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How many calories does the grape contain? – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

How many calories does the grape contain? - The Italian kitchen

The grape is among the fruits with more calories: but it does not affect our weight and brings many benefits to the body. If eaten without overdoing it, of course

THE'grapes it is a typical autumnal fruit and concludes our meals especially in the months of September and October, when, having reached full maturity, it is left to be enjoyed in all its variations. Whether white, black or pink, the grape has many beneficial properties for the body, even if it is often demonized for its calories. And so, in front of a bunch of grapes, we stand there, undecided and perplexed, asking ourselves the usual question: will make you fat?

How many calories?

Grapes are certainly among the fruits more calories that we find from the greengrocer, because every 100 g they bring 60 calories, which become 300 for raisins. But if it has the bad reputation of being high calorie, perhaps not everyone knows that the grape also has the fat burning properties. Thanks to the resveratol, contained in the peel, it manages to regulate the production of adiponectin and a speed up metabolism. Aren't you convinced? Then know that the calories present are due almost entirely, as much as 95%, to the presence of sugars: but good sugars, different from the refined ones.

How much grapes can you eat?

Of course, there is not a precise amount of how much grapes can be eaten to avoid gaining weight, because different factors come into play, such as lifestyle, to give an example. In short, just use common sense and do not overdo the portions. A good rule would be to eat the right amount to satiate the sense of hunger without exceeding. However, if you really want advice, we say that, as a general rule, grapes can be consumed safely everyday, but never more than a bunch. Best if eaten as a snack between meals rather than at the end of lunch or dinner. In the case ofraisins, instead, the rules are stricter: considering that it is really high-calorie, it is allowed just a few grains per day.

Prefer white grapes

If you want to keep your weight at bay, it is recommended to consume theWhite grapes because it is less caloric than other varieties, it contains less fat and it is very rich in water, which gives a sense of satiety and, at the same time, hydrates the body.

The beneficial properties

In its berries it contains many beneficial properties for the body, which is why it should not be eliminated from the diet. It's a natural anti-wrinkle because thanks to the presence of antioxidants it slows down cellular aging. Has a anticarcinogenic power, avoids infections, takes care of the intestine and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Lose weight without reducing calories: the clock diet – Italian Cuisine

Lose weight without reducing calories: the clock diet

The food program was studied by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and requires that all three main meals be consumed within six hours

Diets are not for you, why can't you reduce the number of calories you eat each day? It is a common problem: the failure rates of diets, according to statistics, are around 95%. But now new research has identified a "secret" for burn excess fat without changing the amount of calories on the plate. According to the study conducted by the Italian researcher Eleonora Poggiogalle of Pennington Biomedical Research Center in the USA with the team of Eric Ravussin and Courtney Peterson (and currently at La Sapienza University of Rome), the secret is to consume the three meals of the day over the span of just six hours.

The diet of the clock: times
We start at 8 am with breakfast, have lunch at 11 and have dinner at 14 in the afternoon. In the 18 hours between the last meal and the first of the following day, however, fast. This "clock diet" also determines the decrease in appetite, and therefore can be followed without too much effort and without even having to reduce the amount of sugar and fat ingested. It is a diet balanced: it provides 50% of carbohydrates, 35% of fats and 15% of proteins, which however must be taken strictly in the first part of the day.

The experiment
To demonstrate the efficacy of this food program, scholars have asked overweight patients, aged 20 to 45, to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner over 12 hours, from 8 to 20, for four days in a row . For the next four days, however, the time frame for meals was reduced from 8 to 14. In this second phase, the researchers found a reduction of ghrelin levels, the hormone responsible for increasing the "sense of hunger". The key factor was the 18-hour fast, which allows for optimize fat disposal without adverse health effects.

here's how many calories your favorite drinks have – Italian Cuisine

Calories are also consumed when drinking. If you happen to underestimate this small detail, here is a list that will almost make you a psychological terrorist

Self count calories is your favorite sport, it's time to come to terms with the cocktail drunk during aperitifs and evenings with friends.
That alcohol was caloric is nothing new, but you probably never imagined that some drinks had more calories than a pizza whole.

Before discovering the list of cocktail calories, let's analyze some reference numbers. The daily caloric requirement for a man it goes from 2400 to 2700 calories, while for a woman we talk about 1800 – 2000 calories. We refer to those who perform one Sedentary life, so rest assured: the more you do physical activity, the more numbers will go up.

Let's move on to some elements of comparison to understand something more: a chicken breast on the grill has 250 calories, a pizza daisy it has 270, a plate of pasta with tomato 450 calories.

Now we are ready to find out what they are the less caloric cocktails, to keep in mind when we are on a diet or when, after eating a large part of the aperitif buffet, we are about to order a second tour.

Below you find the 10 most loved in descending order, with an average of the respective calories. If you don't find your favorite, watch them all in the gallery below!

Calorie cocktail: the top ten

10. Piña colada: 645 calories

9. Long island ice tea: 380 calories

8. Moscow mule: 210 calories

7. Margarita: 210 calories

6. Gin Tonic: 200 calories

5. Negroni: 195 calories

4. Mojito: 180 calories

3. Vodka Tonic: 180 calories

2. Cosmopolitan: 155 calories

1. Spritz: 90 calories

Plus, in case you would like to decide whether to drink cocktails or wine, keep in mind that a chalice is around 120 calories, while a pint of beer about 220. The number may vary depending on the grade.

What is the trick then for drink alcohol without getting fat too much? Better to indulge in smooth shots or simple drinks with soda (maybe diet), without added sugar. And if you like it to dance, know that 30 minutes on the disc burn about 200 calories.
Obviously, drink responsibly.

In gallery below, a ranking of 20 cocktails, from the most caloric to the least caloric.

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