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Rocket, bitter salad with many virtues that conquers everyone – Italian Cuisine

Rocket, bitter salad with many virtues that conquers everyone

Until the 1980s it was one vegetable humble and unpretentious. Then it became "Trendy" and soon it became so ubiquitous as to transform the "Arugula" in an emblem of Italian cuisine known throughout the world. "Resized" excesses of some years ago, when there was no dish in which it was not inserted, today the rocket salad still remains one of the most popular "salads", so much so that every year the Italian spend over 3 million euros to buy it. And the first rocket could soon arrive protected from the EU: it is the one cultivated in the plain of the Sele who requested the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). From this area of ​​Salerno comes the 73% of all the rocket produced in Italy: 400 thousand tons per year, purchased from over 18 million of consumers and 40% destined for theexports. To confirm that the "arugula" also likes out of theItaly.

The bitter that conquers
But why is rocket so successful? For many reasons. The first is the flavor: its bitter note gives a decisive touch to the "usual" mixed salads, manages to "degrease" meat dishes (as shown by a great classic such as bresaola with rocket and grain), contrasts in a very pleasant way the sweetness of the fresh cheeses (an example: the piadina with stracchino or squacquerone and rocket), and it ennobles even the simplest of Capri or pizzas. Beyond taste, there are many others good reasons to choose the rocket. Like the environmental ones: compared to others crops, requires less water and fewer treatments in the field. And also on the front nutritional offers many benefits.

Many virtues (often unknown)
If the science today it has not yet confirmed those effects aphrodisiacs that they attributed the ancients, however it brought to light other properties of the rocket. Consuming this salad with a slightly taste spicy many benefits are obtained: being rich in minerals, of vitamins and di fibers, has a diuretic, mineralizing, anti-aging and detoxifying effect. Between vitamins stand out TO, precious for the health of the eyes, and the C, which boosts the immune system and is antioxidant. This last effect is enhanced by the presence of chlorophyll, which fights free radicals, in addition to favoring the production of Red blood cells. Instead among the minerals stands the potassium : how many know that a pound of rocket contains more than the same amount of banana (470 and 350 mg respectively)? The rocket can even contain twice as much footballof milk, but the high presence of phytates reduces its absorption, making it less available for l'body . In any case it can be considered an aid to reach the daily doserecommended of this important mineral. Like all vegetables with taste bitter, also the rocket is beneficial for the liver : favors the release of a greater quantity of bile and facilitates the elimination of salts that could determine obstructions or liver fatigue. The effect detoxalso extends to the intestine: being rich in a prebiotic fiber, theinulin, counteracts the proliferation of bad bacteria that favor, even the increase of weight. All with very few calories : only 28 per ounce.

A wild ingredient (even in a sweet version)
Visas i benefitsof the rocket, it is worth consuming more often . Which is not at all difficult (or unpleasant) since it is an ingredient jolly which can be added to many recipes, from salads to pasta or spelled, with sandwiches. It is very pleasant combined with vegetables and sweet tubers, like carrots, peas and potatoes. Freshly cooked it is perfect on carpaccio and salads, strips of meator fish, and is enhanced by a lemon and pepper vinaigrette White , or with a sauce of yogurt and garlic. The rocket can also be used as a basis for an unusual pesto and for detox smoothies. Try the centrifuged obtained with 2 handfuls of rocket, 2 failures of shoots of wheat and two oranges. To increase its effects benefits on the line and on the intestine the rocket is consumed along with foods rich in probiotics like fermented milks: so the number of bacteria increases "Good" and its effectiveness is strengthened. A fresh and original idea? There fruit saladof watermelon and rocket to be seasoned with lemon, mint and a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

Manuela Soressi
March 2019

The first of Christmas that conquers all of Italy: tortellini – Italian Cuisine

Christmas tortellini

From Emilia Romagna to the rest of Italy, tortellini conquer everyone. Attention, however, must be done exclusively in broth!

tortellini, What a delight! There stuffed egg pasta it is typical ofEmilia Romagna, but over time it has become a recipe capable of stimulating everyone's gluttony. To buy or prepare at home, here is some secret on the tortellino.

Tortellini are one of the best known faces of Bologna, where it is easy to find them also in a sweet version … with chocolate! In reality, the homeland of the tortellino is located in the territory between Bologna and Modena. According to a legend that draws inspiration from the poem THEin bucket kidnapped by Alessandro Tassoni, written in 1614, after a long day of fighting because of the war that opposed Bologna and Modena, Bacchus, Mars and Venus stopped to sleep in an inn called Corona, in Castelfranco Emilia. In the morning the host discovered the goddess Venus still asleep and, fascinated by the disturbing forms, took refuge in the kitchen where she created a stuffed pasta whose shape recalled a navel. The navel, in fact, is the protagonist of another version of the legend that, always in Castelfranco Emilia, wants the birth of the tortellino. In this case the innkeeper was inspired by the beauty of a guest noblewoman, spied on in secret.

Christmas tortellini

What do you need to do tortellini at home?

00 flour, eggs and a pinch of salt for the pasta: remember that according to tradition thedough should be worked by hand with a rolling pin. For the filling it is possible to use pork loin, mortadella is Ham along with the leftovers of sausages you find in the fridge. Add egg, parmesan and … a pinch of nutmeg! Once spread the dough places a small amount of filling on a square of about 4 centimeters. Fold the square in two so as to obtain a triangle, then intertwine the two tips by rolling the dough on the finger and finally close. Remember that expert housewives are able to create tiny tortellini, here is the real skill.

Attention, the tortellino with tomato sauce … does not exist!

For the Christmas lunch prepare your tortellini according to the traditional recipe: cooked in meat broth, or in the delicious dry variant, seasoned with cream and Parmesan cheese. Those who do not like meat broth can opt for a veg variant with vegetable broth. The first references of tortellini in gastronomic history are from 1300, but it seems that since 1100 it was customary to consume hot capon broth, rich and substantial, for the night of the winter solstice, December 21, along with scraps of pasta and small pieces of meat.

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