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Cakes for cash: goodtoknow’s guide for brilliant bake sales

Bake sales are a great chance to put your baking obsession to good use. You get the chance to bake lots and lots of goodies – and it’s for a good cause!


We’re here to help to make sure your bake sale is as successful as it possibly can be. We’ve got a step-by-step guide for how to set up your bake sale, the cheapest (and most money-making) cakes to make and fun ways to make your bake sale stand out. 


How to plan a bake sale – a step-by-step guide



Bake sale bakes: Cheap cakes and how much to sell them for




Having a raffle? Make one of our showstopping cakes




Pretty cake packaging: cake boxes, gift wrap ideas and more!




Advice from the experts: Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s top tips for a bake sale




Food on sticks

Is it just us  – or is food so much better on a stick? It started with cake pops, then cookie pops and before you know it food on sticks took off.

Pretty much any food can be served on a stick. We’ve got pies and doughnuts but think mini burgers, cupcakes… let your imagination run wild.

Food on sticks don’t just look cool, it’s handy too! Parties, bake sales, even weddings are occasions where food sticks get a chance to shine. Who’d want to carry a boring old plate when you can eat your food off a stick?!

Click through our gallery of food on sticks and don’t forget to share all your crazy food on sticks pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.

What to make for a bake sale: Cheap cakes and how much to sell them for

If you’re planning on having a bake sale to raise some money for charity or your kids’ school is hosting one and you’d like to bake something for it then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help you make the most out of your bake sale – from cheap ingredients to making a profit, we’re here to share our wise wisdom when it comes to bake sales so you really can make the most out of it and double your money on each of your bakes – after all it is about making a profit!

We’ve got plenty of delicious recipes to choose from and not only have we told you why they’re a great choice for bake sales, we’ve also narrowed down how much it will cost you to make them and how much you should sell them for. We worked out how to double your money when selling the cakes but don’t be afraid to charge even more than we’ve suggested if you think your cakes are worth it.

Click through our gallery to choose what to make for a bake sale…

All of the prices are based on Tesco/Asda price range and are correct at time of writing (June 2013).

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