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Vegan revolution in Brazil with the first plant eggs – Italian Cuisine

Vegan breakthrough in Brazil: one of the largest egg producers, by consumer demand, launches 100% vegetable eggs

Brazil, one of the largest egg producers in the world, seems to have reached a significant vegan turnaround. Recently, in fact, the leading company in the egg market, not only in Brazil but throughout South America, has recently launched a new product in all respects similar to the eggs, packaging included, but 100% vegan. What is the beginning of a change of food route, of a country increasingly oriented towards the reduction of animal proteins?

Vegan revolution in Brazil?

The growing worldwide attention to environmental and animal rights issues is gradually conditioning not only the mentality and eating habits of consumers, but also the trend of the food market. While increases the production and sale of vegetable and vegan alternatives, including the well-known Impossible Burger or the first plant-based can of tuna that has been on sale this year, even big brands and leading companies in the meat and dairy market are adapting to this new trend. It is the case, rather sensational, of the Grupo Mantiqueira, the first egg producer in Brazil, which has decided to adapt to the new needs of the market and to work on an alternative vegan food. For some time, in fact, even in what is the sixth largest egg producing country in the world with 2.2 billion eggs only in 2016, there is an air of change. A few months ago, following the Animal Equality survey on the dramatic conditions of caged chicken farms in Brazil, a survey was conducted that highlighted the growing demand from consumers for plant-based foods. In particular, 29% of the more than 9,000 Brazilian citizens interviewed stated that they would significantly reduce the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products.

  n-ovo egg

The non-egg egg that the Brazilians expected

Grupo Mantiqueira, in order to face this social change and the growing demand for vegan food, has collaborated with the Good Food Institute (GFI) Brazil, a non-profit organization that promotes plant food through scientific and political initiatives. The end result was N.Ovo, or a 100% vegetable and vegan egg, made with pea starch and vegetable protein. This food, sold in the usual cardboard egg boxes, is their perfect substitute, ideal for example for preparations such as bread and cakes. The company said it was proud to be part of this national vegan turnaround and to have understood that there are much more sustainable ways to feed the world.

Photo: n-ovo_uovo vegan brasile_grupo mantiqueira_EmbalagemMarca.jpg

Brazil nut roast

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