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Lactose-free breakfast: what to eat? – Italian Cuisine

From the soy milk cappuccino to the fruit salads up to the normal sponge cake, there are many possibilities for a tasty breakfast and free lactose

When it turns out to be lactose intolerant one of the first thoughts runs to breakfast: milk, cappuccino, yogurt, but also biscuits and brioche, rich in butter … do you have to give up everything? The answer is no. For a delicious breakfast without lactose, you only need to change some habits and some ingredients.

Products delattosati, at home and at the bar

Just a trip to the supermarket to realize that lactose-free products are really many: biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, but also (and above all) milk, butter, cream, yogurt, ricotta. Almost all dairy products are now also produced in the lactose free version. Perfect base for a good breakfast, from cappuccino to home-made desserts: delattosato butter and milk replace the “normal” ones in any preparation, in the same doses and in the same way. Many bars, then, have access to lactose-free milk to prepare cappuccino and macchiato coffees suitable for the intolerant. But not everyone can tolerate these products. For some, even the few traces of lactose left represent a serious problem. Therefore the substitution must be more radical, and it is necessary to opt for plant milks.

Soy, rice, almond & co.

Soy milk is certainly the most common, but you can also try rice, almond, coconut … each with a different flavor and characteristics. In particular, soy milk and almond milk are also suitable for the preparation of a cappuccino without lactose: heated and worked with a milk frother (or with an immersion blender), they give life to a thick and delicious froth. All can be mixed with fruit to make fresh smoothies. And everyone can replace milk in the preparation of sweets "for breakfast", like the classic ciambellone: ​​if the taste of a single type of milk can become too intense, they can be mixed together to give greater balance to the taste, perhaps with the adding a touch of vanilla or cinnamon if desired. Those who have breakfast at the bar, then, will be able to find soy cappuccino in many places, and often also vegan croissants, obviously also without milk and derivatives. Not only milk, but also butter can be replaced: an excellent bread, butter and jam can be prepared with perfumed coconut butter, or with the cocoa butter. The latter, in particular, is perfect for preparing desserts, above all buttery pastry, simply replacing it with classic butter.

Lactose-free breakfast: biscuits in oil

Still, the butter can be replaced with lOil, olive or rice. An idea for delicious biscuits: 200 g of flour, 80 g of extra virgin olive oil or rice oil, an egg, 70 g of icing sugar: it is mixed, preferably with the mixer, adding a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking powder and the grated rind of half a lemon, the dough is distributed with a pastry bag to form heaps on a plate lined with parchment paper. Refrigerate for half an hour and then cook at 160 ° C for about 20 minutes. Once cold they can be decorated with marmalade at leisure or with dark chocolate (obviously without lactose) dissolved in a water bath.


Naturally lactose free

There are also preparations that do not require the use of milk and dairy products. Starting from fruit salads and fruit salads, to the many egg-based preparations, excellent for one breakfast without lactose salt: an omelette with ham or a soft-boiled egg certainly does not contain milk, as well as a fried egg (strictly fried in oil) with a slice of crispy bacon. But even some unsuspected desserts are completely safe, especially if prepared at home. The Sponge cake for example it does not require either milk or butter: to prepare it, mount 4 eggs with 150 g of sugar and a pinch of salt, working with the electric whisk for about 15 minutes, in order to obtain a light and foamy mass; add 150 g of sifted flour a little at a time, pour the dough into a mold lined with baking paper and bake at 180 ° for 25 minutes. At this base can be combined cocoa, chocolate, coffee, vanilla or other aromas to taste. And then go ahead with a jams, jams is compound, to spread perhaps even on sponge cake or on a slice of toasted bread.

Fast sweets can be prepared starting from bread dough: cut it into disks, fill it generously with jam (or with a mix of sautéed apples, pine nuts, sugar and raisins), close them in a half-moon and bake them in the oven. Another quick, delicious and completely lactose-free idea is i banana pancakes: mash two bananas with a fork, place the puree in a bowl and season with the juice and the rind of half a lemon; add a lightly beaten egg, 50 g of flour, a teaspoon of yeast and a pinch of salt. Pour a ladle of the mixture into a hot non-stick pan and cook it, turning it once, like a normal pancake. Enjoy them hot, with maple syrup or honey, but also with fresh fruit or jam.

Three biscuits "from inzuppo" for breakfast – Italian Cuisine

Three biscuits "from inzuppo" for breakfast

It takes a huge cup of milk and one of these recipes: grandma's cookies, shortbread or shortbread (maybe stuffed?)

Nothing is more comfortable than one breakfast of milk and biscuits, a pairing with which we also happen to dine when you don't really feel like putting yourself in the kitchen.
But it's easy to say milk and biscuits.
What are the perfect "inzuppo" biscuits? Those who absorb milk without soaking too much and breaking into a thousand pieces?
We offer you our three favorites.

What does a perfect dairy cookie look like?

The milk biscuits are those biscuits that you can soak in a cup of warm milk without finding them disintegrated on the bottom on the first dive.
I'm other than tea biscuits which are generally more delicate, friable and flavored, in two adjectives: sophisticated and elegant.
They can be the classic rustic biscuits of the grandmother, but also the super buttery and crunchy biscuits, but also the biscuits stuffed with jam or hazelnut cream for the sweet tooth.
Let's find out in three recipes.

Grandma's cookies or baked cookies

They are the most classic, those that are also bought in the oven and are soft and quite large.
They have an "airy" consistency and are consequently lightweight. They are prepared with simple ingredients such as milk, flour, eggs and sugar and generally cream of tartar for a while crunchiness and leavening.
They are the ones that absorb the most liquids, so the classic biscuits "from inzuppo"!
Here is the recipe.

3 eggs
500 grams of flour
180 grams of sugar + other to decorate
a paper cup of seed oil
1 sachet of vanilla yeast
the grated rind of half a lemon
milk if needed

Sift the flour with the baking powder and mix it with the sugar and the lemon zest.
Add the oil and then one egg at a time and work with your hands.
If necessary, add a little milk.
Once the dough is ready, make some balls, dip them in the sugar and mash them on a plate lined with parchment paper keeping them apart.
Cook at 180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.


You've seen them a thousand times covered with tissue paper inside a tin box.
They are the classicScottish biscuits with small holes above, shaped like a brick, super buttery and perfect to soak in tea, but in our opinion also in milk.
The shortbread they are really very simple to prepare because you just mix them 4 ingredients.
Here is the recipe.

300 g of 00 flour
200 g of cold butter
100 g of sugar
5 g of salt

First chop the cold butter with your hands and knead it with the flour.
Once you have a fairly uniform dough, add sugar and salt and let it cool in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap. Then roll it out, leaving it high (about 1 cm) and cut it into rectangles.
Prick the surface with a toothpick to obtain two rows of equidistant holes and place the biscuits on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
You can also roll the dough into a rectangular or square not too large pan and cut the biscuits inside to then separate them when cooked when they are still warm and soft.
Cook for 25 minutes at 180 °.

Stuffed biscuits

These are the classic cookies that they are made with molds and that children like so much because they can be created thousand fun shapes.
They can be hearts, stars, simple donuts, but also small sweet sandwiches.
To prepare them you need one classic pastry and the filling you like most between jam and hazelnut cream.
The nice thing about these biscuits is that the filling in contact with the warm milk will slowly melt making the milk itself even more delicious.
We tried them with salted butter because we believe the salt makes the sweet pastry even better.
Here is the recipe.

230 g of salted butter (even normal butter)
425 g of 00 flour
the grated rind of half a lemon
170 g of sugar
1 egg
natural vanilla extract to taste

Work the ingredients to prepare a classic pastry.
First mix the dried ones, flour, sugar and lemon peel and then add the butter into small pieces.
When you have obtained many crumbs, add the egg and the vanilla and form a smooth and homogeneous dough.
Let it cool in the fridge wrapped in transparent paper and then roll it out to the thickness you prefer and cut it to taste. You can add a pinch of yeast in the dough if you want taller and softer biscuits.
Once the pastry is cut, cook the biscuits for 15-20 minutes at 180 ° (it depends a lot on the thickness of the pastry) and fill them only from cold.

Browse now the tutorial for some more advice on biscuits from rooting

The perfect autumn breakfast in 8 easy tips – Italian Cuisine

The perfect autumn breakfast in 8 easy tips

Seasonal fruits, vitamins and probiotic foods are just some of the tips to tackle the fall from the first minutes of awakening. Let's find out all of them

There Breakfast It is good and we will never stop repeating it! Helps to wake up calmly, allows the body to take the right caloric intake and above all guarantees to arrive until lunch without finding yourself unconscious on your desk mid-morning in the grip of hunger pangs. For this alone, it would deserve 10 minutes of early wake-up. But not only…

Breakfast according to some of the most famous studios is essential even for those who want lose weight or simply wish stay in shape: eating as soon as you wake up helps metabolism and favors its correct functioning.

We therefore want to see some tricks to do a perfect autumn breakfast? Simple, healthy and above all genuine, without forgetting the essential aspect: goodness, detail never to be overlooked.

Have breakfast within 30 minutes of the alarm

If you want to try to help the metabolism and immediately give a beautiful wake up to our body, the "diet of supermetabolism", much loved in Hollywood, he has no doubts about it. Better to eat as soon as you are awake.

Choose goodness

Awakening in the fall can become difficult and sometimes traumatic, and the first fogs certainly do not help. But knowing that something good is waiting for us in the kitchen, certainly yes, it helps.

Strengthen the immune system

The period of influences, colds and different types of cooling begins, it becomes important to try to raise the immune system. Sometimes external supplements are needed, however, like probiotic drinks or yoghurts, able to enhance the immune system, form a barrier against the development of viruses and harmful germs, hinder the passage of many substances responsible for allergies, as well as produce useful vitamins .

Never forget the right vitamin intake

Always to combat seasonal diseases, vitamins are essential. Fruit, even better if in season, is one of the foods that contains the greatest number, for this it must be a must of every healthy breakfast.

The importance of dried fruit

To be added to breakfast to achieve perfection! Often we tend to see fats as a common evil and instead there are fats that our body needs like those contained in dried fruit. Moderate, but this season is particularly suitable.

Reduce sugars

Taking into account that to stay healthy you need to eat well, today you can make wonderful breakfasts even without exceeding the sugars. Among the classic biscuits and those without added sugar, it is undoubtedly advisable to choose the latter, so there will be more room to eat other sugars during the day.

Consume milk or yogurt

Nutritious and perfect foods to accompany biscuits or cereals. For those who have difficulty digesting milk or are intolerant, but cannot resist its goodness, it is advisable to opt for UHT or high digestibility milk.

The right amount of energy

It is necessary to know how to balance, but it must always be remembered that breakfast is necessary for our body to be able to face the day. In autumn, lowering temperatures slowly, it becomes really important to introduce the right caloric intake.

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