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The raspberries of the Cimini Mountains. And two recipes – Italian Cuisine

The raspberries of the Cimini Mountains. And two recipes

One to eat and one to drink: two recipes with raspberries that are "raised" in upper Lazio

It is said that the Rubus Idaeus, bramble of Mount Ida on the windy island of Crete, was appreciated by Venus both for the fruit of the raspberry and for the drink obtained from the leaves.

The ancient Romans, great consumers of raspberries, imported them to the continent and today in an area of ​​northern Lazio, that of Monti Cimini, excellent quality fruits are bred (just like animals): healthy, tasty, rich in antioxidants, fibers, iron, magnesium, potassium , zinc.

"The raspberry prefers arid / sub-acid fresh, draining and organic soils which, combined with the altitude (800m), create a perfect mix", he explains Massimiliano Biaggioli, entrepreneur who started his adventure in his home garden and today has over 3 thousand plants.
"The cultivars are divided into humiferous and flowering plants, that is, capable of fruiting once or twice a year, between May and October. The breeding is carried out on double espaliers, similar to those of the vine, but wider, where raspberries are tied because they are not climbers ".
For some years, Biaggioli has been marketing under the brand Raspberries from the Cimini Mountains compotes and herbal teas, sugar and salt as well as a herbal tea of ​​raspberry leaves ready to drink, cold or hot, called Lamponella®. The passion for the red fruit led him to create a Lamponario (the proceeds from sales will go to charity) which involved dozens of chefs, cooking enthusiasts, bartenders, students, from which we have drawn two recipes in preview for “La Cucina Italiana ".

Bavarian Raspberry from Monti Cimini – Recipe by Tiziana Favi, chef of “Namo Ristobottega”, Tarquinia


For the Bavarian
50 g of fresh milk
450 g of fresh cream
Grated zest of half an untreated lemon
12 g of gelatine sheets
120 g of granulated sugar
20 g of raspberry powder
100 g of raspberry compote

For the sauce
100 g of water
150 g of sugar
100 g of raspberry and lemon compote

To decorate
Fresh raspberries
Fresh mint leaves
Raspberry sugar crystals


Prepare the lemon raspberry syrup. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan, cook until a syrup is obtained, remove from the heat and leave to cool. Add the raspberry and lemon compote, whisk with the mixer and set aside. Prepare the Bavarian. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes. In a bowl put the milk at room temperature and dissolve the raspberry powder mixing well to avoid lumps. In a saucepan, heat the cream with the sugar and lemon zest. Before reaching the boil, remove from the heat, add the squeezed gelatin and the raspberry compote. Add the milk mixed with the raspberry powder and pass all through a fine mesh strainer. Pour in round molds and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. To decorate.

Cocktail: Golden sweet treat – Recipe by Cristiana Curri, Rome


0.5 oz of lime juice
1.5 oz of Mezcal
1 oz of Lamponella
0.5 oz of ginger syrup
Raspberries for garnish


Squeeze the lime inside the shaker. Add the Mezcal, the Lamponella and the ginger syrup. Shake everything with ice and strain into the glass. Decorate with a fresh raspberry.

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