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Christmas and New Year with author delivery – Italian Cuisine




Christmas and New Year with author delivery

The holiday lunch arrives directly at home: it seems like a dream, the bell rings and here is the dinner already prepared, without destroying the kitchen – and destroying us. And what if he, the chef, arrives with the ready-made dishes?


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The holiday period is one of the most stressful of the year, albeit in a benevolent sense: the search for gifts, relatives to invite and welcome, the tree and the table to be set to think about, the menu … oh mom, there's also the menu! We are not all superheroes in the kitchen and in these turbulent days we would like to relax, perhaps with a few less thoughts… and this is where restaurants and chefs come to our rescue. In the form of luxury delivery or even in person!
The very good – and very organized – Daniel Canzian, in Milan, offers two Tasting menus of the Holidays at home, a dozen or more delights signed by the good chef designed for dinner on the 24th (or lunch on the 25th) and for the evening of December 31st. They are available for collection at the restaurant (DanielCanzian, via San Marco corner via Castelfidardo in Milan, Tel. +02 63793837), or they can be delivered to your home by the restaurant staff, ready to heat. Daniel will not abandon you: the chef's instructions for completing the dishes will arrive directly via audio on WhatsApp from whoever makes the delivery. There is no shortage of wine pairing suggestions, which can be ordered at the same time. Reservations for Christmas must be received by December 22nd, those for New Year's Eve dinner by December 29th. Menus can be purchased on Emporio DanielCanzian, where you will find all the info.

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Michelin-starred gastronomy for another great chef, Claudio Sadler, which offers a series of dishes to create your perfect festive dinner, with the mix of tradition, international products and innovation that sets it apart. Just go to the site sadler.it and select the choices to "design" a holiday menu as we want it and they will deliver it to your home (even on Cosaporto.it).

194093 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2021/12/sadler-lui.jpg "width =" 210 Claudio Sadler

Lean and no-frills creativity even at Christmas: the chef Matias Perdomo of ROC Rosticceria Origine Contraste signs a menu consisting of four courses chosen by him. On the site of Cosaporto.it you can buy the magical box of the Holidays, single-portion, which offers delicious delikatessen. A virtual rotisserie that will arrive directly at your home. All dishes need a few minutes' regeneration in the oven, the practical packaging (in biodegradable trays) will allow you to have dinner ready without dirtying even a pan.

Also Filippo La Mantia uses the useful platform of Cosaporto.it to propose two complete menus for the occasion, one for Christmas Eve, à la carte, where you can choose the dishes with which to delight your guests, and one for the Christmas lunch, consisting of 5 courses, to taste a selection of dishes of the Sicilian tradition. Flawless Tommaso Arrigoni of the Innocenti Evasioni restaurant successfully re-proposes its Christmas Box 2021, which can be ordered – with collection only on 24/12 and 31/12 – by writing to ristorante@innocentievasioni.com
The more ethnic-centric will love an off-traditional menu like the Japanese-Brazilian one of the talented chef Roberto Okabe of his Finger's Garden and Finger's Roma as delivery and take away. On fingersrestaurants.com/delivery

A chef who cooks for you in your home is no longer a mirage. Emporio Armani Restaurant And Nobu offer an impeccable catering service: the chef will prepare your favorite dishes from the kitchen of Emporio Armani Ristorante and Nobu Milano for your family and guests, also taking care of the mise en place. If you want, you will also find proposals for an aperitif by Armani Restaurants. For those who prefer to organize themselves, delivery and take away are also available, with the august presence of the fantastic Christmas Cake. Reservations on reservations.restaurants@giorgioarmani.it, by phone at 02.62312680 or on WhatsApp 347.294.4434

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For those who are not looking for an entire menu but want to integrate their own with two / three delicious dishes, or will spend a party as a couple and do not want to overdo it, the chef Andrea Cutillo di Particolare Milano offers a wide choice of gourmet Christmas dishes for two, to be completed at home. Delivery throughout Italy (3 working days, Milan and hinterland in 48 hours). For info: WhatsApp 0247755016.

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Bubbles and panettone, if they were not included in your delivery, cannot be missing. At this point, whatever your choice was, you just have to prepare the house by arranging here and there backsplashes of oranges and apples which, with some cinnamon biscuit strategically positioned together with small bowls of dried fruit, they will perfume the party air. And on New Year's Eve don't forget a few sprigs of mistletoe. Your chef's table will be a hit.

December 2021
Francesca Tagliabue

Posted on 18/12/2021


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The increasingly veg delivery food – Italian Cuisine

Lentil burger

The peak month is January, what is now called "healthy" in jargon Veganuary. This trend that is spreading, thanks to the particular year we have left behind, is to offer more and more the veg food, both in restaurants and through the delivery.

Healthy, nutritious, locally sourced and highly seasonal products, this is the perfect post Christmas food and for whom prefers a diet without any type of animal protein. But not only. This is the perfect delivery for when you are too tired to cook and not to fall back into too high-calorie foods. Thanks to stress, laziness and gluttony, it is a moment that temptation leads us to a nice pizza. But we need rigor and awareness.

Uber Eats, for example, one of the largest delivery platform, was able to see the trend of this new trend by updating the ranking of the most ordered take-away dishes from restaurants. The demand and purchase of legumes, perfect for creating veg burgers, soups, salads and hummus. Immediately afterwards, dishes of ethnic origin or fusion nutrition are preferred such as Indian or Mexican proposals, but always strictly veg like the Indian lentil soup, the Dorayaki and the vegetarian taco. Without forgetting cereals, ginger, the omnipresent avocado (perfect for customizing each recipe) to red fruits and seeds. The list of requests is completed by lighter animal proteins, such as fish and turkey.

This veg challenge of the month was born in 2014 and until last year one million people in the world and tens of thousands in Italy, including many celebrities. The beauty of this challenge is that it is carried out all together with a common goal: bring people closer to a more conscious diet, demonstrating how simple (as well as tasty) it is to reduce your consumption of products of animal origin.

The principles behind the Veganuary

All the reasons behind this month have an ethical value as animals continue to be exploited and abused in intensive farming. Environmental, given that a diet mainly based on meat consumption is particularly evasive. In 2006 in fact the FAO it blamed the sector for 18% of world greenhouse gas emissions, even surpassing transport. In terms of health instead the WHO repeatedly stated the link between excessive consumption of red meats and cardiovascular and oncological pathologies. Last but not least, it is also an economic factor, since it is well known that the purchase of products derived from animals (from meat to cheese) has higher costs than cereals, vegetables and legumes.

Do you feel like vegan?

Uber Eats research was dictated precisely by the numbers obtained in deliveries, in which people opted for vegan restaurants or veg proposals within the menus. But there are countries where this cuisine is more successful than in others. The area in which more vegan orders are made is primarily theEngland, followed by the Poland and from France. In Italy, home to some of the most popular recipes in the world, a strong increase in orders for these dishes: in fact from 2018 to 2020 a 300% increase in deliveries. There are people for whom vegan cuisine is a real passion, in fact, last September 25 a Milanese user – documents Uber eats – placed an order from the restaurant V3RAW – Balanced & Energy of 43 items including dishes and drinks.

Uber eats but not only …

Many food delivery platforms have now adapted to these new lifestyles. Another of these is precisely Just Eat, stating that in the last six months of the 2020 the vegan and vegetarian demand has grown exponentially, with an increase in orders only for lunch equal to 153%. In fact, since the home has also become our office, the demand for something healthier could only increase. A sedentary lifestyle makes bad jokes, at least you have to indulge in healthy food.

Obviously, the big cities where the wide offer allows to satisfy the tastes of anyone. Veg & Bio, are two trends that for years have been galloping at record figures in Italian food consumption, also find their place in this sector, resulting in the two types of cuisine that are growing most in two cities in particular: Turin as regards vegan and vegetarian, Milan instead for that Bio & Healtly.

Pizza and bubbles at home: Delivery Valley takes care of it – Italian Cuisine

Pizza and bubbles at home: Delivery Valley takes care of it

Delivery Valley and Santa Margherita combine pan pizza and bubbles, creating new limited edition combinations, to be ordered comfortably at home

Pizza and bubbles they travel up to our tables with Delivery Valley, the first dark kitchen in Italy in via Col Di Lana 8 in Milan, born from an idea of ​​the chefs Alida Gotta is Maurizio Rosazza Prin.

Forget the classic combination with beer and get ready to be conquered by an explosion of flavors that combines two all-Italian excellences: to enhance the taste of pizza and selected seasonal ingredients Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Santa Margherita.

Pizza and bubbles with Mother F **** r yeast

Thanks to the collaboration with the historic winery Santa Margherita, will be available in a limited edition of the special combos of pizza in a pan and Prosecco Superiore, which can be ordered from Mother F **** r yeast on the main delivery apps: The (Holy) Margherita with tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes, confit red tomatoes, dried tomato powder, basil oil; there Speak Easy with mozzarella base, Asiago Dop, Speck Dopg in strips, champignon mushroom cream, spinach leaf and pretzel powder crumbled with dill and finally Kiss Me Alice with mozzarella base, leek bagnacauda, ​​baked pumpkin and Jerusalem artichoke, radicchio and peppers filangè. There is also a special combo with 2 pizzas and a bottle of Prosecco Superiore in a 0.75 l bottle.

Delivery Valley: the first dark kitchen in Italy

But what is one dark kitchen? It is a real professional restaurant kitchen, but without the room, therefore dedicated exclusively to the delivery service. The start-up created by the former Masterchefs Alida Gotta and Maurizio Rosazza Prin received more than 20,000 orders in less than six months and today includes five types of virtual restaurants and specialties to taste: the pizza in a pan of Mother F **** r yeast, the burgers of Giga Burger, the chicken of Turn Turn Roast, the pork ribs of Giga Ribs and the mixed fried Fritt Fighter.

Giga Ribs also offers a special collaboration, Giga Ribs by Tenuta Sassoregale, which includes 1 kg of ribs cooked at low temperature for 10 hours, with homemade barbecue sauce, roasted potatoes and a 750 ml bottle of Sangiovese Maremma Toscana DOC by Tenuta Sassoregale. With Giragirarrosto you can order the Special Edition by Consorzio Olio DOP Chianti Classico which offers a tasting of a typical Tuscan recipe: Beans all’uccelletto with DOP Chianti Classico Oil.

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