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Recipes to make in bulk and freeze

Bulk cooking is such a great way to save money. Making big batches of your family’s favourite meals and storing them a Tupperware box for another day’s dinner will save you time and energy, especially on the busy after school evenings.

From lasagne to casseroles, there are plenty of hearty, family meals that can you cook up and store for another day when you haven’t got the time to cook.

Having a stash of healthy homemade dinners will also mean you never have to reach for the ready meals – and you also know exactly what’s in the meals you and your family are eating.

Once your meals have been made in bulk, it’s just a case of storing them properly in the freezer and allowing them to defrost before eating – it’s that simple!

There are plenty of ingredients that are great for buying in bulk and freezing too. Have a look through our how to freeze food: goodtoknow’s money-saving guide to get freezer savvy this month.

Click through our recipes that you can make in bulk and freeze and start stocking up your freezer…

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    Top 20 recipes for January

    What will you be eating this month? We’ve rounded up the 20 most popular recipes on goodtoknow for January.

    If you’ve been naughty over the Christmas holidays and want to get back into a healthy routine or try and lose a few pounds, some of our delicious healthy recipes will do the trick. Why not try fish for dinner instead with our citrus salmon recipe? Or a creamy leek and potato soup for lunch?

    You don’t have to be the only one being good this month as our recipes are suitable for the whole family, like our fast tuna pasta bake and our spicy stuffed peppers.

    Leeks and rhubarbs are just some of the vegetables in season this month and we have some easy, and of course very tasty, ways to incorporate them in your family meals.

    Everyone deserves a sweet treat every now and then so we’ve thrown in some classic cake recipes too – but don’t tell anyone!

    If you spot a recipe that you’d love to make, save it with your very own online recipe book. It’s easy to start – all you need to do is sign in through Facebook, get saving and all your favourite recipes will be ready and waiting for you in one place.

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