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Make ten wishes and who knows, everything can change – Italian Cuisine

Make ten wishes and who knows, everything can change

Express ten wishes and who knows, everything can change. We close our eyes and think of something beautiful, something magical, who can leave all the difficulties of this year behind for a moment. We have experienced in our skin that everything can change from one day to the next but not the Christmas, which with its colored lights, the laid tables, even if lived in a different way, needs to experience its magical atmosphere. So let's dream, and let's do it like children, in a lighter way.

It is on this message that the initiative started "The Spirit of Christmas", launched by two renowned food blogger, Francesca Guatteri is Luisa Ambrosini. It is a very ancient Christmas ritual Venezuelan origin. At the center is desire, the secret dream. It is a game that gathers young and old, which allows everyone to fantasize with the mind, but above all it is a symbol that can relaunch hope and the opportunity to believe in something better in the future. The appointment is for next 21 December. What will happen this year? What do we want for ourselves and for our loved ones? Meanwhile, a tin box and ten dreams is all you need. Write down your thoughts, what comes from your heart and seal them with a padlock. Next year, in the frenzy of another Christmas, that abandoned box with your wishes will come to mind. Will they have come true? If so, all you need to do is burn them with a red candle, which will light up your face and make you even happier. If not, do not despair, you can try again. The important thing is not to stop believing in it.

This initiative is something that helps to dream of something good, train the mind to always be in search of a positive thought, and here it takes very little that something positive really happens. In this case, for the two food bloggers it was a real unexpected gift. Directly from the Backpacks chocolate factory, for them, a can with 1930s graphics, a historical symbol of this factory, of which its history has almost the taste of a fairy tale. At the center of it all is a woman, Olga Zaini, charismatic, determined that despite the premature death of her husband, founder of the factory in 1913, she was not afraid and reacting with determination and embracing destiny she became one of first Italian industrial women. She, a true champion, an icon of inspiration for all women, but above all for the alliance between them. On behalf of their heroine, Zaini decided to enthusiastically participate in the initiative of the two bloggers, raising the ritual of Christmas spirit.

Remember, we said you had to close your eyes and imagine something beautiful. Have you done it? Your wishes await you, like Francesca and Luisa tonight from 10pm stories Instagram to open the doors to the Spirit of Christmas all together.

Elena Strappa

Gambero Rosso restaurants: no marks but excellence does not change – Italian Cuisine

Gambero Rosso restaurants: no marks but excellence does not change

The guide (rightly) suspends scores in cents for the 2021 edition, but continues to report excellence in each category. Four new Three Forks and particular attention to the premises engaged in delivery and take away

It is a particular year, unfortunately. Very hard for the entire restaurant. Exactly as Slow Food decided for its guide to taverns (with the abolition of snails), also the Red shrimp has seen fit to review the rating system of The Restaurants of Italy, presented in Rome in live streaming. No scores but bands. It is a vision that is as constructive and non-punitive as possible. «We tried as much as possible to limit the failures, but with equal attention a beacon was lit on who managed to reinvent himself, who put new formulas into play. And for this reason the votes were put aside for a year, keeping the forks, globes, bottles, casseroles – one, two or three depending on the degree of excellence -, but we did not want to play on the extra penny or in less than in the past ", explains the director Laura Mantovano. A sensible choice: the spring lockdown and in some cases the summer break prevented an assessment similar to what normally happened. On the other hand, in the more than 2,500 cards appear – where there were and still are – the new take-away and delivery services, indicated with special symbols. Mirror of very, very complicated times.

The four climbed to the top

That said, the 2021 edition is not free from changes within the individual categories, starting with Three Forks. Faced with the impossibility of judging it, Idylio by Francesco Apreda – The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel comes out (but we are sure that for the Neapolitan chef it is only a break) and four places enter. Two in the capital: Glass Hostaria by Cristina Bowermann and theImago of the Hotel Hassler where until spring 2019 there was Apreda, replaced by Andrea Antonini. Andrea Aprea, "director" since 2011, finally conquers the Three Forks Vun which is the restaurant inside the Hotel Park Hyatt Milan, with two Michelin stars. The fourth new entry is represented by The little Prince of the Gran Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio with executive chef Giuseppe Mancino, also two-star. In the other categories, the changes from the previous guide are minimal.

The East is the protagonist

The special prizes are interesting. The one for the emerging chef in memory of Alessandro Narducci went to Emanuele Lecce della Tavernetta in Spezzano della Sila (CS) while the novelty of the year is (rightly, for us) Peter Brunel in Arco (TN) which has created an evocative restaurant with great cuisine. Not surprisingly, it is an important signal on the path to contamination the award for the restaurateur of the year, assigned to Liu family: Claudio, Marco and Giulia (Italian by birth, but Chinese by origin) are increasingly expanding the perimeter of their network in Milan where they are well known. From the first Iyo – the only ethnic one with the Michelin Star – they reached six places. In this sense, the award for the best proposal by the glass that went to is even more sensational Mu Dim Sum, one of the best Chinese cuisine restaurants, also in Milan, and whose sommelier is Egidio Giovannini. Unthinkable until a few years ago.

Romito and Bottura ex aequo

Two other highly coveted awards are those as pastry chef of the year (Fabrizio Fiorani of Il Duomo in Ragusa) and for the best room service that ended in Calabria – another not secondary signal – al Qafiz of Santa Cristina di Aspromonte(RC). The tasting of the year? The 2020 del Reale in Castel di Sangro (AQ) e With a little help from my friends of the Osteria Francescana in Modena. The menus respectively of Niko Romito and Massimo Bottura in fact are both formidable.

Season change in the Sawmill – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

With the arrival of autumn at Carlo and Camilla's in Segheria, you will be able to sip cocktails from the brand new drink list designed by Nicola Romiti. All to try

There are a few days left until the presentation of the new drinks created by Nicola Romiti, for three years bartender of Carlo and Camilla in Segheria (Carlo Cracco's room so called because it is located in an old Milanese factory of 1932).

Nicola Romiti – Photo of Il Baccello di Vaniglia

You can choose between two lists: From the Family, five original recipes based on seasonal fruit and vegetables in unconventional combinations, e Twist on classic, five cocktails that have made the history of mixing, revisited in a modern way.
For all, the technique is the one developed a few years ago by Filippo Sisti, the first historic barman of the restaurant (followed by Federico Volpe and today by Nicola Romiti), who created the concept of liquid cuisine, that is, gastronomic techniques applied to mixology. Almost all the ingredients of the recipes are prepared daily, very few are ready-made: syrups, infusions, creams and flavored spirits become unique, because they are made especially in the "kitchen" behind the bar counter.

Nicola Romiti, originally from Isola di Fano, a small town in the Marche region in the province of Pesaro and Urbino and immediately called to Milan after his third place at the Campari Barman Competition 2018, unveiled a preview of three of the new recipes.

Here they are for you, to try immediately at home. The advice is to go and drink cocktails in the Sawmill anyway.


Ingredients for 1 drink

5 cl iceberg and cedar salad juice
4 cl Gin Cracco Distillates
2 cl agave honey with apricots
1.5 cl St-Germain
1,5 cl lemon juice
1,5 cl pink grapefruit juice


Shake all the ingredients, except the meringues, in a shaker filled with ice and strain into a glass.
Decorate with burnt meringue with a caramel torch, frozen raspberries and edible flowers.


Ingredients for 1 drink

6 cl kumquat wine
3 cl Johnnie Walker black label
1,5 cl reduction of Aperol, jasmine and lemongrass
1,5 cl lemon juice
1.5 cl soy honey
1 cl salted limoncello
powdered vegetable charcoal


Collect all the ingredients in a shaker adding a crumbled meringue. Shake vigorously, then add the ice and shake again.
Pour into the glass with new ice and decorate with charcoal, burnt kumquat and lemongrass.


Photo of Il Baccello di Vaniglia

Ingredients for 1 drink

5 cl mango baked in foil
4 cl vodka
3 cl fresh lemon juice
1,5 cl Cracco White Amaro
1.5 cl salted caramel with orange
Catalan cream


Collect all the ingredients in the shaker filled with ice, except the creme brulee.
Shake vigorously and strain into the glass with a fine sieve.
Place a thin layer of creme brulee on the surface, sprinkle with sugar and caramelize using a torch.

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