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The best 10 winter soups with cereals – Italian Cuisine



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A soup it is an ideal dish for a cold winter evening dinner. After a long day, there's nothing better than one hot dish, nutritious and not excessively caloric to recover and relax. If it then contains cereals and vitamins it really becomes the perfect meal for this season. Have you ever tried to prepare soups with cereals? Rice, wheat, corn, mile, oats, barley is spelled these are just some of the ingredients that are part of this category and which are very important for our diet.

How can you cook them? In combination, for example, with vegetables and legumes, in past if you prefer more creamy consistencies, or in soups. Do not forget to choose the ingredients of the period like pumpkin, chestnuts, spinach, but also legumes like beans, chickpeas, lentils. You need ideas? Typically winter is the minestrone of barley with chestnuts and chickpeas. For a more elaborate dish you can choose the ueca soup, a very rich and tasty Valdostan soup, almost … invigorating!


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