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Twelve certainties (culinary) during the Biennale of Cinema – Italian Cuisine

Twelve certainties (culinary) during the Biennale of Cinema

Venice is not a place of light accounts, especially during events. But there are places where you can spend relatively little or at least make a great experience. here they are

Venice does not need the International Film Festival to get animated, indeed. Certainly these are the days when the Lagoon comes alive to the improbable star and starlet. Prices soaring for those unfamiliar with the right places, perhaps more secluded and known to the locals where you'll never spend much, of course, but the right one for the experience. Those who do not have budget problems can remove the whim of a Michelin-starred restaurant, peacefully surpassing the 100-150 euros per person. They are seven, all with one star: the spectacular Gold of Hotel Cipriani to the Giudecca; the historical one Osteria da Fiore (six years was the only star of Venice, which makes us understand the renewal); The Ridotto (more creative cuisine, with only nine tables); Met of the Hotel Metropol that does not lose strokes; Glam – within the elegant Palazzo Venart – which is part of the network of Enrico Bartolini; the refined Venissa which is immersed in the wine resort of the island of Mazzorbo; the Quadri Restaurant Alajmo – in Piazza San Marco – flanked by the Quadrino bistro and the Gran Caffé. A triptych of excellence that has been revisited so great from Philippe Starck in 2018, with a very expensive operation.

Hunting for bacari

Apart from our choice, we like to remember a Venetian institution, the bacari, where you take a break (be it short or long), doing "do ciacole" (two chats) and drinking a shadow (glass of wine, but it is impossible to limit yourself to one) to accompany the cicheti, taster or at most saucers. We are very close to Iberian tapas, obviously in a local key: sardines in saor, grilled cuttlefish, cod, fried vegetables, spiena and coradea (spleen and coratella), prawn skewers … In some bacaro, for lunch, there is a more complete gastronomic offer while almost all the wines come from Triveneto. Write down the right signs: Al Bacareto (San Marco), Al Ponte (Cannaregio), Al Portego (Castello), Al Prosecco (Santa Croce), All'Arco (San Polo), Cantinone (Dorsoduro), Cavatappi (San Marco), Codroma (Dorsoduro) . In Castello there is also the famous wine-bar La Mascareta: 100 labels by the glass to «wet salami and quality cheeses as delicious typical dishes. They are ideal places for a gourmet break, wanting something more.


Matteo Tagliapietra, Venetian doc, he also made his bones at the London Nobu and Noma. Back home, he created a place, the Local, linked to the territory both for the environment, the floor is made with 5 thousand murrine made by master glassmakers, both for the kitchen, which uses only large (local) products of earth and sea. At lunchtime it offers a dish of the day most Venetian or the her selection of cicheti.


The existence of a Dorona vineyard – the grape of the Doges – is enough to justify the uniqueness of this jewel on the island of Mazzorbo, offering a complete experience thanks to five rooms. The kitchen of the star is of a high standard, entrusted to Chiara Pavan – cook of the year 2018 for the Espresso – and Francesco Brutto. Avant-garde, especially of fish, but for the less courageous there is also a Contemporary Tavern with feet in the Lagoon.

Vecio Fritolin

In the Venice of the 700s, the "fritolini" were the places where you could buy fresh fish just fried, wrapped in a "scartosso" (cartoccio). This historic local in Santa Croce, which has undergone a beautiful redesign in 2016, inherits the best tradition. Among the many specialties of the Lagoon, the "scartosso di pesse" is very popular. But the bigoli in salsa, the selection of "cicheti" and even the crudités of the day are not far behind.

Cip’s Club

The Belmond Hotel Cipriani, in Giudecca, has no weaknesses, indeed. For gourmets there is the starry Oro by Davide Bisetto, with refined dishes and incredible colors. But if we talk about pure charm, it's impossible to resist Cip's Club in a cool September evening: breathtaking view from the terrace, informal atmosphere. Between classic and signature dishes, on the terrace you can drink (well) at any time. The kitchen offers classy Venetian dishes.


In Venice the last Michelin-starred restaurant was Enrico Bartolini's restaurant located inside Palazzo Venart: classy ambience, impeccable service and many Venetian-style dishes, revisited by executive chef Donato Ascani, thirty year old talent of Fiuggi. It is one of the best creative kitchens in the Laguna, "Bartolini" in concepts, but interpreted with an even more Mediterranean touch.

We could call it a refined bacaro: from the showcase one senses that it is all tiny in this tavern in Calle del Mondo Novo, except for the kitchen that is above average. The ten tables are in great demand – always book – while the retro touch is given by the headboards of wrought-iron beds on the walls. Venetian fish dishes, well revisited and enriched by oriental influences, as is inherent in the history of the Serenissima.


It's a bistro. But, perhaps, even before that, a winery (the young patron Andrea Lorenzon, son of the legendary Mauro, in fact calls it enoiteca). In the sense that we drink high quality wine, almost all with a natural imprint. One hundred Italian and French labels, including many bubbles, which are told in the best way and combined with dishes. The menu is short, eight dishes, not tied to tradition but very original.

I love

In the Alajamo empire, one of the great families of Italian restaurants, the bistro-patisserie bar inside the Fondaco dei Tedeschi is the most chic of all: the design is signed by monsieur Philippe Starck, with obvious references to the Serenissima. Open from 10am to 10pm to enjoy only good stuff, sweet and savory, signed by the chef Massimiliano. Try the original and delicious spritz, designed by Raffaele Alajmo.

Bistrot del Mare by Cera

Lionello Cera is one of the masters of fish cuisine in Italy, not surprisingly has two stars in the motherhouse of Campagna Lupia, half an hour from Venice. This year it opened a pop-up restaurant on the Tropicana terrace of the Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort: seafood dishes and some land courses, reinterpreting the great classics of Venetian cuisine. Wax also takes care of the selection of "cicheti" for the cocktails of the famous Blue Bar.

The Ridotto

If you are looking for a very quiet place with excellent cuisine, this is perfect. Nine tables, to taste a cuisine with doc raw materials, respect for tradition, but also new ideas, especially on fish. And attention to detail, worthy of a starry one as it is. Intense dishes such as scallops with smoked black tea, sea bass with cabbage and garlic sauce, caciucco soup with mixed pasta and the scent of green lemon.

Black cat

Burano, spread over four islands, is worth a visit for its beauty. And this trattoria – with solid family management – is the best culinary expression. Dishes that most Venetians cannot have for a transversal and affectionate clientele: it happens to eat alongside De Niro or Starck, who for years has taken up residence a few meters away. It is a culinary dip in the 70s, well interpreted in the kitchen and proposed at the time by the mythical patron Ruggero.

Fiola at Dopolavoro

The JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is a jewel on the private Island of Roses. "It reflects the spirit of the Lagoon: water, slowness and silence," explains Matteo Thun, who took care of the recovery project. From April, to supervise the elegant restaurant there is the expert Fabio Trabocchi, one of the most famous Italian chefs in America, who focuses on a very Adriatic cuisine, with obvious international touches.

Meryl Streep makes 70! What does the most requested diva of cinema eat? – Italian Cuisine

The woman, the actress, the cook. On June 22nd Meryl Streep turns 70. But its particular beauty and the irresistible charm that characterizes it win over time

Meryl Streep she is a perfectionist, an acrobat between talent and awards on the shelf. In her career, one of the most prolific and acclaimed in the world, she has devised a myriad of roles, hundreds of emotional states, always with critics applauding her and the directors competing to work with her. Yet for Mary Louise Streep, born seventy years ago at Summit, a small town in New Jersey, the things that really matter are others: love, sex and, of course, food.

The diva at the stove

She is the one who revealed it in an interview a few years ago on "The Talks", where she confessed for the first time a certain clumsiness in the kitchen. «Sometimes I started preparing dishes only to say: Oh god! And then throw them in the sink . When her children were young, there was someone who cooked for her: luxury to which she had to give up and which led her to prove herself once more: "When my children were young it was difficult to pay attention to the tasks at the end of the day and even prepare dinner ".
Lately, however, the pleasure of cooking has also infected her: she admits to preparing a lot of pasta, "because it's easy". «I cook because my children love certain types of things and then they want more and more of them. My daughter is now fixated with pasta with cauliflower, fresh parsley, tarragon and salted ricotta . The dishes are certainly not very simple for the actress who won three Oscars, which is in great demand from all over the world and on the most prestigious sets there are.

Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in
Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in "Bridges of Madison County", 1975 (photo by Warner Brothers / Getty Images).

The woman and the actress

However, it is not easy to deal with the woman and the professional. If she can manage everything, it is above all thanks to her husband Don Gummer ("I was lucky to have found it") and to a certain organizational ability that allows her to plan everything well in advance, careful that nothing goes wrong. Acting, after all, is his lifeblood and if he were deprived of it he would die. "It is a glorious profession and I am so grateful for all that it has allowed me to express", Meryl confesses again, which does not hide the fragility of any woman. From a pinch of healthy envy for Jessica Lange when she got the part in Sweet Dreams in the long embrace with Sophia Loren after the unfounded voice that said that the Italian diva had it for her to have blown her starring role in The Madison County bridges. At work, however, there can be no fear. "You can be afraid in a press conference, be nervous or sweaty, but you can't have it while you do this job because that's how it works." And we love it for that too.

Lose weight after the holidays? Let yourself be inspired by the cinema – Italian Cuisine

Frame from

What a struggle and suffering to lose weight! Here's how some films loved by the general public tell us about it

The parties end, the decorations are dismantled and the pounds remain to be disposed of. The ball of many for the month of January seems to be only one: lose weight, get back into shape after the Christmas and New Year binges, where every whim is forgiven. Beyond the classic tips to lose weight, from a good hydration to the expensive old gym membership that last month was there, on the bedside table to get dust, perhaps to heartened by the daily efforts can come to the rescue some of the most iconic characters of the cinema, who, too, have faced the delicate phase of the diet, but with a degree of desperation much deeper than we could ever have.

Frame from
Frame from "Bridget Jones's Baby", trailer on Youtube.

Not even at the cinema is easy to lose weight

There are those who have put it all, but just did not make it. At least not without help. Let's talk about the Professor Sherman Klump that, in order to lose weight and conquer the heart of Miss Purty interpreted by Jada Pinkett Smith, she thought before giving us inside with the aerobics (yes, in the Nineties it was called that) and the jogging, and then with a chemical formula in able to reduce body mass with a simple administration. The film was The crazy professor, a small cult with Eddie Murphy, but, perhaps, it is a bit too imaginative to be considered an option.

Better body fatigue, perennial nervousness and healthy exercise. A bit like Bridget Jones which, thanks to the break with the handsome Daniel Cleaver, chooses exhausting sessions of exercise bikes up to burst – not metaphorically – of fatigue. Who said that the pains of love are not good for the line? Another small example, but here we speak, rather than a need, a whim, is the tender Olive of Little Miss Sunshine, which will have only seven years, but also the dream of becoming, one day, Miss America. To do this, think well to give up some pleasure, like an ice cream for breakfast. The father is from his own, but the rest of the family just can not see her with a pout and dry mouth and that's why Olive will end up with the yield and immediately hold the spoon: on the other hand the diet at seven years, even if dreams of become an angel of Victoria's Secret, remains an abomination of which it is impossible to be proud.

Natalie Portman (photo by James Devaney / GC Images).
Natalie Portman (photo by James Devaney / GC Images).

More terrible, until it reaches madness, it is the Nina Sayers which earned the Oscar to Natalie Portman in 2010 for The black Swan. There, so there was the desire to remain lean, not so much for an ideal, but for the need to be perfect, the ethereal nymph weighing like a feather and that the audience applauds with noise since the last row. In the film there is a scene that explains well the obsession of Nina and the intolerance (yet this mica so stable) of the mother: to celebrate his engagement as Cigno Bianco / Cigno Nero of the show Swan Lake set up by Vincent Cassel, Mrs. Sayers thinks well to celebrate the news with a beautiful cream and strawberries cake. Temptation to which Nina strives not to give in, reproving her mother for a too large slice poured on the plate. The scene borders on madness, the lady does to throw the whole cake in the trash can and only then Nina gives a taste of that cake that is her favorite. And did you think you had some diet problems?

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