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let's make the homemade mou candies! – Italian Cuisine

let's make the homemade mou candies!

A quick and easy to prepare sweets at home: with just two ingredients, toffee is a must for everyone!

In England, where they invented them, they call them toffee, while for us they are the mou. It is about candies prepared with a base of sugar melted into a product that can be milk or liquid cream, to get then a caramel to which to give the most disparate forms. Ready to prepare them with us?

The recipe for toffee


1 liter of milk

1 kilo of sugar

aromas to taste


Take a saucepan and pour the milk. Melt inside it, while it is still cold, sugar, stirring with a whisk. Then put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil, continuing to mix. Then lower the heat and continue cooking until the mixture of milk and sugar darkens and takes the consistency of a jam.

Then pour the mixture on a marble surface, otherwise on a baking sheet that will have wet slightly. When it has cooled down enough (it must still be pasty though, not solid!), Cut it with a wet knife of the shape you prefer and let it solidify.

Flavor toffee

To vary and create toffee of different tastes, you can add to the milk and al sugar during cooking, for example, seeds of vanilla, extracted from the pod sectioned for long with a sharp knife. Or again coconut flour, cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, orange flavor. If you prefer instead to make the most crispy caramel mou, put in the mixture grains of hazelnuts you hate walnuts, pistachios, almonds or even, for alcoholic mou, a drop of rum. Another option is to sprinkle the sweets when they are still hot for example with del fleur de sal or simple coarse salt.

Molds for toffee

In the market you find different molds, usually made of silicone, with which to obtain the MOU candy, of different shapes and sizes. From traditional, to brick, to the more rounded ones, from ellipticals to fancy ones. If you do not have an ad hoc mold at home, do not worry, use a simple one rectangular pan and cut the dough with the knife as you prefer while it cools.

The Spreadable Rossana Cream has arrived, that of the legendary candies – Italian Cuisine


Where to buy the new object of desire for gluttons and why this cream spreads reminds us of the grandmother

When we heard that it was coming Rossana cream, it was impossible not to think about grandma. To her purse filled with creamy-heart sweets, to her care of always putting one in her pocket and that pleasant feeling of sticky hands that we felt after discarding it.

Facebook @Le Bonelle Gelées.

And this taste so familiar that seems to come from the past is ready to return in a very contemporary form. Now that has taken the spread mania (after the super launch of the Cream Pan of Stars) this too filled with hazelnut milk does not seem to want to avoid a greedy consumption that does not even disdain the tea spoon. Yes, the little tempter who made us repent several times that he had brought all the ice cream on the couch or opened a jar of Nutella on a rainy afternoon.

If you are ready to test your willpower, but also to identify the best way to taste Crema Rossana, all you have to do is run and buy it. From the official page of Le Bonelle Gelées the news that the cream is finally on sale by ODStore.

The first taste

To tell a cream without having tasted it would have been really complicated (at least as much as resisting the call of a new delicacy). So if you're wondering if we've tasted it, the answer is yes. And we found inside it all theenveloping sweetness of sweets, the same we had been waiting for as children as we eagerly desired the outer layer to be consumed. Compared to other spreads is complicated, it would be like trying to figure out if it is better than classic chocolate ice cream or white chocolate. It is better to understand instead where it gives the best of itself.

The advices

The Rossana Cream, like all spreads, is very good if tasted alone, with the famous spoon. But we also liked a lot on them cookies and, to return to the comparison of before, on ice cream. In particular on the chocolate one, but it is also to try on the pistachio. It is instead less suitable to be spread on traditional bread: let's give it a chance on bread with milk. If you do not like excessively sweet flavors, instead, always focus on combining with dark chocolate and coffee.

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