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how to find the meaning of one's life and achieve happiness – Italian Cuisine

The advice of Ikigai coach Barbara Garbagnati to make the most of these weeks of quarantine and find traces of one's personal mission in the folds of everyday life

"I want to find meaning in this life", sang the dear Vasco Rossi in the now distant 2004. And the national Blasco, apparently, had seen us long: according to some research conducted at an international level, in fact, who gives to their existence a very specific reason – which can range from family care to professional implementation – tends to live up to 7 years old. In the East, above all, they have a clear question, so much so that the "sense of life", that momentum that pushes us every day to get out of bed and roll up our sleeves despite the many difficulties, has been baptized with a very specific Japanese word: ikigai.

What is it?

A concept too far from our western lifestyle to be understood and pursued? Absolutely not. And to remind us, in these turbulent weeks of quarantine, it is also Barbara Garbagnati, real Ikigai coach, who in collaboration with the Wiko phone brand has decided to give us some invaluable advice to trigger a path of personal change and improvement, also remaining within the walls of the house. Starting from one's habits, and moving from the relationship that each of us has with food, technology, training, emotions. "In this difficult period, we have shifted our focus to three aspects, which represent the pillars of Ikigai: nutrition, training and attitude. The ingredients of a real long life elixir ", explains the expert. "A study conducted in the Blue Zones1, the regions of the Earth where there is a high rate of longevity and the centenarians are not an exception, it revealed that the people who live longer are those who take care of their diet, they dedicate themselves daily exercise, they are in balance with their emotions and live a very deep sense of community .

Balance, therefore, seems to be the key word to focus on our goal in an effective and healthy way. The isolation to which we are called, in this sense, can be transformed into a precious test bench: on the one hand, with the agenda suddenly reset and the house as our only horizon, we had to necessarily confront ourselves and the our emotions, clashing with fears, difficulties and also with the boredom. At the same time, however, we were able to engage in activities that perhaps we had put off too long, dusting off ladles and pans, and rediscovering the importance of taking care of yourself. A lesson that will surely leave us something even once this emergency is over, to be reviewed from time to time by following the points well underlined by Barbara Garbagnati herself. All this, without ever forgetting the beauty of small everyday things: because it is right there, between a caress and one Homemade Pizza, that we can find tangible traces of our Ikigai.

Photo: Wiko.

The sense of community

"When the isolation is over, don't stop dedicating yourself to your family and friends," reiterates the expert. "For those who have been away for so long, embracing each other will be a rediscovery, but those who have lived the quarantine in close contact with their family should not forget the importance of the bonds strengthened during this period. After all, with all the video calling apps that we have experienced, far or near, we have no more excuses for not seeing each other regularly .

Inner peace

«Having learned to be alone and to live time as an ally rather than an enemy is a precious resource. Taking care of your well-being is important and can be more contagious than any virus, but in a positive way! Even a healthy digital detox to be granted every now and then, far from any solicitation of technology, is therefore more than recommended .

A varied and balanced diet

«Maintaining a balanced diet, which correctly balances proteins, carbohydrates and sugars, helps the immune system. Then continue to take care of your diet, make it healthy and pamper yourself by cooking for yourself and your family. As we have recently rediscovered, cooking can be a cure for both body and mind: it will allow you to always feel fit and face any difficulty "taking it by the throat". Remember also that meals are an important moment of union: share them with the people you love, live and also on your social feeds .

Fitness care

«During this quarantine even the most loyal chair lovers dusted off tools and treadmills. With so much time available, we reevaluated training as a positive and regenerating activity. And even the most sporty have had to review their attitude and goals, rediscovering the fun of training for the pleasure of doing it, at home. Very important, then, to continue to do physical activity with passion even after the quarantine: from the pedometer app to the video lessons, keeping fit is really within everyone's reach and for all ages ".

Photo: Getty Images.

Coronavirus: fresh yeast is almost impossible to find – Italian Cuisine

Coronavirus: fresh yeast is almost impossible to find

The yeast is not "made": it is cultivated. It is not the product of an industrial process that can intensify with increasing demand. Here's how it was born

In time of lockdown, the Italians have rediscovered the pleasure of kneading and baking. So that purchases of flour and yeast have rocketedin recent weeks, by + 205% and + 203%, as noted by the Coop Research Office. So it can happen that on the shelves of the supermarket it can really become a business to find these ingredients.

In particular, fresh yeast is almost untraceable, despite the fact that the companies that produce it are at work non-stop, as confirmed by Piero Pasturenzi, president of the Assitol Sugar Yeast Group, the Italian Association of the oil industry representing the sector. "Our goal is to respond to consumer demand, ensuring the high quality of our products and, at the same time, the health of our workers." But the yeast does not does: Yes cultivates. It is not the product of an industrial process which can intensify as demand increases, but a microorganism that comes to life from a by-product of agricultural origin. «Companies create the most favorable conditions for them to reproduce in the presence of oxygen; basically everything is based on the fermentation of sugar, a process that has nothing artificial and which obviously has its time. " That cannot be contracted.

How yeast is grown

Welovelievito.it, the Assitol website created to dispel false myths and promote correct information on yeast, explains it well. Brewer's yeast is a living organism, belonging to the mushroom kingdom, fed and reproduced in a completely sustainable way using products of natural origin, such as sugar molasses.

If we looked at the yeast under a microscope, we could find that it is made up of single-cell microorganisms of spherical shape: a 1 gram cube contains over 10 billion yeast cells. Each of these small cells, like all living organisms, must feed, reproduce and, above all, breathe, and need air for its development. The name "brewer's yeast" refers to the production methods of the past centuries (when it was obtained from beer), but today it is cultivated starting from the sugar component of molasses, a product obtained from the processing of beet and sugar cane: the yeast, in fact, is greedy for sugar. Before coming into contact with the yeast, molasses is sterilized.

At this point the yeast cells they can begin aerobic "breathing": are exposed to the action of oxygen. In addition to oxygen, molasses and nutrients (vitamins and trace elements) are added, which are used for good cell growth. These, starting to feed on molasses and other nutrients, begin the breathing process with which the demolition of glucose takes place.

At the end of the fermentation process, the yeast is washed with cold water to eliminate any residue from the molasses-based culture medium. The compound obtained is subjected to centrifugation in order to obtain the yeast cream which is then stored at a temperature of around 4 degrees.

At this point, the processing of the yeast cream depends on the type of final product to be obtained. In the case of liquid yeast, the process ends here. To obtain fresh or dry yeast, the cream is subjected to further processing, such as filtering, in the case of fresh yeast, and also dehydration, in the case of dry yeast.

As the Welovelievito.it team explains to "La Cucina Italiana", the timing depends a lot on the companies but, in general, from when you start the process at the end it takes at least a week. So let's put some patience.

Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good) – Italian Cuisine

Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good)

Scent of the sea in Turin. For an evening of coquillages, oysters & champagne

Turin has a selection of Bistros and bars à Huitres to be the envy of Paris, Cannes or Nice. We have chosen for you 4 places where you can taste the wonderful fruits of the sea among oysters, coquillages and crustaceans. You will be spoiled for choice.

La Cabane via della Rocca 10 / C
Patron Gigi Megliola, 100% Apulian who loves the sea, has opened a small oasis that smells of iodine in that of Via della Rocca a few steps from Piazza Vittorio. A real bistro-Bar à Huitres La Cabane, serving Plateau Royal, a small express formula with tasting of 9 oysters, two glasses of still white wine or bubbles at € 25, can be a fun idea for an aperitif that turns into dinner. After the oysters (Marénnes de Olèron or Cancale Normandie) you can choose between prawns, prawns, crab, Bigorneaux snails. A plate of smoked salmon Balik or raw Loch-Fine. To you the choice.

Breakfast at Tiffany's via Pertinace 19
A small and secluded place with downtown addresses, which is actually not a restaurant but a bar. In fact, it opens for breakfast to serve customers in the morning, including coffee, cappuccino and brioche and continues towards the aperitif time, which for most turns into lunch. Once inside, you will discover a true paradise for lovers of raw fish, oysters and seafood. In addition to succulent appetizers, always based on fish (don't miss the crust of warm bread with burrata, turnip tops and crispy anchovies) and first courses. You can always find evolving menus, raw and oysters.
Reservations required if you don't want to stay dry.

The Royal Plateau, Oysters and Shellfish via Piave 8
A super selection of oysters from Brittany, Normandy, Mediterranean Sea and Ireland to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Among the selected oysters, the Tsarskaya, also known as the Tsar's oyster, is refined only in Cancale, an area that gives it a unique taste and a fleshy pulp. Or the Tia Maraa (Poitou –Charentes), its flavor is reminiscent of hazelnut with a slight sugary note: it is meaty with a marked iodine taste.
But not only oysters live man, so after a taste of these iodine delicacies you can order Percebes, Red prawns of Mazara del Vallo, Chele of Granciporro, Fasolari and Sea snails. From the kitchen tartare of rock octopus, swordfish tartare, red prawns, Paella Plateau Royal. Leave a place for dessert, because here you will find a nice overview: from Tarte Tropezienne to tarte renversée des demoiselles Tatin, to l'Ile Flottant. W La France!

Red Oyster, the first company in Italy with home delivery service, specializing in opening fresh oysters for private or corporate parties, events, catering. An innovative idea that was missing, a service tailored to the customer who is looking for an exclusive product. Have you ever thought about organizing an Oyster party at your home? If you don't want to think about anything, trust the Sommeliers of the Oysters. You can select products from the site, request a quote based on your needs.

French oysters (Simini Brasserie de la mer) corso Racconigi 30
A selection of unique products for Michael Le Coeur, who personally chooses the oysters and all the seafood you find on the menu: Belon flat oysters of different calibers, Pearl of Normandy, Oysters Marénnes de Oleròn (Fines de Claire Verte, Special de Claire Verte and Millenium), hedgehogs, sea almonds, sea snails of different sizes, King Crab, Snow Crab, Scottish scampi, to name a few. A very rich Plateau what Michael prepares for his customers every day. You can go to the bistro for dinner or order your Plateau for a take away that smells of sea and salt.
Seasonal opening from September to the end of April and beginning of May. Reservations required.

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