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Recipe from the cookbook: Food for Soul / Pollock – Italian Cuisine

Food cannot be wasted and must be shared with those who need it: this is the thought of the Food for Soul association and its Refectors, a project that has been expanding since 2015.

Dishes created by the group of chefs of Massimo Bottura to show that food is a very powerful tool to give substance to social change, starting from the awareness that the necessary premise is to know and appreciate its value, and learn to preserve it.

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A preview for you of the Pollock recipe by chef Karime Lopez, Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura


100 g chard
100 g yellow datterini tomatoes
100 g – 1 layer of red pepper without seeds 50 g ricotta
extra virgin olive oil
garlic – bay leaf – basil – salt


250 g milk
25g corn starch 25g butter
2g mace (alternatively, nutmeg) – salt


90 g cooked potato puree 10 g cooked rice puree
1 whole egg


Fry 5 g of very small diced garlic and 2 basil leaves in 2 tablespoons of oil, add the cherry tomatoes and cook for 20 minutes. Finally blend, sift and salt a little.

Bake the pepper in the oven at 180 ┬░ C for 40 minutes, then peel it and season it quickly in a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil, 5 g of garlic and 1 bay leaf. Remove the bay leaf and whisk until a homogeneous sauce, then salt lightly.

Blanch the chard for 2 minutes in salted water and then cool it in water and ice. Blend half of it with the cooking water, until it becomes a homogeneous sauce.


Beat the remaining chard with a knife, then mix it with the ricotta, 1 tablespoon of oil and a pinch of salt.


Season the milk with the mace and heat it until it simmers; separately mix the cornstarch with the butter. Pour the milk, continuing to stir with a whisk until the sauce is homogeneous, then salt it slightly.


Mix the ingredients and let the mixture rest in the cling film for 30 minutes. Then spread it to about 1 mm thick; cut it, with a ring of the desired size, into 8 discs and cook them one at a time in salted water for 2 minutes.


Spread 1 teaspoon of b├ęchamel on the bottom of 4 soup plates to keep the pasta from sticking. Place 1 disk in each plate, add the filling and cover with another disk. Cover the potato disks with the warm sauces, letting them fall randomly, in the manner of Jackson Pollock.

Heading Home After a Wonderful IFBC Experience

I’ll be driving back to San Francisco with my partner in crime, Andrew Scrivani, after a very successful and fun-filled IFBC in Seattle. Our session went very well and a good time was had by all, or at least that’s what they’re telling us. 

This video was posted by cookbook author and photographer, Carol Marty, on the blog Every Bite – Karen & Carol, and shows a brief snippet of our “show.” You can read her post here, and/or follow her on Twitter. Thanks for sharing, Carol!

I’ll be back in town late Monday evening, and hope to have a brand new video posted sometime on Tuesday. Stay tuned, and as always, enjoy!

The Skinnytaste Cookbook: 3 FREE Bonus Recipes with Preorder

I just got a sneak peak of the printed version of The Skinnytaste Cookbook[1] and I’m beyond thrilled for it’s release on September 30th, and am so grateful for all of your enthusiasm and support so far!

As an added bonus (and a thank you to all of you who have already ordered the book!), if you pre-order The Skinnytaste Cookbook by September 30th, I will send you 3 FREE bonus recipes that I created exclusively for you! These recipes do not (and will not!) live on gordon-ramsay-recipe.com or in the cookbook.

Whole Wheat Banana Crumb Muffins – these scrumptious muffins are a favorite in my house, whenever I whip up a batch they quickly dissappear!

Easy Grilled Chicken Parmesan – perfect while it’s still hot outside, I tell my daughter it’s chicken pizza and she loves it! Takes less than 20 minutes to make and no heating the kitchen!

Zesty Crab and Mango Salad – fresh and light, and so easy to prepare!

All you have to do is pre-order the book from your retailer of choice (see links here[2]) and send your proof of purchase to skinnytaste@penguinrandomhouse.com to receive a link to download these three recipes! This offer, of course, also applies to everyone who has already preordered their copy of the book as long as you send a receipt.


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  2. ^ see links here (www.gordon-ramsay-recipe.com)

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