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Chicken breast rolls – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Chicken breast rolls

A typical second course of meat or a tasty side dish for special lunches. The chicken breast rolls they are a simple recipe with an unforgettable flavour. Simple to prepare, they leave every palate satisfied, even the most demanding ones.

How to make chicken breast rolls

Pancetta and parmesan to give it that extra touch, shallots and parsley to enrich. Making delicious chicken breast rolls It doesn’t take too long and the efforts pay off.

Grilled chicken breast – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Grilled chicken breast

The grilled chicken breast it is a second course rich in flavour, light and easy to prepare: it is ready in a few minutes and everyone likes it, young and old. A delicate, balanced dish with a special flavour, thanks to the marinade that flavors the slices before grilling. Also try the exquisite Valle d’Aosta chicken breast.

How to make grilled chicken breast

The very tasty grilled chicken breast It is prepared by carefully cleaning the breast and cutting it into slices quite often, then preparing the marinade with oil, lemon, salt and thyme and pouring the chicken in for about ten minutes. Subsequently the slices should be grilled for 5 minutes on each side and served with more lemon and peppercorns. Here are all the steps.

Lemon chicken breast – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Lemon chicken breast

The chest Of chicken to the lemon it is a classic second course of meat that is prepared easily and quickly. The taste of the meat is made even more delicious by the juice lemon and gods aromasbut the real secret of this dish is represented by its creaminesswhich makes it even more appetizing (if you want another delicious recipe with chicken scallops there found here!).

A dish of Italian cuisine that is as simple as it is tasty, chicken breast can be served with a large sauce variety Of Side Dishes (give her sauteed vegetables in a pan with baked potatoes) to make this creamy second course even more delicious, also from a chromatic point of view: a few simple ingredients, a few minutes of cooking and you’re done!

While waiting to prepare this dish, close your eyes and imagine: tender and soft strips of chicken wrapped in a thick and enveloping cream. You can then decide independently flavour the meat aiming at the parsleyon the sage or on rosemary, all aromas that every kitchen is unlikely to be without. Let’s see together how to best prepare it!

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