so much water and off to herbal teas: yes, but which ones?

One of the ways to eliminate bacteria inside the bladder is to drink lots of water: at least two liters a day, preferably at room temperature, even better if hot. Here then is that also herbal teas they prove to be useful natural remedies against cystitis. The one at mauve, for example, it has calming and anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare the decoction, simply boil the flowers and fresh leaves for ten minutes and then filter them.

Another effective infusion is thenettle, because it has a diuretic effect. In this case it is better to use two tablespoons of dried leaves, to be left to infuse in boiling water for about ten minutes. The herbal teaechinacea instead it is perfect to prevent cystitis because it has the power to strengthen the immune system. Among the particularly diuretic herbs then there is also the hawkweed, a perennial herbaceous plant very similar to the dandelion, which can even triple the volume of urine, as well as having soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Also in this case the herbal tea is made with dried leaves, which must always be left to infuse for about ten minutes.

Lactic ferments are also important

Cystitis can also be caused by a reduction in the favorable micro-flora present on vaginal mucous membranes. This has the task of protecting the genital organs and keeping the acid pH in balance, thus avoiding the attack of pathogenic bacteria which can cause infections and diseases. This state of alteration can be caused by imbalances in the intestinal microflora caused by the intake of antibiotics, drugs or contraceptives, by an unregulated diet, by constipation or from the use of aggressive intimate cleansers. In these cases it is advisable to prevent or treat inflammation restore the "friendly" bacterial flora, taking lactic ferments once a day for at least a couple of weeks.

a month ago goodbye to the director who loved being in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

a month ago goodbye to the director who loved being in the kitchen

Agnès Varda left a month ago. But he left us extraordinary films and installations appreciated all over the world. His art was born on the kitchen table, where he also held the Oscar for his career in 2018

The Oscar for his career Agnès Varda he didn't keep it on a well-visible shelf or on a particularly high shelf, but in the kitchen. In a place where you could have a fruit bowl or a toaster. To the detriment of what one might think, the "feminist" who had told the feeling of waiting and abandonment, the Nouvelle Vague teacher in a world of men only, loved the kitchen as part of a whole and, in particular way of his home. A one-storey building painted from four shades of pink and which has been inhabited since 1951, even before directing its first film. Often associated by the radicals with the idea of ​​the angel of the hearth, of the one that spreads the dough and grind the sauté, the kitchen for Agnès was the "female kingdom" par excellence.

Between art and fashion and cuisine: a world of creativity

"I'm not saying that we must all be cooks or cleaning women, but simply that we women feel comfortable in the kitchen," he said in a 2002 interview, sixteen years before holding his first and last Oscar. It was on the kitchen table that he fine-tuned the details of his films, revising the scripts and accumulating notes and scribbles. At her side, her sons Rosalie and Mathieu did their homework and kept her company: the right harmony that she needed to let the art take over and free herself from the most disparate forms.
His installations in international galleries and museums, from Tokyo to Liverpool, have been appreciated all over the world just like his films and the look that proudly showed off as a fashion icon. At 89, one year before his death on March 29, 2019, Varda dressed Gucci, was promoted from the site of "Vogue America" ​​for her tunic with pink prints and striped edged pants sported on her last red carpet. she was proud of her hair, with that bowl cut, the blonde base and the bordeax all around, which had captured the attention of the photographers.
Small in stature, with the fluent English that occasionally filled with the words of her first language, the French, Agnès moved like a balancer on the stilts of art, of the explosion of vitality that has always infected her. Everything, however, started from the kitchen, from the oasis of thoughts in which he relaxed before deciding how to move. Having left as a wedding and family portrait photographer, she suddenly realized that all the women-directors who had crowded the 1950s cinema had disappeared. She wanted to do, she had said she was irritated by all those men who, behind the camera, told only "stories of couples who divorce, or fight, or a lover comes, or one of them dies". With The courte pointe (1954), his first film set in Sète, a fishing village in southern France and his mother's hometown, a new era finally begins. Costing just 14 thousand dollars – at the time the films cost twenty times as much – it is appreciated by filmmakers and the public who capture its nuances and expressive strength.

His productions – about forty – would have escaped any classification, mixing fictional elements with those of documentary reportages. Strong, personal, frank, contemptuous, they would have traveled around the world while she, Agnès, would have remained in the privacy of her home. "They go and I stay here," he said after upsetting the conventions, alternating colors with black and white, professional actors with ordinary people, still photography and classic video. "I don't want the world to be segregated. For me it is necessary to reconcile everything because I love everything, "he said one more time, confirming that the desire to do is free to come out without necessarily buying an intercontinental ticket.

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