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Pasta alla cardinale: the pasta you don’t expect – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Many types of pasta that go well with cardinal sauce.


Pasta alla cardinale with scampi and burrata

If you want to use them in the sauce scampi or prawns for a special occasion, I suggest you combine them with the burrata recipe. Then prepare the tomato sauce as per the main recipe, adding chopped prawns or scampi to the initial sauté and then enrich it with 200 g of burrata.

Scampi to be cleaned and added to the sauce.

Cardinal pasta with bacon

If you want to make this dish even more delicious, similar to an amatriciana, you can add a special ingredient such as baconor the jowls.
I cut it into strips and brown it lightly in a pan without adding fat until it becomes a little crunchy, then at the end I add it to the sauce, or use it just as a garnish.

Or, and here I already know I will surprise you, use the smoked salmon or tuna, but without adding pecorino, even if some people might like this mix.

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