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All the good from Austria (to be discovered at Christmas) – Italian Cuisine

All the good from Austria (to be discovered at Christmas)

All the good from Austria
All the good from Austria
All the good from Austria
All the good from Austria
All the good from Austria

A warm, welcoming, comfortable refuge: in Austria, the state of mind experienced in such a place, they describe it with the word "Gemütlichkeit". Perhaps a little difficult to pronounce, it is easy to describe it: the snow that whitens the mountains outside and us under cover, between the embrace of wood, the crackling flames of a fireplace, the warmth of a ceramic stove and a good dish to share with the people we love. Is not this how we like to imagine winter? And then you just have to prepare the luggage with the heaviest sweaters (including the ever present with the snowflakes designed), the boots, the ski suit, and leave for the Christmas holidays!

Snow for everyone

If you love ski, but also enjoy the pleasures of the good table, the perfect destination for you is theArlberg, Austria's largest ski area, between Tyrol and Vorarlberg, where you can cross five countries with skis, the ski world Lech, then Zürs, Stuben (ideal for families), St. Christoph is St. Anton, cradle of alpine skiing. Eighty-eight lifts that lead up to 2,811 meters of altitude, 305 km of ski slopes for all levels and 200 for off-piste skiing, seven ski schools. And there are also winter trails for hikers -long which at sunset you can admire with a little 'luck deer and roe deer- tracks for cross-country skiing, guided snowshoe hikes, sleigh rides.

Gourmet at high altitude

Gourmets will appreciate in particular St. Anton which boasts seven restaurants in the 2018 edition of the Gault-Millau guide. Awarded with 2 hats and located at 2 thousand meters on the slopes of Mount Galzig, the restaurant Verwallstubefor example, every Thursday he organizes one gourmet candlelight dinner and live piano, with night ascent by cable car. In menu dishes from foie gras to calamari, from sole to Wiener Schnitzel, but there is also the restaurant ofHotel Tannenhof, where to enjoy creative alpine cuisine, andHospiz-Alm which boasts one of the world's largest collections of wines in large bottles.

The Verwallstube mountain restaurant

Lech-Zürs has been defined instead "World Gourmet Village " for the high concentration in the area of ​​high-level restaurants. Like it Schlegelkopf Restaurant, at 1,800 meters on the slopes, but easily accessible by cable car even by non-skiers. In Austrian specialties menu, but also juicy steaks, North Sea crabs, sushi and oysters as a tribute to the countries with which the town is twinned: Beaver Creek in the United States, Hakuba in Japan and Kampen-Sylt, in Germany. You can then taste them prestigious champagne enjoy a moment of relaxation with whiskey and cigars admiring the breathtaking view.

Sushi in the high mountains at the Schlegelkopf Restaurant

The authentic and genuine cuisine of Carinthia

If it is true that the cuisine of the great restaurants is rooted in the traditional, home-made cuisine that characterizes every culture, one of the most authentic of Austria can be savored in Carinthia, in particular in the territory ofAlpe Adria: here are fresh and seasonal foods, grown in a sustainable way and processed according to tradition, like theasparagus of the Lavanttal, the game of the Metznitztal valley or the famous ones Kärntner Käsnudel, tortelloni stuffed with potatoes and ricotta, with mint and chervil. Refined is the taste oflamb of the Glockner, which grazes in high altitude alpine pastures up to 3000 meters of altitude feeding on mountain herbs, and that of the trout Kärntna Låxn which grows in fresh, clean waters and is found only in four Upper Carinthian fish farms. Festivals and farmers' markets they mark the seasons and are the perfect time to meet producers and breeders.

Carinthian tortelloni

A Slow destination to get your hands on

The Carinthian valleys Gailtal and Lesachtal they have become the first destination Slow Food Travel in the world. It can be done here a journey to discover flavors and processes putting yourself in the game in first person guided by the experience of the artisans. You can experience the experience of cooking the bread of the Lesachtal valley, recognized part of the UNESCO world heritage, of create infusions with alpine herbs, of produce cheese with the milk of the Jörgishof farm, to prepare a menu with regional products or learn how to close Carinthian tortelloni, to hear the story of the rediscovery of white corn from the Gailtal valley, to see how a beekeeping works or how it is produced Speck from the Gailtal valley in a charming castle.

Slow Food Carinthia
The typical products of Carinthia ©Kaernten Werbung Johannes Puch

It's Christmas (even at the table)!

And do not leave without tasting one of the typical Christmas sweets in Austria, from the beloved biscuits Vanillekipferl to Lebkuchen, the pan pepato, with vin brulè. Discover them all in the gallery where you also find the recipes to replicate them at home and savor the magic of Christmas in Austria every time!

Furthermore, the December 9th, from 12 to 15, on the Facebook page Holidays in Austria and on the Instagram account @visitaustria, you can follow a real time course (in English) to prepare Christmas sweets, namely Vanillekipferl, pan pepato and punsch. The ingredients will be communicated a few days in advance in order to have time to get everything you need.

For all the info: www.austria.info

all the reasons why it is good for the body – Italian Cuisine

Tasty and versatile in the kitchen, its beans are rich in valuable nutrients for health and for the line. Find out what they are and how to make the most of them at the table. And many recipes for exquisite dishes

On the shelves of supermarkets in addition to the classic white beans are now found of different types, including the black rice, Also known as Venus rice. Originally from China, it has long been cultivated in Italy, especially in the area of Po Valley, particularly in Lombardy and Piedmont. Perfumed and tasty, it is one variety of very fine brown rice rich in so many beneficial properties. Given its virtues, it can be considered a real natural supplement. It is rich, in fact, of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, useful for the proper functioning of the organism. With the help of the doctor Valentina Schirò, biologist nutritionist specializing in Food Science, we see what they are and why it should be brought to the table.

What it contains

Black rice is a casket of well-being. «After cooking and its cooling provides" resistant starch "that behaves similarly to the fibers: it helps to maintain and develop the intestinal bacterial flora, encouraging the growth of "good" bacteria. It has, then, the advantage of do not contain glutenso it can be easily consumed even by those suffering from intolerances , he explains. Furthermore, it is good-humored friend. «Thanks to its richness of B vitamins, minerals like magnesium and potassium and tryptophan, it contrasts tiredness and stress, favoring psychophysical wellbeing.

Venere rice: 20 recipes that will inspire you

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What's different than the other varieties?

«Compared to white and semi-wholemeal ones, its black beans with an elongated and rounded shape, for example, contain a higher percentage of antioxidants, including anthocyanins and essential fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Then, compared to white beans less sugar and more fibrand, which help stabilize blood glucose levels and avoid insulin spikes, which are responsible for hunger attacks, helping to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, they ensure higher amounts of iron, a precious mineral to combat weakness and anemia, "explains the expert.

How to prepare it

Versatile in the kitchen, it can be eaten both hot and cold, lending itself to many gourmet recipes. From risotto to salads, to savory pies and sweet ones. To leave the taste intact and all its beneficial properties, the ideal suggests the expert "is do not rinse it under water and cook it with steam. In this way we preserve water-soluble minerals and vitamins like those of group B, which would be dispersed in water .

Would you like to know more? Discover the other benefits of black rice in the gallery

3 good excuses to prepare mulled wine at home – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare a good mulled wine at home, bringing home the best perfumes that can be felt in this period among the market stalls

Four steps in the city center. The windows, the stalls and the bookshop where the afternoons seem to fly. And just as we go out, we can only stop and give in to call for a good glass of mulled wine.

Warm, fragrant, sweet and intense. To be held in the hands, lingering a bit, the time to breathe the perfume of wine and spices, to imagine the wave sweet and rich that will overwhelm our palate at the first sip.
And once you get home and put the packages, the question arises: why do not we ever do it at home?
We do not know. But we are ready to provide you with three good reasons to change your habit.

Not to waste wine

We opened a good bottle of Nero d'Avola, but after a couple of glasses we stuck it and put it in the fridge. Do not you think it would be a shame to throw it or use it for cooking?
Making mulled wine is the perfect idea for do not waste full-bodied red wines in winter, authorizing us to open those good bottles more lightly that we are always afraid of not finishing.

For the perfume

There are many valid methods for perfuming the house. Diffusers of perfume, incense, sprays, potpourri and much more. But if you want a house that smells of spices, sweet wine and domestic warmth… vin brulé is the first thing you need to prepare. It will transform the smells of the house into an enveloping scent that we recommend to let even in the bedroom to make sweet dreams.

To enjoy the house

Last but not least reason is the desire to stay at home that grows when temperatures drop and the wind blows hard. And if sometimes we feel a bit 'prisoners, it is because perhaps we have not given enough attention to turn it into perfect nest for our sweet hibernation. Preparing a fun drink like mulled wine, then, also means having one more chance to invite friends, have a chat and relax with friends.

How to prepare mulled wine

Here in the gallery below are the simple steps to prepare mulled wine. You will see, it will be very fun and you will want to experiment a bit with spices, different wines and … honey. Choosing it as a sweetener will increase your chances of playing with the basic recipe.

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