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A very good panettone – La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

A very good panettone - La Cucina Italiana

Panettone, the protagonist of the Christmas festivities, is embellished with an even greener dress, come and see it with your own eyes

Saturday 15 December, we are waiting for you from 11.30 to 12.30 a There School of Italian Cuisine (via San Nicolao 7, Milan – Piazzale Cadorna area), where you can delight yourself with the event: A very good panettone. The splendid Joëlle Néderlants, the soul of La Cucina Italiana, an expert pastry chef and an experimental cook, will show you how to make the cake of the Christmas tradition even better, the panettone. Who knows what decoration will propose us, of ideas it has plenty of recipes and even more, glasse, ganache, creams, caramel, chocolate, fruit and whipped cream we will see some beautiful and very good.

With the genuine simplicity that distinguishes it Joëlle will welcome you with a smile and show you simple techniques to transform desserts into masterpieces. If there is no Christmas for you without a good cake, do not miss the event A delicious panettone.

Icing for panettone: 3 good ideas – Italian Cuisine

Icing for panettone: 3 good ideas

The recipe of almond icing, Iginio Massari amaretto and crispy, with dark chocolate. With our icing for panettone this Christmas will be very sweet!

You have overcome the dilemma that divided you and your guests in the choice between panettone or pandoro and you are oriented on the choice of the first, ready to endure those who loosen it eliminating the precious candied fruit and who will lose the logic of proportions drowning in mascarpone cream. But before imagining a scenario identical to that experienced last Christmas, we try to consider an element that could give a new allure to the classic dessert: the icing for panettone.

Or a thin cover to be poured on the crust able to multiply the taste, the effect and the gluttony of the course that will close the lunch. The keyword in this case is sweetness, since one of the basic ingredients with which we will prepare it is sugar.

The almond glaze

This icing is perhaps the most classic and we have met it on different traditional desserts. To have a perfect result, it should be poured on panettone when it is still cooking, but we can be content with a more crafted effect using it to make the panettone we bought even more special.
To prepare it, mix well 30 g of egg whites with 50 g of brown sugar. When they are amalgamated, we combine 80 g of peeled and chopped almonds and 20 g of almond flour.
At this point, we spread the icing on the panettone and decorah it with whole almonds. Bake at 180 degrees for ten minutes and let it cool before serving.

Iginio Massari's icing for panettone

One of the characteristics of the panettone of the famous pastry chef focuses all on sweet-bitter contrast. What is called amaretto glaze, is produced with a mixture based on armelline, or the seeds present inside the apricot pits.
Unlike the previous one, this must necessarily form a crust on the cake and therefore needs to be put into cooking with the dough. Found the traditional recipe in our tutorial: How to prepare the panettone at home and then, the icing of Iginio Massari with which to sprinkle before baking.

For the amaretto glaze, grind 75 g of raw sweet almonds, 50 g of hazelnuts, 25 g of armellines, 300 g of sugar, 10 g of cocoa, 10 g of corn flour and 10 g of starch in a mixer. Add 50 g of egg white and work until glaze is neither too hard nor excessively liquid. Pour it on panettone prepared following our tutorial and follow the cooking times indicated.

The glaze without almonds, dark chocolate

The secret of the icing for panettone al dark chocolate is temper it in the right way. Chop 300 g and put two thirds in a saucepan and dissolve in a bain-marie. As soon as it is melted, turn it upside down on a marble surface and spread it out with a spatula until it cools. Put it back in the container before, add the remaining chocolate and do it melt in a bain-marie. Repeat the spatula operation until the chocolate is cold. Let it melt again. Now the icing is ready to be poured and spatulated on the panettone which then put on a grill to cool.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando Florida

I just returned from a fun-tastic family vacation to Disney World. It was so nice to get away with the family for a few days and escape the cold here in NY.

It was pretty last minute, I wanted to go before my older daughter had to go back to school. It was our first time staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge[1], and I can’t say enough good things about it. If you’re planning a trip to Disney with your family, I think you’ll love it. For starters, this was the view outside of my balcony…
The African theme throughout the lodge really made you feel like you were on a different continent, from the grass and bamboo hut ceilings, African wildlife roaming all around the grounds and the beat of live African drums in the lobby – I loved everything about it.

The weather was around 70°F, so I didn’t take advantage of the 11,000 square foot pool, but it was heated, so my older daughter Karina had to test it out.

The restaurants offered great flavors of Africa weather you wanted an upscale meal or something more relaxed. We really loved Boma[2], which offered a buffet of African dishes as well as American kid-friendly dishes.

In the past, when I went to Disney World, I didn’t stay in a Disney hotel, but now that I have, I wouldn’t do it any other way. There are huge advantages to staying in a Disney Hotel that you couldn’t get if you stay elsewhere.

For starters, the Extra Magic Hours, which
allow guests to enter one theme park each day for an hour or two for
which the general public is not permitted.

Disney also gives hotel guests free transportation to and from the airport with Disney’s Magical Express. They even get get your bags if you wish so you don’t have to wait for them in the airport, and everything arrives in your hotel room later so you can go straight to the park from the airport. A taxi charges about $67 each way without tip, so that’s a pretty good savings.

Transportation to the parks – no need to rent a car, Disney offers free transportation to all the parks, whether by monorail, bus or boat.

It’s all about the kids! The hotel has so many activities for children – outdoor movies, face painting, arts and crafts, campfires, a Hakuna Matata playground (that Madison loved), an arcade, safari rides, and more! We didn’t even get to do everything the hotel offered, I guess I’ll just have to go back next time or try one of the other Disney hotels.

Have you stayed in a Disney hotel? With so many to choose from, what’s your favorite?


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