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The Gin Way, the subscription to discover the best Italian gins at home – Italian Cuisine

The best niche Italian gins arrive at home, together with everything you need to prepare the perfect home aperitif. Here is the project of three friends from Brescia dedicated to high quality spirits

There are many passions that the Italians have rediscovered during the quarantine weeks. There are those who remembered the satisfaction of homemade bread, those who dedicated themselves to perfecting new recipes in a gourmet key, those who practically obtained a sort of doctorate in sourdough and similar. And who, instead, preferred to devote himself to the world of cocktails, learning to appreciate, for example, all the quality that can be found in a gin niche.

It is precisely thinking of these new fans of high quality spirits, therefore, that a team of three friends from Brescia, made up of Alessio Maccione, Cesare Zavattaro and Sabrina Sinigaglia, thought of giving life to the project The Gin Way. Subtitle: the new way to drink gin. Yes, new, because it starts from that idea of ​​"all-inclusive kit delivered to your home for a sort of home do-it-yourself" that was so fashionable in the lockdown phase. Those who decide to subscribe to The Gin Way can in fact receive at home – throughout Italy, on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis – a box, containing a tricolor premium gin. But also tonics, garnish, snacks and various decorations to prepare a perfect one appetizer.

"The concept of Home Bar", Said Alessio Maccione, one of the three founders," which leads to making one's own small collection of bottles and then bringing out a particular one, or an unknown one, with friends at dinner at one's home, is a trend that is taking more and more power. In Europe and also in Italy. We are convinced it can be a nice game changer: both for customers looking for news and for producers, for whom it can be difficult to get noticed, know and above all taste .

In Italy, in fact, there are over 500 gin labels, most of which are not particularly well-known outside their production area. An example? Ginpiero, London Dry developed by Gianpiero Giuliano and produced in the Enrico Toro distillery of Tocco da Casauria, in the province of Pescara. A sincere gin, with an interesting spiciness, protagonist – together with a very special sanitizing gel with the scent of juniper berries – of one of the latest editions of the box signed by The Gin Way.

Spaghetti with yogurt, a first course to discover – Italian Cuisine

Here's how to use yogurt also in the preparation of a pasta based: the advice of chef Fabrizio Albini and the special recipe of spaghetti with cod, chili pepper and yogurt

When we think of yogurt we can think of breakfasts and snacks, from the most delicious with honey, chocolate chips and cereals to the healthiest with the addition of red and related fruits. Or, alternatively, various and any sweets, which can range from soft plum cake up to all the possible range of semifreddo. Hardly, however, the word yogurt could make us think of a first course, especially if based on pasta. Here, however, that to put an end to this prejudice comes a curious signed recipe Fabrizio Albini, chef of the white on Lake Oggiono, in the province of Lecco: Matt wheat spaghetti with cod, chili pepper and yogurt.

Creamy or powdered yogurt?

"In this dish I needed an ingredient that could balance the flavor and fatness of the cod with a good dose of acidity: yogurt, in this sense, is perfect", explains the chef. At this point, however, there are two possible alternatives: use low-fat yogurt like this, as from a jar, while being careful to calibrate the proportions well with the rest of the ingredients in order not to exceed the creaminess (and don't turn our pasta into a kind of strange breakfast dish); or opt for the yogurt powder, available mostly online or from specialized dealers, which allows you to insist more on acidity without affecting the consistencies of the dish.

The other combinations of yogurt

«In our mind, yogurt is automatically pigeonholed in the" breakfast "or" snack "category, but the truth is that it is a full-blown dairy product, just like cheeses or different types of cream. This is why it is much more versatile than you might think ", explains Albini, who in his winter menu usually offers a yogurt-based entree, dried sardines is cauliflower. «The mix of flavor, crunchiness and creaminess, in this case, is really interesting. Here then it can be really worth overcoming the fears dictated by custom and start experimenting with all the possibilities of a good yogurt in the kitchen. Maybe starting right from the tasty first recipe that we find below.

Matt wheat spaghetti, cod, chili pepper and yogurt
by chef Fabrizio Albini

Recipe for 4 people

For the cod
100 g of wet cod (better fatty parts)
50 g cod skin
40 g shallot
1 coffee spoon of delicate fresh red pepper
150 g extra virgin olive oil from Garda

Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a small saucepan with the chopped shallot and the chilli pepper, trying to keep the temperature at around 80 ° C. Prepare the cod and skin cut into small pieces in a steel bowl and slowly add wire as for a mayonnaise, the oil at 80 ° C continuing to mix until cool.

For spaghetti
320 g spaghetti Matt Monograno Felicetti
20 g of honey
30 g extra virgin olive oil from Garda

Cook the spaghetti, drain and mix them cold with honey and extra virgin olive oil.

20 chive stalks
10 g of low-fat yogurt powder or 50 g of low-fat yogurt
Green lemon peel

With the help of tongs and a ladle, place the spaghetti in the center of the dishes, cover as much as possible with the cod cream, sprinkle with the yogurt powder or add a few drops of yogurt. Complete with finely chopped chives and a grated green lemon peel. To be combined with a fragrant and structured white, such as Lugana Doc Demesse Vecchie from the Olivini family.

Sale & Pepe: discover the February issue – Italian Cuisine


No pancakes …

But donuts. Indeed donut, because there are those who the Carnival he celebrates it like this: with a dessert that is an all-round hoax

181625Have you ever seen a Carnival without pancakes? Impossible, like a Christmas without panettone. Yet it can be done, just put your hands in dough instead of batter, dusting off the recipe of an ancient Tuscan dessert: the Berlingozzo, of which the reporters of the fifteenth century speak of saying that it was consumed on Fat Thursday, called day Shrove, name in turn also of one carnival mask.

Sweet is a simple donut with common ingredients (eggs, flour, sugar), but it has that touch of Tuscan (Vin Santo and extra virgin olive oil) that locates it. So much to provoke parochialism: so from Florence to Prato or in other neighboring areas, to get up to Pitigliano, in Umbria, where a summer festival has been dedicated to the donut for 40 years, the recipe changes a little, what makes everyone say that one's own is the best. And those of Lamporecchio, in the province of Pistoia know it well, because they claim theirs as the mother recipe.

The donut has ancient origins, some 16th century poets cite it and written testimonies place it on the table of Cosimo I de 'Medici, who tasted it as an appetizer. Always the reporters of the time tell how the common people hung the donut around their necks during Carnival, just to joke or better to berate.

The origin of berlingozzo is closely linked to the name of Shrove Thursday or berlingaccio which, in turn, may derive from berlenghum, a word from the late Latin that indicated the table as a canteen, from which by analogy "berlingare", that is to chat after having drunk and eaten, "berlinger", that is, a talkative greedy, and "berlingaccio", the mask that represents him: a big red person, or rather, red-faced. From court appetizer to popular dessert, who knows how and why … What is certain is that during Carnival, with the necessary disguises, the people made fun of the powerful, in addition, the Tuscans are pranksters and slightly opposed: therefore no pancakes but donuts.

Berlingozzo is now a partially forgotten dessert, it resists to a lesser extent in some local pastry shops, yet its simplicity makes it greedy: once cooked, still lukewarm, it is in fact sprinkled with one syrup based on Orange juice is sugar and then completed with granulated sugar or sugared almonds, but nothing prevents you from personalizing it with a good melt of melted chocolate.

On the other hand, it is Carnival and "berlingare" is good for the soul, indeed I could coin the term "berlingozzare", saying that it is even more good. Lorenzo de Medici also knew that in the Carnival Songs dedicates a song to the bakers where it says:
"Women, we are young bakers, very good masters of our art: We made berlingozzi, and sugary."

editorial by Laura Maragliano,
on Sale & Pepe of February 2020

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