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Chef John’s On Vacation!

Please Note: Photo is for metaphorical purposes only.
Chef John is not vacationing in the tropics.

There are many things I enjoy about my partnership with Allrecipes – amazing tech support, access to state-of-the-art equipment (I don’t know how to use it, but still), and being able to work with talented, like-minded foodies; but above and beyond that, I love that they actually make me take vacations.

At first, they had to force me to take them, since I was convinced that if I went a week without posting a video, the Internet would implode. After realizing that wasn’t the case, my ego and I relaxed, and now we actually look forward to these mandatory breaks.

Anyway, I’ll be off all this week, and while comments will be published, I’ll not be monitoring the blog, so when it comes to questions and comments, you’ll be at the mercy of fellow foodwishers. Good luck with that. Thanks, and see you next week!

Next Up: A Tardy Green Goddess

Due to major plumbing circumstances beyond our control, today’s new video will be tomorrow’s new video. The good news is, you’ll have this classic American dressing in plenty of time to impress mom. Stay tuned!

“Red Hot” Liqueur – Nicer AND Quicker

There’s an old Valentine’s Day saying that goes, “Candy is
nicer, but liquor is quicker.” It’s really a lovely sentiment, but implies you
have to choose one or the other. Hopefully this beautiful and delicious
homemade cinnamon liqueur will prove that you can use both.

This is dead simple to make, and I was pleasantly surprised
at how delicious it came out. As I mention in the video, the candy’s spicy
cinnamon flavor and sweetness really mellows the burn of drinking straight 80-proof
booze. This makes for some very smooth sipping, but at the same time demands
at least a modicum of restraint.

I enjoyed mine neat, but imagine this would be great over
ice, maybe with a splash of soda. I’m also wondering how it would be in a mug
of hot cider, and by wondering, I mean obsessed with finding out. Stay tuned.

I’d like to extend a very special thanks to my friend, and
fellow food blogger, Sean Timberlake. Sean publishes Hedonia and Punk Domestics, and he’s the one who turned me on to this brilliant elixir. His only
request was that I use the knowledge for good, and not evil. Sorry, too late!

Anyway, giving edible gifts like chocolate is very
traditional on Valentine’s Day, so why not a drinkable gift? And if you do
decide to bottle some up, don’t forget your own customized warning label, as it
will really show how much you care. I hope you and your Valentine give this a
try soon. Enjoy!

Makes about 2 1/2 cups of “Red Hot” Liqueur 
1 cup Red Hots candy
2 cups cheap vodka

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