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go over cones and cups in Rome – Italian Cuisine

go over cones and cups in Rome

From the stick to the filled bubble waffle, 4 ice cream parlors that have reworked the ice cream theme and propose a tasty snack to refresh the summer of the capital

Not just cones and cups. The ice cream offers endless combinations and the guys from Selina Ice Cream know it very well, newcomers to the Capitoline market, who brought to Rome the experiences seen in other cities in Europe and the United States, from ice cream-filled bubble waffles to ice creams cookies, giving life to their American-style ice cream parlor. But we have seen alternative proposals for ice cream in the city for years, thanks to the success that the various gluttonous sticks have had, as well as the stainless Sampietrini and Caterinette di Fassi.

Selina Ice Cream

It is the apotheosis of greedy ice cream, with tastes prepared by a master ice-cream maker, Pierpaolo Santi, applied to the imagination of a group of friends who has traveled extensively and who brought back ideas from the world over. This is how ice cream cookies are born, with the most famous and recognizable cookies filled with the various flavors of ice cream found in the carapinas. But above all the various types of stuffed waffles, starting with the luscious bubble waffle with ice cream, cream, candy and so on and so forth. And again the cialdone, in which the same logic is applied, the waffle pop (which however does not include ice cream), the yoghurts, the cheesecakes and of course the classic ice cream cone is not missing. But once you pass through the door of this beautiful ice cream shop, how do you resist the call of the "ciccionata"?

Jealous Ice Cream

It opened last year and added a new piece to the concept of ice cream sticks. Nothing particularly new, but what makes the difference is the signature of the master gelato maker Manuele Presenti. The result is an ice cream on a stick without the use of industrial semi-finished products or thickeners, thanks to a skilful game of textures and temperatures, without forgetting an important selection of raw materials. There are two sizes, the mignon which perhaps allows a small tasting and the magnum one which is definitely a single portion. Over fifteen tastes, which may undergo further variations by adding a flow of chocolate and some tasty grains.


In 2013 Steccolecco was born with the claim «Ice cream that wasn't there. Perhaps it was already there, but certainly not in a craft version and not in Rome at that historical moment. The idea is brilliant, particularly suitable both for those who want to enjoy a gourmet break, and for those who may want to bring a tasty present to a dinner (not surprisingly, in the summer the sticks are much appreciated in delivery mode). More recent is the introduction of bon bon, which in practice replicates "bomboniere", but in an even more appealing version, because it can also have pralines.

Fassi ice cream shop – Palazzo del Freddo

Here we are on the great classic, the Palazzo del Freddo of the Fassi family, which despite having sold shares to the passionate Koreans remains a family affair. Its the patents of the mythological Sampietrini, of chocolate-covered ice cream squares that definitely resemble the Roman pavement, but only in aesthetics, not in taste, which is definitely exquisite. You should also try the other ice cream single portions (also available in a cake version, perfect to take to a dinner) such as the Caterinette and Gianduiotto. Delicious sandwiches and swivels are also available, in which the thinly-cut sponge cake emulates the sandwich bread and fills with ice cream.

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