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In Brescia it opened Diametrodiciotto #DaAssaggia – Italian Cuisine

We went to try the new culinary proposal that will satisfy the palates of friends from Brescia and the curious of taste, and we recommend it

Where are we going to eat today?

If you are looking for one new tasty break in the city here it is. In Brescia, at the intersection of Via Corsica, a casual but refined restaurant appears, Diametrodiciotto and already the name promises well. A fresh, intuitive and extremely visual concept. Diametrodiciotto is in fact the dimension of the gastronomic proposal, a 18 cm leavened dough disk with a light, almost airy consistency, created exclusively by Armando Guerini, award-winning Master baker, e proposed in a topped and stuffed version with seasonal vegetables and raw materials selected from the best Italian producers.

Difficult to choose between garnished or stuffed, 7 flavors each, elaborated in an intelligent and creative way by Davide Scalmana, through a careful search for sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials and made with love and care by chef Patience Boadi. Don't worry, we'll help you choose.

The problem is garnished or stuffed

The garnished is female, elegant, sensual and bubbly. Free from any cover he lets himself be admired, he knows he is attractive and he doesn't want to hide it. The woman who is in the garnish also stands out in the cut, 4 precise slices, all with accessories in their place and no detail left to chance. The right proportion of balance and taste with every bite, because the whole slice, from the beginning to the end, must convey the same pleasure. And for those who like to share and taste the most possible way to trade slices.

The stuffed is male, it is a lot, it is good and also filling. The virile version of the diameter, an inviting disc that contains a balanced filling, with flavors ranging from rustic to sophisticated. The man here expresses himself peremptorily with a clean cut that divides the sandwich in half, a few delay and great convictions, mine is certainly bigger.

But we do not discriminate, whatever diameter you choose will be a pleasant discovery. And the surprises do not end there, the menu also consists of sweet diameters, renewed each season, and off-the-shelf dishes, to ensure a happy experience for all tastes. In fact, on paper there are proposals for meat, fish, vegetables and even vegan dishes, without lactose and gluten free.

The measure of taste

Sometimes the dimensions matter and have an important role in the perfect success of the taste, 18 centimeters in diameter that satisfy the palate and sight. Because the eye also wants its part and here the attention to detail has the hand of a woman, the architect Barbara Albanese, who gave the room a welcoming atmosphere, with special corners to discover, interiors with a Nordic flavor and warm and relaxing color choices, which will transform your break into a comfortable experience to be repeated soon.

The gastronomic offer is accompanied by soft drinks, craft beers and local wines and to complete the package of quality and taste a quick and free service, thanks to the disk pager that signals to the table when the order is ready, optimizing times and avoiding intrusions of service personnel. Diametrodiciotto is environmentally friendly: all service materials are plastic free and compostable.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday, Sunday is closed. The Diameter can be enjoyed on the spot, via Cefalonia 5, at the intersection with via Corsica or with the take away formula, or you can receive your diameter comfortably at home thanks to the food delivery applications.

Nesquik All Natural #DaAssaggia! – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Nesquik All Natural #DaAssaggia! - The Italian kitchen

Start the day well, not just with one healthy breakfast, but with a breakfast that is good for the planet. He arrived in Italy Nesquik All Natural, the new nesquik more natural in the recipe and packaging materials, for combat pollution of the planet.

New ingredients

This new formula has only 5 ingredients, 100% natural: sustainable cocoa from West Africa, UTZ certified, sugar cane raw, soy leticine emulsifier, natural flavors and cinnamon. Nesquik All Natural provides one higher percentage of cocoa is less sugar compared to the classic product, also using raw cane sugar instead of white sugar.

New packaging

Nestlé stated that between 2020 and 2025 will eliminate all plastics used in their packages, starting from those cannot be recycled up to those more complex to treat. Meanwhile, the new Nesquik All Natural pack is completely recyclable: it is made of coated paper, which guarantees optimal conditions for the product, from packaging to storage, and is obtained from sustainable sources, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Respect for the environment and beyond

Attention to the environment is not just about the pack and the ingredients. born There Nesquik Forest All Natural, project that will see planted 900 trees in Africa and 200 in Sicily, thanks to the collaboration with Treedom, a web platform that allows you to plant a tree at a distance and that supports the farmers involved.

Not only: the Nestlé Cocoa Plan aims to improve the living conditions of the workers in the main producing countries in several ways: cocoa farmers will be able to participate in activities of training and the entire local communities will be supported thanks to reconstruction of 40 schools. Finally, the objectives are also to make the supply chain completely transparent through certifications and preserve the local ecosystem, abolishing deforestation practices.

A balanced breakfast: our recommendations

First of all, breakfast should not be skipped or underestimate, consuming it too quickly and without criteria. Whether it's sweet or savory, it's important balanced, providing ingredients such as fresh milk or low-fat yogurt, cereals low in sugar and fat, and fruit. The ideal breakfast must be able to provide 20-25% of the daily calorie requirement.

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