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Recipe Small tacos with avocado and buffalo mozzarella – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Small tacos with avocado and buffalo mozzarella

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    For the recipe of small tacos with avocado and buffalo mozzarella, form a fountain with the flour and a pinch of salt, gradually add 100 g of water and 20 g of oil.

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    Knead initially obtaining some bricioloni, then continue to form a very soft dough ball.

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    Divide the dough into portions of about 35 g each. Roll out each ball with a rolling pin, between two sheets of baking paper.

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    Cut the dough with a pastry cutter (ø 7 cm).

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    Cook the disc between the two sheets of baking paper in a red-hot non-stick pan for 1 ', then remove the top sheet and turn the disc of dough to cook for another minute, this time in contact with the pan.

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    Remove the top sheet, remove the disc from the pan and immediately place it on the rolling pin until it has cooled. Continue in this way until you have prepared 12 tacos. You can always use the same sheets of baking paper.

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    Collect the chopped avocado pulp in a bowl, sprinkle with lime juice and, crushing it with the prongs of the fork, season with half a shallot and a chopped bunch of coriander, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of oil.

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    Only get the green part from the zucchini and reduce it into thin strips. Chop Chinese cabbage very finely. Peel the onions and slice them into slices.

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    Peel the turnip and cut it into thin strips, possibly using the mandolin.

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    Collect all the vegetables and the sprouts in a pan and sauté over high heat with a drizzle of oil and a clove of garlic with the peel. Salt at the end. Spread the avocado cream, mixed vegetables and half buffalo mozzarella in the tacos. Serve as you like decorating with onion slices and freshly ground pepper.

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  • Recipe Avocado and cucumber cream with mint – Italian Cuisine

    Recipe Avocado and cucumber cream with mint

    • 6 medium dark avocados
    • 5 files
    • 2 cucumbers
    • a spring onion
    • mint
    • salt
    • fresh chilli

    For the recipe of avocado and cucumber peppermint cream, cut the top cap of the avocado and scoop out with a spoon; recover all the pulp leaving the «shells intact.
    Put the empty "shells" of the avocados in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Clean the onion, removing the green, and cut it into pieces. Peel the cucumbers, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces.
    Blend together the avocado pulp, cucumbers and spring onion with a dash of water (increase the quantity, if you prefer a more fluid consistency) and the lime juice. Add salt and a few chopped peppermint and chilli peppers. Cut the edge of the shells with the scissors, to widen the mouth. Fill them with the cream and serve them on a bed of ice.

    Guacamole without avocado? We make the mockamole – Italian Cuisine

    Guacamole without avocado? We make the mockamole

    Avocado prices are skyrocketing: demand is growing and production is limited. Thus, instead of guacamole, someone offers an alternative sauce

    Avocado prices are soaring: compared to a year ago, they grew by 129%: demand continues to grow, but production is limited. All over the world, and also in Italy. This is why some restaurants have found a creative way to replace guacamole: in its place, they propose a sauce they call "mockamole". Basically, it's a sauce made with other vegetables rather than with avocado. It has a color and appearance very similar to guacamole, it is creamy and perfect for tortilla chips, but the taste is completely different from the classic Mexican recipe.

    Guacamole without avocado … with green vegetables

    Chacho, a Tex-Mex chain, had to alert its customers in July: "Avocados are temporarily unavailable. As a result, we cannot produce or sell guacamole ". In its place it has produced “a mockamole made from different green vegetables that we consider delicious. We could have bought some frozen avocado pulp, but it tastes so artificial that we refuse to use it. " The mockamole of Chaco is prepared with broccoli, peas and other green vegetables, as well as different spices.

    With the calabacitas

    Second Insider other restaurants have found a very valid alternative: they have replaced the avocados with the calabacitas (Mexican pumpkins). "Currently they are not only cheaper than avocados, but when they are transformed into a cream along with Mexican tomato, coriander, garlic and jalapeno, they take on a bright green hue that resembles real guacamole". The restaurant chain THERE. Taco he also conducted a comparative test and reported that among the salsa prepared with Mexican pumpkin, coriander, garlic, jalapeño pepper and tomatillos (with the addition of the oil used to fry the peppers) and the real guacamole it would be difficult to notice the difference.

    The first recipe, with peas

    But one of the first mockamole recipes was the one proposed by the site Creative Loafing and taken from the recipe book Meatless Monday, several years ago: the main ingredient is frozen peas (this solution, among other things, reduces calories by almost three quarters and fat by 34 grams). For a bowl of mockamole serve a cup of thawed frozen peas, a teaspoon of ground cumin, three tablespoons of chopped onion, a large chopped garlic clove, a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil , half a teaspoon of ground chili pepper (or a fresh, chopped jalapeno pepper), salt and ground black pepper and, if desired, also fresh chopped coriander.

    You have to blend peas, cumin, onion and garlic in a food processor, until you get a smooth cream, then add the lemon juice and the olive oil and continue to blend. Taste and add chilli, salt and pepper, then blend for a few minutes before serving. Of course with tortilla chips.

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