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How to prepare our body for spring awakening – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare for spring? The nutritionist Fiorenza Conti explains it to us with tips and 3 recipes to awaken the body

Spring is not only the awakening of nature, but it is also the awakening of ourselves. It is the rebirth of the body, one rediscovery which also passes through a necessary detoxication, a renewal at a deeper level, like removing the winter coat to wear fresher and lighter, cleaner clothes.

We asked Fiorenza Conti, clinical and holistic nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in Eastern and Western health practices, as we can report energies, which have also been inside our body throughout the cold season, on the surface and making them emerge.

"It is necessary to harmonize them and pay particular attention to two areas of our body: liver is intestine. The liver is very important at this stage of the year because it helps us process all the positive and less positive substances (for example, toxins or pollutants that may be in the air, etc.), which we have released into the organism explains Fiorenza.

How to prepare for spring?

From the point of view feed it is important to introduce a generous portion of green salad into our daily diet before each main meal, especially using it dark green leafy vegetables, for example the raw black cabbage cut into thin strips, the dandelion, the leaves of the red beets and the fresh spinach, to be combined with a mixed salad.

This will serve to introduce substances that help the liver to eliminate toxins, while promoting the activity of the intestine thanks to the supply of fibers.

For a gentle detox they are very useful centrifuges (fruit or vegetable juice obtained quickly from very sharp blades) ed extracts (cold pressing which is obtained much more slowly), mainly of vegetables, to drink immediately after having prepared them!

The important thing, in fact, is that they are fresh and consumed on an empty stomach to avoid fermentations, and therefore swelling and abdominal pain, to allow nutrients to enter the circulation without getting lost in the food bolus.

So here it is 3 simple drinks, which you can also prepare yourself at the bar or make at home so that it becomes a healthy and practicable habit!

1. Pure celery juice
Perfect this season because it is full of mineral salts and with a very high power detoxifying: use only the stem as the leaves would make the juice too bitter, keep the latter to give flavor to sauté and soups or to enrich a tomato sauce.

2. Carrot, lemon and ginger
A must from power anti bacterial is anti viral thanks to the high vitamin C content of lemon, the micro elements of fresh ginger (not in powder, I recommend!) and the antioxidant substances of beta-carotene.
You can add half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric root which has anti bacterial and anti viral properties thanks to curcumin. A powerful cocktail to protect against seasonal infections.

3. Black cabbage
We can also make a juice of black cabbage, celery ribs, lemon and ginger useful substances in detoxify and fight seasonal gluttony.

And the fruit?

Fiorenza recommends excluding the fruit because we need vitamins and minerals, but not so much of the fruit sugars that he recommends eating whole and with the peel, slowly and in small bites always alone and on an empty stomach, to avoid an annoying fermentation. If we want to drink the fruit, we can blend it in order to conserve sugars and fiber, slowing the assimilation of sugar in the body.

To awaken the body, therefore, first of all do the spring cleaning! Then we can dedicate ourselves to renewal.

Text by Romina Ciferni

all the reasons why it is good for the body – Italian Cuisine

Tasty and versatile in the kitchen, its beans are rich in valuable nutrients for health and for the line. Find out what they are and how to make the most of them at the table. And many recipes for exquisite dishes

On the shelves of supermarkets in addition to the classic white beans are now found of different types, including the black rice, Also known as Venus rice. Originally from China, it has long been cultivated in Italy, especially in the area of Po Valley, particularly in Lombardy and Piedmont. Perfumed and tasty, it is one variety of very fine brown rice rich in so many beneficial properties. Given its virtues, it can be considered a real natural supplement. It is rich, in fact, of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, useful for the proper functioning of the organism. With the help of the doctor Valentina Schirò, biologist nutritionist specializing in Food Science, we see what they are and why it should be brought to the table.

What it contains

Black rice is a casket of well-being. «After cooking and its cooling provides" resistant starch "that behaves similarly to the fibers: it helps to maintain and develop the intestinal bacterial flora, encouraging the growth of "good" bacteria. It has, then, the advantage of do not contain glutenso it can be easily consumed even by those suffering from intolerances , he explains. Furthermore, it is good-humored friend. «Thanks to its richness of B vitamins, minerals like magnesium and potassium and tryptophan, it contrasts tiredness and stress, favoring psychophysical wellbeing.

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What's different than the other varieties?

«Compared to white and semi-wholemeal ones, its black beans with an elongated and rounded shape, for example, contain a higher percentage of antioxidants, including anthocyanins and essential fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Then, compared to white beans less sugar and more fibrand, which help stabilize blood glucose levels and avoid insulin spikes, which are responsible for hunger attacks, helping to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, they ensure higher amounts of iron, a precious mineral to combat weakness and anemia, "explains the expert.

How to prepare it

Versatile in the kitchen, it can be eaten both hot and cold, lending itself to many gourmet recipes. From risotto to salads, to savory pies and sweet ones. To leave the taste intact and all its beneficial properties, the ideal suggests the expert "is do not rinse it under water and cook it with steam. In this way we preserve water-soluble minerals and vitamins like those of group B, which would be dispersed in water .

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Detox recipes

Over indulged? Need an injection of vitamins, minerals and superfoods? Want to shift a few pounds? Then these easy detox recipes are for you.

Packed full of fruit and vegetables, these simple-to-make detox recipes will get you feeling on top form again in no time. From tasty smoothies and delicious soups to more filling, hearty meals like stir-fries and cous cous salads, we’ve got dishes for every dieter’s needs and tastes.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be boring. It may be tough going at times, but these detox recipes will really help you enjoy the low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar dishes you need to kick start your weight-loss plan.

Giving your body a good clear out a few times of year with a detox diet gives you a great chance to achieve your weight-loss goal. Just make sure that after you’ve finished the detox stage of your diet you stick to making healthy recipes and doing plenty of exercise.

So, if you’re keen on losing weight, have a look through our round-up of delicious detox recipes and get your body ready for a healthy new start.

PS we’ve even got a granola recipe you could have as a dessert! See? Detoxing isn’t just about salads.

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