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Beer is not only drunk in summer, but also with cold! – Italian Cuisine

Beer is not only drunk in summer, but also with cold!

With this selection of bottles, we will convince you. Because they combine with game and cheeses, soups and apple pies

If you say beer think of a fresh and refreshing drink enjoyed on hot summer days, maybe during a barbecue in the garden, on the beach under the umbrella or in the evening with friends … Wrong. Beer also accompanies us d'winterWhen we go to a pub with friends on Saturday night, when we look for an alternative drink to accompany a dinner, when we want to use it to cook a chicken. Thanks above all to the experiments of craft breweries there is a beer for every palate, every occasion, every season. And those winter are made to match the best with the products of the season like soups, lasagna and even apple pie.

We'll tell you some of the ones you can find from Eataly.

Pumpkin, with pumpkin

The Baladin brewery he produced the Pumpkin, a beer dedicated to the town where the establishment was founded, Piozzo, and where the Pumpkin Fair takes place. An all-Italian interpretation of the American pumpkin-ale that, every sip, remember grandmother's pumpkin pie.

For game

Always of Baladin, then here is the beer Leon, with a dark color and hints of chocolate, dried fruit, licorice and toffee. Or again Elixir, sparkling and full-bodied, dry and lightly vinous with hints of fruit and caramel, which goes well with wild game or cheeses.

For cured meats

In CastagAle instead, the Birra del Borgo brewery, combines the chestnut dried with chestnut malt for several days, so as to find at the opening of the bottle hints of chestnut honey and smoky notes. A beer like this is perfect to accompany salami and soups.

For desserts

Do you want one that warms you from the cold? Try the Tripel Fire 0,33l of the Birra dell'Eremo Brewery, with a strong alcohol content, but easy to drink with hints of bread crust and caramel notes of malt.

For soups

What about a sensory journey in the Habsburg capital through beer? Theresianer Vienna has a coppery color and fruity notes that embrace with dried fruit and are seduced by caramel. It goes well with soups and soups, baked lasagna and apple pie.

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