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The secret to longevity? Alain’s champion breakfast – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The secret to longevity? We should ask Alain Peyrot, 78 years old and with the body of a twenty-year-old in gym: six-pack abs, X-Men-style biceps, an energy and a smile that just looking at him makes you envious. And he makes you look at him. In fact, he seems to have made it a mission since he has become a social phenomenon with almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok where, with the name Alain Gustaveposts videos of his super workouts and his busy, busy days.

The Secret of Longevity by Alain Gustave

After a life as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector, He now lives retired in his house in the mountains outside Lucerne, and leads a life extremely marked by physical activity, and in reality not only by that. He wakes up at six in the summer and a little later in the winter, then he shaves and always takes a cold shower. regardless of the season (he says it helps to have “discipline” and to stock up on energy for the day), then at 8 – and never later – the first training session begins: push-ups and sit-ups.

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Alain Gustave’s Breakfast of Champions

Between showering and training, Alain Gustave eats a very large breakfast. In a recent video entirely dedicated to the story of his typical day, he explained that he eats salty food for breakfast: usually two hard boiled or fried eggs, combined with a piece of cheese, a coffee with a little honey (but only exceptionally), dried fruit (usually almonds) and a protein shake. In short, a rich breakfast, but if you look closely, well thought out: dried fruit slows down the absorption of fats such as those contained in fried eggs or cheese (as well as sugars), and provides the body with good fats that are good for the heart and mineral salts such as calcium that are particularly needed during old age. The surplus of proteins that Alain Gustave allows himself with the smoothie is then justified by the amount of physical activity he does during the day: Proteins, in fact, are essential to provide the energy needed for such intense activity but also to promote post-workout muscle repair. If Alain added a slice of bread to this mix, his breakfast would be fully balanced: the carbohydrates would provide him with energy and the fibers they contain would also promote intestinal well-being.

The light dinner of longevity

But it is very likely that this over-seventy-year-old with the body of a twenty-year-old does it without specifying it, since he appears to be very careful about his health. This is also confirmed by the fact that he makes a textbook dinner: in the same video he says that in the evening always eat light, generally lots of vegetables, few fats and few carbohydrates, also to sleep better.

The perfect day

World Chocolate Day: 40 Delicious Recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The date chosen to celebrate World Chocolate Day, one of the most loved foods of all time, is set for July 7thday in which way back in 1847the English chocolatier Joseph Fry gave shape to chocolate by inventing the tabletsdelicious bars to break and bite. A great reason for us to celebrate it by talking about this good food rich in properties, telling its story and suggesting, of course, 40 delicious and unmissable chocolate recipes.

Origins and history of chocolate

When we talk about chocolate we have to start from the ancient history of cocoawhich dates back to the peoples of the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Maya (2nd millennium BC–15th century AD) and of the Aztecs (14th-14th century AD). They used cocoa beans, called “cacahuat”, to make a drink, the “xocolatl”, to which chili pepper, anise, cinnamon, vanilla and other spices were added to mask the bitter taste, and which was used as a offering to the gods to thank them for births and other happy events, or ground into powder and sprinkled on the bodies of young people in puberty rituals.

The Aztecs also used them as currency and a commodity of exchange: they had immediately understood the enormous value of this seed. In fact, it was thus that Christopher Columbus discovered this seed the July 30, 1502: it was offered to him by the Aztecs in exchange for other products. However, we have to wait until the first half of the sixteenth century for the massive importation into the Old Continent, when Hernán Cortés, the conqueror of Mexico, overthrew the Aztec Empire, subjugating the indigenous populations to the kingdom of Spain.

In the seventeenth century, cocoa also began to be produced in Italyespecially in Florence and Venice, then in the 19th century the invention of milk chocolate arrived from Switzerland, and in the 1980s we moved to France with the first collection of dark chocolate.

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From cocoa beans to chocolate: the manufacturing processes

The cocoa beans, once harvested, are left fermentdepending on the country in baskets, wooden boxes or under banana leaves away from the light: this is where the precursors of the aromas develop. The cocoa beans are then left dry in the sun, and this phase is followed by a meticulous quality control. The cocoa beans are then passed through the cleaning to then be ground in a rough way with a machine called a “cocoa breaker”, which separates the peel from the cocoa bean grains, through sievesThe collected cocoa beans are then toastedan obligatory step to allow the cocoa aromas to be released.

Sweet omelette recipe with jam – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Sweet omelette recipe with jam

Among the testimonies that the editorial team of La Cucina Italiana has collected to create a “national bank” of home recipes there is the one from the recipe book of the Dalla Vedova family which collects the preparations of Ada, the beloved home cook.

One of the recipes is that of omelette with jam: “Sweets in our house were considered something extra and appeared only on so to speak canonical occasions: sossole (chatter, ed.) at Carnival, hot chocolate and pudding at birthdays – says Nicoletta Dalla Vedova, who wrote the recipe book with the help of brothers, cousins ​​and childhood friends – The omelettes with jam were part of the recipes dedicated to the children at home. Even my cousin Giorgio remembers how good they were and I remember how abundant they were!”.

Discover other sweet and savory omelet recipes:

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