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The “best pizza in the known galaxy” goes to the UN – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Next June 12th, during the 16th World Conference on DisabilityNico Acampora and his guys from PizzAut they will cook and serve the «best pizza in the known galaxy to the world’s greats, after giving voice to their experience of inclusion. The event, strongly promoted by the Minister for Disability Alessandra Locatelliwho will lead the Italian delegation, will be enriched by two collateral events featuring the kids from PizzAut and other involved Italian associations, such as Tortellante.

Nico Acampora with Andrea, Beatrice, Leo, Lorenzo and Matteo representing the boys and girls of PizzAut, they will leave for New York to share their experiences of success, of real professional inclusion. They are people who, before actively entering the world of work, spent their days passively and had no horizons. Today, they are testimonies of how work is a powerful viaticum for everyone to express themselves, progress, regenerate and flourish again.

It will be an extremely intense ten minutes in which Nico Acampora will have to explain why it is important to talk about autism and how to act for a more inclusive world. «In Italy alone there are 600 thousand autistic people today, an autistic child is diagnosed at two years old, then the State takes charge at six years old, in those four years families despair, are torn apart, fall into debt, many couples of separation” states Nico Acampora “and despite these numbers there is no specific legislation from the European Parliament, each state in Europe behaves as it wants. And he usually underestimates the problem.”

Nico Acampora’s speech at the UN will focus on two pillars that have become a flag of PizzAut: inclusion in the world of work. «Italy boasts a very advanced law that requires hiring one disabled person for every 15 employees, but most companies prefer to pay the fine that the law itself allows. The result is that only 1.7% of autistic people are included in the world of work. To give an economic measure of the phenomenon, the Lombardy Region alone collects 80 million euros a year in fines for failure to hire protected categories” argues Nico Acampora. «Talking about work inclusion is central to the lives of autistic people and all disabled people. It is good for their self-esteem and for the state coffers on which they no longer have to depend and indeed they become new taxpayers. A magic!”. Data in hand: an autistic boy costs the Italian state from 50 to 200 thousand euros a year. When they are hired by a company, not only does the state save this expense but it gains a new taxpayer. «Our suggestion is therefore to use those new resources to fund support for other autistic people who cannot work, continues Acampora. Precisely because of the importance that PizzAut gives to work, Acampora will also talk about the project PizzAutobus which is at the starting line. A fleet of food trucks that will progressively cover the entire national territory, province by province. Once fully operational, the PizzAutobus project will be able to generate over 500 jobs for autistic people.

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