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The panettone to give as a gift based on the zodiac sign – Italian Cuisine

The panettone to give as a gift based on the zodiac sign

With chocolate, pistachio, wild berries, white chocolate, and still other delicious panettone to give and treat yourself: do we choose based on the horoscope?

Who invented the panettone? The Milanese have no doubts: they invented it and for love, among other things. The love is that of Messer Ulivo degli Atellani for the baker’s daughter, Algisa. Even the Swiss, however, have their say and come up with the legend of an ingenious scullery boy, Toni precisely, hence the name "Panettone" or "Toni's bread". Whatever its origin, we haven't stopped arguing about the panettone today: with hazelnut glaze, without candied fruit, with chocolate, without raisins, stuffed and enriched up to declared offenders who even prefer pandoro. We all agree on one thing: it is held on the radiator for half an hour before eating it. To try to put some order, here is the advice of a panettone by zodiac sign, to give as a gift or treat yourself!


Your zodiac sign is symbolically linked to the red color which is also the color of Mars, the planet that rules Aries. And since red is also the color of Christmas, don't we even want to put some in the panettone? Fortunately, one of the most popular variations of the dessert is that with berries which give it a beautiful amaranth color in the mixture.


Since you don't like arguing at all, especially at Christmas, you will get two panettone (at least): one traditional and one with chocolate chips instead of candied fruit … which is what makes you go back to the memories of when you were a child and you used to remove all the candied fruit with your little fingers. But do you know that February 3 is San Biagio and in the morning it would be traditional to eat a last slice of panettone to protect us from a sore throat? I remind you since you are the zodiac sign linked to this part of the body.


It will be the curious spirit or maybe it will be the irrepressible and mischievous desire to always do the "contrary bastian" but if there is a strangeness you are sure to get greedy. In Genoa there is a variant of the traditional panettone which is called "pandolce": it is without raisins and candied fruit but with pine nuts, the increasingly rare seeds typical of Liguria. What do you say, let's try it?


In your case, sugars are never enough, especially at Christmas time when the greatest pleasure is having a snack in front of the fireplace with the sofa cover, socks and the TV that sends the same Disney cartoon you saw when you were a child. So I would say that your panettone can also hold an extra sweetness like the ai version marrons glacés with lots of chestnut cream. Then diet!


Did you know Leone that a panettone was created specifically for Pius XI around the end of the 1800s? It was shaped like a mushroom, very leavened and very high, so much so that a carriage was needed to transport it. Soft and above all regal because in your case even the Christmas cake is better than not going unnoticed. Obviously it is good that it comes strictly accompanied with bubbles that rebalance the taste of the dessert.


The simplicity that you like to surround yourself with, even at the table, sometimes borders on minimalism. “Essential and pure” also applies to panettone: but how about trying it Piedmontese variant? It is quite low, without candied fruit and raisins but has (at least) a hazelnut and sugar glaze. It seems to me a good compromise between your "virginity" and the sneakiness of the typical dessert of the Christmas holidays.

Weight scale

When you manage to let your love for the more classic tradition run out of your way, dear Libra, you will gladly abandon yourself to the intoxicating pleasure of a slightly alcoholic flavor like that of panettone with limoncello. Because we know that if you are the sign in the constant search for balance, you are also the sign most attracted to opposites: a winter dessert and a cream that tastes like summer evenings.


Teasing is your strong Scorpio, even when it comes to the palate … Because you know that eros and food go hand in hand, right? Even in astrological symbolism. This is why I believe you can appreciate a truly creative variant of panettone, called 'ndujattone. A high quality baked product that respects the tradition … of Calabrian 'nduja! Spicy, just like you.


The love for experimentation and the curiosity in mixing different flavors and distant origins is truly irresistible for you. Therefore? Even on the panettone it is possible to digress on the traditional theme: I propose a classic dough but with the addition of pistachio true Sicilian and some icing al White chocolate.


You really don't want to hear reasons, Capricorn. You are one of solid principles and a lover of traditions, even the culinary ones and you can't joke about panettone: you order it at Sant'Ambrogio (also known as December 7th) in the best pastry shop in the city and you can pick it up on the afternoon of the 24th by queuing up because this is also part of the tradition. It takes candied fruit, raisins, slow leavening and resting upside down after cooking. Indeed, you almost ask the baker for a small photo report!


If there is one who is willing to go beyond traditions, it is you, dear Aquarius. So you take off the candied fruit yes – candied fruit no and open another one, even more sour and fierce: panettone or pandoro? Indeed, since you like to be a leader against the trend, you will be the leader of the faction of lovers of Pandoro. Always pastry, mind you, and maybe even enriched with sugars (as if it were needed) with an excellent homemade mascarpone cream.


Even with the legs under the table for you the storytelling (of the products) is invaluable … Nothing should be taken for granted and the impossible combinations remind you of the hindered loves of fairy tales. That's why I thought I'd suggest a really exciting mix of flavors like the homemade panettone with caramel and black Himalayan salt: when sweet and savory know how to find a magical and indissoluble bond.

The vegetable proposal by Give Me Veg and Antonio Chiodi Latini – Italian Cuisine

We are waiting for 100 of you at Identità Golose with a lounge full of surprises

Vegetable, creative and healthy! The cuisine of Give Me Veg and Antonio Chiodi Latini, when vegan rhymes with very good

After a positive response during the Christmas holidays and given the new provisions of the DPCM, Give Me Veg expands the gastronomic offer of the two stores in Turin, the bistro in via San Quintino and the gastronomic space inside the Central Market. The take-away and delivery services are always active; all dishes are listed on the Givemeveg website where you can also create your own menu.

Give Me Veg is Antonio Chiodi Latini

The Give Me Veg philosophy is to create a 100% vegetable proposal, rich in taste, healthy and that satisfies everyone. Because vegetable doesn't mean boring cooking, with boiled or overcooked vegetables, but it means super colorful, fresh and delicious dishes.
The suppliers of raw materials follow the same philosophy of respect and protection of the territory and resources. For a final result that is really good to eat, in every sense.

The new menu of Give Me Veg
Piedmontese appetizer
Artichoke ravioli with tomato
Broccoli Soup
Pumpkin cream
Crispy cauliflower flower
Tempura vegetables
Vegetable trilogy
Vegetable poke and black rice with and without avocado
Baked cabbage
Chickpea burger with chips
Meatballs of legumes with tomato

The Weekly Menu
Crispy cauliflower flower
Pumpkin cream
Dessert choice between Chocolate and Raspberry, Apple Strudel, Fruit Salad

Apple strudel
Chocolate and Raspberry

Also available Vegetable mix box, selected by Stefano Scavino and Federico Chierico, two young farmers who collaborate with Give Me Veg and Antonio Chiodi Latini and supply them with vegetables.

To order menus and products
Give Me Veg
Via San Quintino, open from Monday to Saturday for lunch + take-away lunch and dinner
Central Market, Monday to Saturday for lunch, phone 3318514481

Antonio Chiodi Latini, the gourmet restaurant in Via Bertola 20 / B, 100% creative vegetable cuisine, offers a very interesting box, La Dispensa di ACL: the purchase of 14 dishes from the menu for € 63 (cost for each dish € 4.50); more The Tapas of Haute Cuisine Integral Vegetable, perfect for an aperitif, available from Tuesday to the Saturday, upon order by 14:00 on the same day.

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all the chocolates to give (and treat yourself) – Italian Cuisine

all the chocolates to give (and treat yourself)

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Chocolate is also among the protagonists of Christmas, this year more than ever. A little pleasure to indulge in at any time of the day, to sweeten the holidays that promise to be a little different than usual. Above all, a gift for our loved ones it will certainly be appreciated!

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Start making a note to fill in the it fits of the Befana: there is no shortage of surprises that will delight the little ones!

Browse the gallery above and find your new favorite Christmas chocolates, to be found easily at the supermarket or from buy online.

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