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The best spirits to drink and give for Christmas 2020 – Italian Cuisine

The best spirits to drink and give for Christmas 2020

Christmas dinner cannot end without the digestive! Here are the bottles of spirits and liqueurs to drink or give as gifts this year

One of the most anticipated moments during Christmas holidays it is the very end of dinner: the arrival of the gifts, the typical Christmas sweets, the toast of good wishes … and a nice glass to sip in front of the fireplace!
It is precisely for this reason that we have selected some special bottles to round off the Christmas or New Year's evening, but also gift package original and precious that will amaze lovers of spirits. And of course, the ingredients needed to prepare cocktail unforgettable!

From the great classics to the novelties to taste: grappas, rum, brandy, whiskey, vermouth, gin or vodka? Depending on your taste you can accompany them to the tasting of panettone and pandoro or delight in creating appetizing combinations with chocolate.
Finally, let yourself be inebriated by intense aromas and skilful combinations of herbs and citrus fruits. You just have to choose, browsing our spirits gallery for your 2020 Christmas gifts.

Don't miss all of our wine and sparkling wine recommendations below!

The accessories and tools for the kitchen to give at Christmas – Italian Cuisine

Pots, glasses, cups, plates, grills and much more. The kitchen and the dining table will be even more beautiful at Christmas

What do I give for Christmas? If you are tormented by this question every year, we advise you to act in advance to avoid last minute rides, especially this year: crowding the shops on Christmas Eve will not be a viable path.
Indeed, orienting ourselves in time will allow us to buy gifts designed and perfect for everyone, perhaps through the e-shop of the companies that produce kitchen utensils and accessories, more and more ready to make products accessible to all and purchasable with a few clicks. But how to choose them? First of all we think about the kitchen of the recipient of our gift.

To enrich one kitchen in which the cooking area merges with the living room as in the case of this LiberaMente composition by Scavolini with Jaipur Red finish, you can choose perfect gifts to be experienced in the kitchen as well as in the conversation area. Go ahead and then a glasses, pottery and utensils so beautiful that they have to be shown.
If, on the other hand, the kitchen is presented as a more classic and linear space, as in the case of MIA by Carlo Cracco, also proposed with the Jaipur Red finish below, we can focus on more classic proposals.

Let's think about then new generation pots and pans, domestic carbonators or cookie shooters so beautiful that they can't be closed in a drawer.
But beyond any possible rule, we remember this year more than ever to make gifts designed and perfect for those who receive them. The kitchen is in fact an environment of the house that we all visit every day and that speaks a lot about us. Some love to fill it with perfect objects to create delicious sweets, others do not give up hi-tech tools, others still do not like to dwell on laborious preparations and love tools capable of making life easier.
The good news is that in our gallery above you will find ideas for Christmas and suggestions suitable for everyone!

The pistachio cookie jar to give as a gift for Christmas – Italian Cuisine

Here's how to prepare a delicious American pistachio cookie kit for Christmas gifts

Treating yourself and giving something good at Christmas is always a good idea, and it's even better with pistachios. The non-profit association American Pistachio Growers he asked the American blogger Laurel Evans (An American in the kitchen) to create a perfect culinary idea to become a Christmas gift. And then this very good is born cookie jar in which they alternate oat flakes, American pistachios and white chocolate to do at home of the yummy pistachio cookies dreaming of the sweetest American Christmas traditions.

The gift idea

Those who receive this cookie jar at Christmas will be able to try their hand at preparing American pistachio cookies by simply adding 110 g of butter and an egg to the ingredients contained in the jar!

For the American pistachio cookie jar

For the jar:

125 g of flour 00, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 75 g of oat flakes, 150 g of sugar, 100 g of chopped pistachio kernels, 100 g of white chocolate, cut into cubes

For the American pistachio cookies

110 g of butter at room temperature, 1 egg at room temperature

To make 9-10 cookies:

For the jar: Mixking flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and pourrand the mixture in the bottom of the jar. To add the rest of the ingredients (oatmeal, sugar, white chocolate cut into cubes and chopped pistachios) one at a time to form separate layers. Close the jar and decorate or wrap it as you like.

To complete and bake the cookies: Preheatrand the oven at 180 ° C. In a bowl he worksrand butter until soft. Unirand the egg and beatrand until it is amalgamated. Embedrand the contents of the jar and mixrit is good. If you have the time, moverand the dough in the refrigerator and leaverand cool for a couple of hours. Otherwise, proceedrand immediately with cooking.

With a kitchen spoon shaperand with the dough of the balls of about 4 cm in diameter and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper at least 8 cm away from each other. Bakerand for about 12-15 minutes, until the edges are just golden but the center of the biscuit will still be light and soft. Allow the cookies to cool for a few minutes on the plate before transferring them to a wire rack to cool.

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