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Grilled Salmon with Warm Bacon and Corn Relish – It’s a Noun and a Verb

This grilled salmon with warm bacon and corn relish is
another installment in our long-running series, “Salmon Recipes for People
Tired of Salmon Recipes.” No one eats as much salmon as I do, and so I’m always
on the lookout for new ways to make it seem a tad more exciting.

In the business, this is known as “elevating” it, and as you
may already know, nothing elevates like bacon. It’s the helium of smoked meats.
Combine that bacon with sweet, almost raw corn, and you have a relish worthy of its verb. I mean, if your not going to relish your relish, what’s the point?

I mention in the video that I like the taste and texture of
white corn, but prefer the sunnier appearance of yellow corn. That trade-off is
always an interesting discussion, with some saying taste always trumps looks,
while others will insist that the appearance effects how the flavor is
perceived, so even if slightly less sweet, the golden colored one may be
enjoyed more.

Like most food-related arguments, both sides are right and
wrong, and I tend to oscillate between the two schools, although when in doubt,
I’ll generally lean toward taste. Anyway, no matter which color corn you use,
you’re sure to enjoy this new, and hopefully slightly more exciting way to
serve salmon. Give it a try soon, and enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 Portions:
2 center-cut, boneless salmon filets (8-oz)
salt and pepper to taste
For the relish:
corn kernels from 2 ears of sweet corn, plus any juices
6 stripes bacon, sliced
1/4 cup green onions, white and light parts (reserve green
for garnish)
1/4 cup diced red pepper
salt, pepper, cayenne to taste
2 tsp olive oil (optional depending on how much bacon fat
you had)
1 or 2 tbsp rice vinegar (or other vinegar, or acid like
lemon, lime, etc)
*I didn’t have any in the garden, but a little fresh tarragon
is great in this too.

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