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The appetizer that would drive Marilyn Monroe crazy – Italian Cuisine

The appetizer that would drive Marilyn Monroe crazy

We devote our lemon and carrot ricotta terrine to one of the most loved actresses of all time and to her passionate love for raw carrots. Here it is then in the starter version, to eat thinking of her

"My dinners are incredibly simple. In the evening I stop at the market near my hotel and take a steak, lamb or liver ribs, which I cook in the electric oven in my room. I usually eat four or five raw carrots with meat, and that's all. There must be a part of rabbit in me, I never get bored of raw carrots.

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The unforgettable diva was told to respond to the curiosity about his diet. Two raw eggs in the morning with a glass of milk, meat and carrots in the evening. A custom that caused a sensation and intrigued many, so that the image of Marilyn Monroe crunching a carrot became popular and iconic.
And just to the love of the actress for this ingredient, we dedicate one of our most beautiful recipes from the February issue.

Lemon ricotta and carrots terrine

Ingredients for 6 people

500 g carrots, 450 g ricotta, 50 g fresh cream, 10 g food jelly in sheets, lemon, shelled cashews, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, salt, pepper.


For the recipe of ricotta terrine with lemon and carrots, peeled carrots; cut them into long strips with the help of a potato peeler. Blanch the ribbons in salted water for a couple of minutes, drain them and let them cool. Mix the ricotta with a teaspoon of grated lemon peel, a teaspoon of oil, salt and pepper. Soak the jelly sheets in water, squeeze and melt them in the hot cream. Let it cool down to a temperature of about 35 ° C, then add the cream to the ricotta and mix well.
Coat a rectangular mold (23 × 10 cm, h 4 cm) with food film. Line the mold with carrot strips, so that they are half the length (arrange them parallel to the short side, slightly overlapping them). Spread over a layer of ricotta cheese about 1 cm thick and cover it with 3-4 layers of carrot strips. Repeat the operations until the ingredients are used up; at the end, roll the edges of overflowing carrots and gently crush them on the ricotta so that they adhere well. Put to rest in the fridge for 4 hours. Toast 2 tablespoons of cashews in a veiled pan with a little oil. Turn out the terrine and complete it with the cashews, a ground pepper, thyme and, to taste, with glazed carrots.

Here carrots are great protagonists of a complicated dish only apparently. The only difficulty is in fact represented by the "assembly" of the terrine that will require the right arrangement of the carrot ribbons that will present vivid and bright thanks to the fast cooking. Even the consistency will be preserved and for this we imagine that Marilyn Monroe would have loved it very much.
Carrots are a girl's best friend.

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