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Foods that raise blood pressure: here are the unsuspected ones – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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Sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking, alcohol, but also a shopping cart with too many foods that raise blood pressure and therefore very careless about the health of our body. These are the main causes of high pressureor the increase in blood pressure, a problem which according to the National Congress of the Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension involves approximately 17 million people throughout Italy. Here are the foods that raise blood pressure, the consumption of which should not be exaggerated for the good of our heart and our arteries.

Label and sodium

Certainly among the foods that raise blood pressure there are those that contain excessive quantities of sodium. In products such as cured meats, sausages, raw ham and hamburgers, this element is used both as preservative and to prevent contamination. A similar argument applies to the frozen chicken and for those industrially derived foods, such as nuggets breaded, which can contain approximately 600 mg of sodium per 100 grams. Before buying them at the refrigerated counter, therefore, it is important to read the label carefully, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Watch out for the soup

According to research from a few years ago byAmerican Heart Associationeven the unsuspected ones soups based on vegetables can contribute to worryingly raising blood pressure levels. But in this case a clarification is necessary: ​​the reference from the AHA, a US non-profit organization that works to reduce deaths caused by heart problems and strokes, founded in 1915 and based in Dallas, is aimed in particular at soups already ready sold in the supermarket, often rich in sodium. You need to be decidedly more relaxed about those prepared at home. The advice, also in this case, is to check the nutritional values ​​of the package or jar before purchasing.

Soy is better

To be consumed in moderation for the sake of our balance, furthermore, there are also the coffeealthough a very recent Italian study claims that coffee does not raise blood pressure, sugar, chocolate, honey and licorice: all foods that raise blood pressure if ingested in large quantities. To improve circulation, remembering to constantly keep blood pressure levels under control, the American Heart Association finally recommends replacing some carbohydrates refined with foods rich in soy or milk proteins.

Speck Alto Adige PGI: 5 things to know to celebrate – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Why Speck Alto Adige PGI was born Speck Alto Adige PGI was created to preserve fresh meat for a long time, and to stock up in areas such as mountain areas where supplies were never easy in the past. There are documents that date it back to 1200 and which also say that it was initially made with the meat of pigs slaughtered at Christmas.

How Speck Alto Adige PGI is produced

If each speck is different it is because each family has its own recipe, very secret, which however respects the specifications and tradition. In particular, each family has its own blend of spices, so it may happen that you taste a speck with an aftertaste of cumin, another of coriander, yet another – following the more traditional mix – of salt, pepper, rosemary, bay leaves and juniper. All amazing.

Who protects Speck Alto Adige PGI

Since 1992, Speck Alto Adige PGI has been protected by a consortium administered by the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce which also deals with its promotion. Furthermore, since 1996, Speck Alto Adige PGI has had the “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) seal issued by the European Union to confirm its quality. Today there are just 28 certified producers, regularly subjected to checks to ensure that the speck complies with all quality requirements.

How Speck Alto Adige PGI is produced

To make Speck Alto Adige PGI, only the leanest pork legs are used, which are then sprinkled with salt (the quantity of which must never exceed 5%) and spices. After three weeks we then move on to smoking in low-resinous wood and fresh mountain air. Finally, the maturation: 5 months, i.e. 22 weeks, during which the Speck rests in ventilated places to lose a third of its initial weight and take on its classic solid consistency. If all the steps have been respected, at this point the speck receives the quality seal

Suedtirol, Speckproduktion, Meran, Branntzeichen, brennen, einbrennen,Frieder Blickle for EOS

Nutritional properties of Speck Alto Adige PGI

Rich in proteins (they make up 30%), Speck Alto Adige PGI is a source of vitamins B1, B2 and B which support the nervous system by promoting the absorption of nutrients, and minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

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