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Why does Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday twice? – Italian Cuisine

Why does Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday twice?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday on April 21 and the second Saturday of June … why?

April 21st is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, which calendar this year wants to add to the celebration of Holy Easter. Born 93 years ago, however, the sovereign does not celebrate her special day like all of us, it would be too simple. As His Majesty, however, it is British tradition that the birthday party be repeated twice, did you know? The most curious thing is precisely the reason for this double party, which will make you smile …

Double birthday

The eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Consort Elizabeth, was born in London on 21 April 1926, more precisely at 02.40am at 17 Bruton Street in the elegant Mayfair district. Like all ordinary mortals, Elizabeth II he celebrates his birthdays on the day of his birth – we cannot stop ourselves from imagining her elegantly dressed in royal clothes blowing candles on a huge cake prepared by the pastry chefs of the royal house! Already from its twenty-eighth birthday everything changes: in fact, starting from the day of its coronation, June 2, 1953, the double celebration takes place. In fact, His Majesty celebrates both on his actual day of April 21st and the second Saturday of June.

The funny tradition is not due to an aristocratic whim, but has its own because in an essential element of the United Kingdom: the climate! The change dates back to the 18th century, when King George II decided to move the day of his birthday celebrations from November to June to find in the English climate once more forgiving and favorable to the military parade with which he intends to celebrate the event. From 1748 it is tradition that the second Saturday of June honors the birthday of the reigning ruler with the colored one Trooping Colors. Then, in the 66 years of unchallenged reign, Queen Elizabeth II has always celebrated her birthday twice: traditionally April 21 in private with the family, while in June with celebrations in great pomp before the English subjects and numerous tourists.

The queen's cakes

Despite the Sovereign's diet is decidedly balanced, healthy and light, her rigor falters in front of the cakes, especially if of chocolate. The former royal cook Darren McGrady in fact, she revealed Elisabetta II's passion for the food of the gods in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, which she tastes moderately almost every day. The Royal Chef has always made sure that his favorite chocolate cake, or the Chocolate Biscuit Cake, which even wants to find at hand even when traveling.

Over the years, this passion has been repeatedly documented giving a more human and less distant appearance to the stainless queen. For his 90 years, the winner of Great Britain Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, has prepared a real work of art by cake design on three floors between gold and palettes of lilac really attractive. A birthday so important to be honored with another spectacular cake, a huge rectangle that replicates the colors of the British flag with berries, donated on the occasion of Prince William's diplomatic visit and his wife Kate in New Delhi. Also in 1989 the birthday cake it is on three floors, this time in white with colorful decorations, then donated by the Royal Welch Fusiliers military corps to Powis Castle in Wales. But not just birthdays: often official commitments involve cutting the cake and its pleasure in sinking the knife is undeniable!

Browse the gallery to see Queen Elizabeth II struggling with beautiful cakes!

Queen Elizabeth II's favorite chocolates are at risk – Italian Cuisine

Queen Elizabeth II's favorite chocolates are at risk

Brexit is creating unease among UK citizens and embarrassment in government buildings. But if the subjects are not calm, the Queen Elizabeth certainly does not make joy jump: the chocolates so loved by the English Crown risk the stop

Like his subjects, also the Queen Elizabeth II could have to make a big waiver because of the infamous Brexit: his Chocolates favorite. The political turn of the UK with the exit fromEuropean Union brings with it consequences that are still not exactly clear and the panic begins to be tangible from the precautionary decisions of British producers and not.

The alarm went straight to the chocolate factory Charbonnel et Walker, who took precautions. As the British press reports, the company is stocking up on the ingredients needed to guarantee it Queen Elizabeth II and to the royal family to enjoy their chocolates without interruption even after the advent of Brexit. The link with the English Crown is fundamental to the company's successto chocolate factory, which only last year recorded an increase in turnover thanks to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The package dedicated to them in a limited edition of chocolate truffles filled with champagne and decorated with edible gold it went like hot cakes!

Founded in 1875, the Charbonnel et Walker is one of the first chocolate factories in the United Kingdom. To encourage society among Mrs. Walker is Madame Charbonnel he was a member of the royal family, Edward VII. The first store was opened at 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair, now housed in the magical Royal Arcade of Old Bond Street, while production continues in the town of Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, about thirty miles from London. Honored by the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment, which ascertains the activity for the English Crown, this symbol gives much prestige and cannot be lost or scratched by political change.

Great success for Charbonnel et Walker not only at Buckingham Palace: chocolates have delighted aristocrats as well as British socialites to Hollywood movie stars. Loyal customers are the Princess Diana, Princess Margaret is Wallis Simpson, but also Virginia Woolf, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, just to name a few. The English actor Noël Coward he had a selection of cakes delivered to his home every fifteen days in the famous boîte blanche, which since 1909 has been a symbol of quality and luxury. A sweet habit not to be missed for political reasons!

Although March 13 there House of Commons has voted an amendment that asks the government to exclude in all circumstances the Brexit No Deal, this danger remains technically automatic on 29 March, if there was no agreement or extension approved by the EU, as reported by La Repubblica. In a nutshell, if the UK is treated as a non-EU country for customs purposes, it means that all customs formalities will apply, from the application of customs duties to endless declarations and countless documents. Not only that: some goods can also be applied prohibitions or restrictions making it necessary to release import or export licenses.

Last minute news is the block to the third vote on the agreement by the speaker of the Municipalities John Bercow, which leaves Brexit in a big and messy chaos.

The menu of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – Italian Cuisine

The menu of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Going to discover the eating habits and favorite dishes of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, here is the real menu that we would offer them from appetizers to desserts!

Imagine inviting the Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton is Meghan Markle for a lunch or dinner. It would be a table to say the least interesting: each of the royal guests with stories certainly pleasing and, why not, intriguing to tell. Starting from His Majesty and his 67 years of reign sprinkled with important events up to the anecdotes on the set of Suits (the TV series in which Harry's wife acted) or the secret adventures in college with William … in short, they would have something to do with stimulating chatter! Or we could have fun dreaming of be the chef of Buckingham Palace and having to manage the historical kitchens of the royal family; after all, Carnival is not far! In both cases, what should we not miss on the table to satisfy the royal palate?

Traditional cuisine for Elizabeth II

First of all, two very important rules not to be underestimated that reminds us Kiersten Hickman: the first is to follow the Queen leaving her the right to sit down at the table, the second to start and finish the meal with her (and hurry up: otherwise you risk not finish what you have in the pot). This royal etiquette it gives us one more reason to serve Elizabeth's favorite foods, which have been revealed to the subjects of Darren McGrady in his best seller Eating Royally. The former court chef calls Her Majesty not exactly a kitchen enthusiast, rather a person who simply "eats to live", very disciplined and with an eye to the line, which she maintains thanks to the rule no-starch, ie no starches, avoiding, then pasta, rice and potatoes (a source of disappointment with Meghan Markle, it seems). If McGrady reveals the pleasure for the gin-based cocktails or the passion for the dark chocolate, is John Higgins to affirm to the "National Post" that during his work at Buckingham Palace the royal fridges always had a good supply of mango, fruit loved by the Queen. From the "Telegraph", on the other hand, Owen Hodgson declares that His Majesty loves thewell cooked roast with mushrooms and side dish marmite, The spreadable cream based on brewer's yeast extract that can never be lacking in an English kitchen. One last trick is thegarlic, which is particularly unwelcome and therefore absolutely prohibited in any recipe!

(Instagram photo @theroyalfamily).

Italian-style Sgarro for Kate Middleton

To make happy Kate Middleton it takes very little: his favorite dish is the Pizza! During an official visit to a school in Islington, London, last January, we saw her smile satisfied with her hands literally in paste. He declared to cook pizza herself with the help of her children Charlotte is George, also their fans of the Italian dish. On that occasion, a funny anecdote about the Queen: a child asked the Duchess of Cambridge if the mother-in-law likes the pizza unwittingly in difficulty: "It's a good question I can not answer … The next time I see her I'll ask her". Moreover, as we said before, His Majesty does not allow carbohydrates at the table and actually the choice leads to excellent results given his iron health. Remove from the list, normally Kate Middleton prefers aprotein nutrition, healthy, without fats and sugars; to prepare for his wedding with William he had followed the Dukan Diet. Fruit pies or mixed fruit salad they are his favorite desserts, not to be missed at the table!

(Photo Yui Mok / PA Images via Getty Images).

All American for Meghan Markle

As for the sister in law, also the Duchess of Sussex follows a strict diet with few sugars and zero fats. The woman from the thinner ankles of Hollywood has every intention of maintaining her slender physical form that we have admired since the wedding in white Givenchy designed by her friend Claire Waight Keller. The transition from set to court commitments has been quite natural: it is always impeccable next to her husband Harry, to whom he has changed eating habits. Even for the red prince, just coffee, alcohol and meat. In fact, the 36 year old eats food plant-based during the week and leave the weekend for some concession like the roast chicken. But there is a dish that Meghan Markle has difficulty giving up: le fries! In fact, he declared: "I can not wait to have lunch with friends so I can order French fries and share them with everyone". Another dish that reminds you of childhood is mac and cheese, who likes to prepare herself with the addition of peas.

(Instagram photo @theroyalfamily)

Browse the gallery to discover the fantastic menu for Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle!

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