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creams and tofu fillings for sweet and savory recipes – Italian Cuisine

creams and tofu fillings for sweet and savory recipes

Thanks to its versatility, combined with other ingredients, it is ideal for filling ravioli, or for stuffed peppers. If combined with chocolate or fresh fruit instead, you will get mousse or tasty cheesecake

There are few foods so spilled in the kitchen like tofu. This derived from soy is essentially tasteless, so it is neutral, from volume without weighing it down, if smoothie gives life to creams and fillings of full-bodied tofu, without imposing its own taste, indeed. The tofu acquires the flavor of the ingredients with which it accompanies, therefore if combined with gods capers or to gods tomatoes it goes very well with a first course of pasta, while mixed with strawberries or chocolate turns into a delicious dessert on the spot.

Salted tofu creams

The tofu blended and reduced to a salty cream, thanks to the help of various ingredients, can be tasted simply on bread or on toast or used as a seasoning for pasta or chickpea burgers and other foods.

Try the smoothie together with dried tomatoes and capers to create a tasty mousse, but also simply with olives to accompany raw vegetables. If you want to overdo it, mix the tofu with walnuts and Taggiasca olives, a real treat.

Stuffed with tofu

Thanks to its lightness and ability to create frothy creams it is possible to use it to create the stuffed with ravioli. The only limit in this case is fantasy. Tofu becomes a sort of ricotta substitute able to bind with more or less all the vegetables that come to mind: courgettes, aubergines, asparagus, the classics spinach, but also the chicory red. Also try as a filling for cannelloni.

And with tofu it becomes child's play too stuffed vegetables. Peppers, courgettes, champignon mushrooms and so on and so forth. Just combine the emptied vegetables inside and the smoothie tofu, add a little salt and a drizzle of oil and bake.

Sweet tofu creams

If blended with Taggiasche olives, tofu becomes an excellent starter, if mixed with strawberries or peaches turns into an excellent cold dessert with a spoon. Just remember to add a little sugar and maybe starch to thicken the mixture. For the sweet tooth it is possible replace fruit with chocolate, in this case, however, remember to dilute everything with a little milk.

And given that often, a little erroneously given that the taste does not remember it at all, it is called vegan cheese, one cannot but think of using it for a nice cheesecake. On the basis of dry biscuits, pour the cream obtained by mixing together the tofu, soy yogurt, cream, maple syrup and a touch of cornstarch to thicken. In these recipes it is then often usedagar to gel. What's this? An ingredient derived from red algae perfect for the preparation of sugar-free jellies.

the right fillings for meat and fish – Italian Cuisine

the right fillings for meat and fish

Meat, salami and fish are the extra touch to enrich each dish

The farce they are used to make dishes such as roasts, chickens, rabbits, fish or vegetables tastier. They are composed of meat, vegetables or fish, to which are always added eggs, salami, cream, cheeses such as ricotta and breadcrumbs. When preparing a stuffing you have to be careful to dose the ingredients well to avoid getting too thick a compound, or, on the contrary, too liquid. In the first case the dish would be too stringy, in the second case it would risk losing all the filling during cooking. Minced meat and cured meats are the ingredients indicated for splare feathers on as many meats. For fish, it is better to use a filling made of other fish or shellfish, mixed with eggs and breadcrumbs.

Simple faces for meats

They are suitable for enriching roasts, chickens, capons, rabbits, spinaches. They are prepared by adding to the minced meat the lard, the eggs, the cream and vegetables such as herbs, spinach and asparagus. The ingredients should be chopped and passed in the mixer and then combined with egg and grated bread. For a more decisive flavor better to choose pork grind meat, it will give more flavor to the dish. If you have to stuff a rabbit better use pieces of meat of the same animal, together with smoked pancetta, cream, thyme, rosemary and marjoram.

Fish faces

Fish pulp, cream, spices and egg whites are the best ingredients to prepare these farce. For a stronger flavor, you can add vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes and peppers. Work the fish pulp and other ingredients in the mixer and then slowly add the cream, salt, pepper and, if desired, the breadcrumbs. Finally gently incorporate the egg whites.

Farce for vegetables

Even the vegetables lend themselves well to be filled: you can use the classic filling made with cheese, bread and enrich it with the same vegetables but also with meat and fish.

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