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Quick cakes with puff pastry – Italian Cuisine

Quick cakes with puff pastry

With the puff pastry it is possible to quickly and easily prepare different desserts, from the strudel to the millefeuille in its tasty variations

Puff pastry is an always useful ingredient in the kitchen: the roll that is left in the pantry is a unique resource, which can be transformed indifferently into tasty sweet or savory dishes. Puff pastry, for example, is perfect for saving your dessert or giving a touch of taste to your breakfast. The Easy recipes for making quick pies with puff pastry they are many, from the classic strudel to apples to the delicious mascarpone-Nutella paired, up to the cake with ricotta and pears and the Tarte Tatin. Here are three, to be prepared quickly to amaze your guests without going crazy in the kitchen.

Mascarpone millefeuille and Nutella

There a thousand leaves is a cake that lends itself very well to the exercise of your culinary imagination. Next to the classic version with pastry cream there are many other details, from hazelnut and white chocolate to the one with the mango cream. A very tasty variation includes mascarpone and Nutella ingredients: you need 250 grams of the sweet Lombard cheese, three tablespoons of the most famous hazelnut cream in the world and two of condensed milk, in addition to 300 milliliters of cream and two rolls of rectangular puff pastry. Prepare mascarpone cream mixing the cheese and condensed milk, adding whipped cream to make the mixture homogeneous. Then spread the puff pastry in three rectangles, bucherellatela and cook in a ventilated oven at 180200 ° for about 15 minutes. When it has cooled, you can compose the layers of the millefeuille, starting from the Nutella, melted in a bain-marie. Alternate Nutella, mascarpone cream and puff pastry three times, remembering to sprinkle the last layer with icing sugar and chopped hazelnuts.

Apple strudel with puff pastry

The strudel it is typical of the Trentino Alto Adige and the Austrian Tyrol, even its origins are oriental, given that it comes from baklava, a sweet common in Turkey and the Balkans. The original version includes a special pasta, the crazy pasta, but for a quick recipe a roll of puff pastry is also fine. Cut a pound of peeled apples into thin slices, then fry 75 grams of breadcrumbs in 50 of butter, which will be distributed on the pasta. In a separate bowl go mix the apples with 50 grams of sugar, 25 of raisins, a touch of cinnamon and lemon peel. Put this mixture on the breadcrumbs layer, roll it and brush it with beaten egg, before putting it in a baking pan lined with parchment paper at 200 ° C for about half an hour.

Browse with Maddalena pasta

The puff pastry is so versatile that you can stuff it … with another pasta. Try to believe the pastry recipe with Maddalena pasta and berries: two discs of puff pastry of 250 grams each, 150 grams of flour, 140 of wild strawberries, 100 of raspberries and 50 of blackberries as well as granulated sugar (130 grams), butter (50 grams) and four eggs (of which three without egg white). There Maddalena pasta it is obtained by mounting a whole egg and two egg yolks with the granulated sugar, gradually incorporating the flour and finally the melted butter, until you get a soft mixture. On the discs of dough rolled with the egg yolk with a brush, then sprinkle the halves with the berries, covered by the Maddalena pasta and close in half-moon shape, pushing on the edges to seal. After a quick brushing on the outside and various cuts on the surface to let the air out during cooking, you can put it in the oven at 160 ° for 45 minutes.

Sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream – Italian Cuisine

Sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream


The sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream of Salt and pepper it is a decomposed dessert, of great scenographic effect, to be enjoyed with the spoon. An "unusual" sponge cake based gluten free flours and without ingredients of animal origin, cut into cubes and served in layers on a bottom of coconut milk and vanilla cream with edible flower topping, fragrant herbs and currants. The result is a triumph of colors and flavors of nature that will conquer, even from the first taste, even the greedy palate of your most skeptical guests! Plus we're talking about a sweet vegan light and fragrant, suitable for everyone. Even for those with gluten or egg intolerance!

The sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream it is a healthy dessert without excesses, perfect to gently close a family lunch or an elegant dinner with your friends. Are you curious about how to prepare it? Wear the apron and discover the steps of this simple with us Salt & Pepper recipe.

Preparation of sponge cake come with coconut milk cream

1) Prepare the sponge cake. Gather the in a bowl gluten-free flour mix and the foil of corn together with cream of tartar, to the cinnamon and al salt. Frulla 2 lemon peel with 80 g of sugar cane and add them to the previous compound. Mix all ingredients well.

2) In a jug mix thecorn oil with 100 g of almond milk. Pour the obtained liquid on the flour and sugar mixture and mix with a spatula until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

3) Transfer it to one non-stick mold of 15×10 cm oiled and floured e fires to 170 ° C for 20 minutes. Allow the to cool completely vegan sponge cake before transforming it.

4) Prepare the cream. Put on the fire coconut milk and that of almonds with the remaining sugar, the pod of vanilla open and the last lemon peel. Simmer for a few minutes and leave to rest for a few hours so as to harmonize the flavors well.

5) Filter the milk. Melt in a small bowl thecornstarch with a little perfumed milk. Put the rest on the fire; when it boils, add the cornstarch diluted and stir with a whisk to thicken the cream. Leave to rest for a few hours.

6) Cut the sponge cake dice. Take a round shaped pasta bowl and place it on the plate. Pour a few tablespoons of coconut milk and vanilla cream on the bottom of the dishes.

7) Randomly lay the nuts on the cream vegan sponge cake. Decorate with fragrant herbs, i flowers and the Red currant. Complete the dishes with a few drops of Orange jam bitter elongated with little water.


Our softest cakes – Italian Cuisine

Our softest cakes

Objective to be achieved: well-risen dough, light and not dry. Here are the recipes to prepare soft and tasty cakes and some advice to avoid mistakes

The difference between soft and more substantial cakes is that the first ones give us that pleasant feeling of bite a cloud sweet. But not only. The difference between one cake and another is also the time of day or the occasion to which they lend themselves. For example, for the awakening or the snack the lighter desserts are perfect, while for dessert in the evening they are more used rich in creams, fruit and sauces.
And so, what soft cakes are, for i awakenings and snacks more good than ever!

Sieve in the hand

One of the fundamental steps to prepare soft cakes is to avoid inserting lumps or coarse elements into the mixture: the sieve is the perfect tool to protect us from this risk. Therefore we will sift at least twice all the ingredients like the flour, icing sugar and baking powder. In this way we will be sure to start from a good base to obtain a homogeneous compound.

The snow

When the recipe asks you to whip the egg whites until stiff, you have to make sure that you do this simple opration at best because it is a fundamental step for the success of our soft cakes. A trick to get a compound that does not "disassemble" when it is incorporated into the dough, is to whisk the egg whites with one-two tablespoons of sugar that we will subtract the total weight of the sugar provided in the recipe. If, on the other hand, the recipe already requires the assembly of eggs and sugar together, it is advisable to pay close attention to the egg temperature which should be warm.

A pinch of …

One of grandma's secrets to favor the leavening of the compounds is to add a pinch of dough to the ingredients of the dough bicarbonate. You can add it together with the yeast to ensure a light result and a soft but not dry dough.

Speaking of butter

One of the basic ingredients of the cakes is butter and the temperature at which it is kneaded could affect the success of our cake. So to avoid mistakes, always remember to take it out of the refrigerator half an hour earlier, cut it into small pieces and, before adding it to the other ingredients, work it with a fork until you get a creamy mixture.

To make no mistake

To learn how to prepare soft cakes like clouds, follow all the steps of our recipes. We chose the softest cakes among those we cooked, ranging from chiffon cake to desserts with fruit and light creams like a new one. Ready to taste them all?

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